Guys, guys, guys Look what I found! Voila! Hello Your hair looks very nice Are you going for shampoo advertisement? HEY! What the heck dude?! Seriously?! When was this taken?? This was our college period! How did you still have this?? Wow, Eyon looks very different now Don’t be fooled by my appearance That was my shining moment! Hey, hold up right there! You dress up like you want to go swimming! SIR! We are ARTISTS you know Artists? I became a professor even before you were born Go Go home and change Well good for you.. You were popular back in the day Unlike us We were nerds.. Us? Not you, me and Guntur What? Why am I with you in this? You don’t remember how we met? Saskeh.. Nartoo..!! Saskeh!! Nartoooh! SASKEHH!! NARTOHHHH!!! What are you guys doing?!?! Saskeh….!! Narutoh.. Oh my.. All this long he called you ‘Saske” For a while I thought ‘Saske’ is your ex’s name What? There’s no girl named ‘Saske’ You meant ‘Saskea’?? How come did we become friends?? Dude, at least I have a good taste Unlike Yong! What? What about my taste? Evidence in this picture That’s right ma! I”ve been dying to tell you about my college! I had a blast! No lies! They have a basketball court!! You hear this?? Made by asphalt! Oh and I got this friend from Jakarta Real town people! He’s very kind and helpful h And we watch ‘Narto’ together! You know If I think about it again.. Pao was just as weird when I just knew her How weird? What are you talking about? Don’t tell me you forgot about this Hey, Pao Pao, what are you doing here? Shhh! Listen to the leaves.. Speaking to your soul.. That’s not what I.. Shhh! Let this ice cubes talk to your soul.. Jul you’re so funny Uh.. babe? I thought you didn’t like Jul.. WHAT?! Wait, I think I know! It must be this! Hi! Hey, Pao Pao Looking pretty today! Thank you! You know today is Valentine’s day right? And, what is this plastic bag for? This is just a precaution measurement “Prepare the umbrella before it rains” Happy Valentine Jul Awe.. Thank you Eyon Pao You want one? No need! That so? Can I borrow your plastic bag instead? You won’t need it anyway right? It wasn’t my fault if everyone liked me Well, it wasn’t because of this.. Actually it was a little but.. This! Remember this one?! Hello! We’re together in study groups! Just let me know my portion okay? Allright uh.. I think you can do this one Okay Guntur can you do this for me? Suddenly I have a headache.. Sure She has a headache Juli never worked in a studygroup! Just because she’s pretty.. That’s called smart Using the right chance at the right time But you know what I’m surprised about Yong? He’s the most hard working among us He even took part time jobs while doing college What kind of work? You don’t know? He’s a programmer Right Yong? Programmer? B.S You better tell the truth right now Actually.. Bro bro, is my final paper done? What’s your name again? Shandy So sorry, it’ll take a bit more time.. What?! MY GRADUATION IS COMING NEAR!! WHAT IF I DIDN’T GRADUATE?!?! So sorry SORRY SORRY! GET IT DONE FAST!! I’ll give you discount That’s not legit work It’s a criminal act! Someone has to feed himself though.. Guys If you think about it again h We had a rough college life right You’re just gonna eat it half? The other half is for dinner.. Don’t tell me that’s mine Here, I left you half Wait What’s wrong with you guys here? I don’t remember any of it This happened when you weren’t there It was all because..h Bro bro bro.. You sure this is the right place? Relax bro After my thorough analysis College girl in here is THE BEST Way different than ours! Bro bro, I’m going to hit that one over there Yeah go ahead! He’s so fast Excuse me, can I have your number? What are you doing here? I’m meeting my colleagues What are YOU doing here?? Bro bro bro, I’m heading over there I spotted some cuties! Catch up soon! That one! The best people on campus! Excuse me sir Me and my crew Need to leave due to a very important organization matter Excuse us Why are we doing this kind of work?? Pao! You have to be proud This is a very important matter! Dude, this organization thing is looking very ‘Important’ Shush, don’t bother. They’re doing ‘Important’ work! Oh and we have to clean the toilets afterwards Keep it up! I QUIT!! You know, I can’t imagine Even though we wasn’t in the same year Different majors We still keep contact with each other until today Wait a minute Something is odd Who took our pictures? Anybody remembers? Right ma! I told you since yesterday City college life is so great! You know, I found a flower It’s kind of purplish and have small petals.. Right.. Is this edible? Ew, not edible..

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  60. Vincent755 _ says:

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