Back-to-school online shopping safety

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Back-to-school online shopping safety

good morning and welcome back it’s now nine fifteen by now you’ve likely already bought the supplies and tools you need to give your child a great start to the year but if you’re wrapping up a few to do’s by shopping online you’ll definitely want to be careful to keep your information safe joining me this morning is Ed beetus information security officer for Florida Capital Bank always a good thing to keep in mind absolutely absolutely shopping absolutely and the thing is is that the best place to go shopping for school supplies is usually online because that’s where you can get your best deals right right but the thing is is that a lot of folks need to also protect their financial information while they’re online so there’s some basic things that you need to take a look at and there are several tips that we’d like to give folks and let them know one of them is like the credit cards we really don’t want you to use a debit card on that you using your sales and things because the thing is is that when you use your debit card when the money’s gone it’s usually it’s hard to get back right where a credit card you can at least dispute it and so forth the other nice and hard yeah and then also with the debit card sometimes some of the companies offer extended warranties or satisfaction guarantees on it so those are nice things to to have with your credit card be wary of a deal that’s too good to be true absolutely a lot of times they say oh you can have free things with this and a lot of times those are scams on there so you do need to make sure that you go to a reputable website and make sure that you use a website that’s also very very secure one of the ways you can tell that website is secure is if it has that HTTPS on the address bar that tells you that it’s a secure setting for that location on there or if it has a padlock symbol that’s on that address bar you know you’re at a safe site usually if you’re not say you’re not sure about that website contact the retail store and ask them hey is this your website is it safe and other things that we do – is that a lot of the times when people make their purchases online there’s that little survey that comes at the end hey win $1,000 and tell us about your purchase that you did do have to be careful with that because some of them are fake sites and they’ll try to snag your information they’ll try to get your credit card information and say you’ve won a thousand dollars please enter your bank account information here I’ll always be careful with that again same thing contact the retailer and ask them is this a valid survey site that you’re using and always be aware of your shopping habits and be safe with your information absolutely a lot of things there’s places where you go to websites and you enter your credit card information there’s a little checkbox that says do you want to remember this no do not check mark that box because that information will not be stored edie as always great information in pleasure to be here happy school shopping right happy school shopping absolutely thank you very much don’t forget to check out our back-to-school section on news for Jax comm you’ll find articles about how to tell if your child’s backpack is too heavy I remember those days I remember

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