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I am back in the car right now on our way to target to do some more back to school shopping I was going to do some back school shopping over there anyways But since you guys have custom me to do a back-to-school target vlog, here it is I also need to get some stuff for the back-to-school giveaway And then a couple of things to add to my first day of school gift I’m going to be giving to all of my friends because I love my friends. Anyway, I’ll see you at Target You’re probably wondering what I’m gonna be uploading my back to school haul and it’s gonna be when I’m all done with my back-to-school shopping so then after that I’ll show you guys what I’m going to be giving away and what it But first let’s check out the dollar section boom foam stuff So I found this binder and it matches with all if you find your inserts that I also found. So this one it’s like It’s a binder insert and it has a roller and page marker. There’s this one too, and it’s ready current notes And then this last one is a journal and I love how it coordinates with this binder It says stuff and things and then it has holographic prints there’s like a bunch of supplies here there that has the same print color and It just creates all of its. Oh, there’s also such a candles and then Water bottles. I think these are plastic but they’re really heavy There’s these clear pouches which is pretty cool and then there’s like little designs on it We’re just gonna go ahead and get to the school shop And guess what you guys actually sent me some clothes from their new line, which I’m so excited to be showing you So make sure you stay tuned for that video, but I absolutely love the outfit. I love the pastel. Oh My gosh you guys has pop-pop sockets. Oh Oh my gosh There’s a rose gold twist. Oh my god. I have food the silver one, but I don’t have the rolls gold ones So I’m gonna get this this is so cool you guys so the twist it actually spins your phone So like you just lay it down like this and there’s bins and there’s also these things called Stand-ups right here and it says she looks like a rose gold Balloon dog and it has a suction cup right here. So you just stick it onto your phone. There’s also this thing called strap Maybe I should get one more These are like the cutest dividers I have ever seen It has an iridescent grid it says right here and there’s five of them. So like I can have my math to English Geography science all those Subjects and just write them in here. I’d be so organized These are really pretty too. I love the pink or like it’s a blush. I think it’s flush with the iridescent. It’s really nice So I’m gonna get people I’m actually gonna get one I haven’t seen any like cute dividers. These are like Folders and I just spotted this one and it has like this ombre effect But with unicorns and gold foiling this is really cute. I should get this for my sister because she loves unicorns I’ve actually like these You don’t really nice you’re also gonna get one for you guys So, let’s see The same pair And so There’s more unicorn oh my gosh It was really nice it has like pastel colors and then flowers but there’s also this feel one that super gorgeous tail anyway sister was like this one more but I’m not so sure maybe we should get these two for her And over here is all the pen rolls these highlighters Well How about some scented gel pens even really cool and I still have all of my scented gel pens But you smell really good and they come in great colors And I found the last pack of Clearview highlighters. I love these already got some at Office Depot, but we’re gonna get some food guys There’s going to be pencils for you guys and they’re number two. I Spot the pretty notebook This one right here because really nice Glitter folder we can put all your homework in this one day I put this here You guys are gonna have a ton of folders. I’m expanding file folders My school is you’re acquiring these but there wasn’t even that many cute colors But now is like there’s a ton there was only like flight black the cute ones were like all big and heavy But these are really nice This is a little bit heavy but still pretty oh you guys are gonna also get the world’s best racer deal I’m actually planning on getting you guys need a composition book. Oh, maybe this mermaid one I’m gonna get the mermaid composition but for you guys So, this is UV Like section at this story, but it’s so cute. You guys you me has like Everything looks cute, but there’s like these four shaped erasers Well, I mean four pack shape erasers. They’re not shaped us for is it me fizzy guys super hit I love how it has smiley faces on them. I’m gonna get this big guy. How about some index cards? I’m use use a lot for homework and for setting it’s really helpful and you guys okay. Well I stopped There’s even like this like notebook with a bunch of doodles, this is really nice Over here, this is pencil bag by UV and it has Like popsicle sticks and then it’s pink. This is really nice. It’s a double sip case, by the way Super cool. I didn’t have a pencil pouch that I got somewhere else. It’s also you guys that’s later there. You got blue sticks I don’t need crayons or my third But these are pretty cool, huh, there’s silly sense. Oh My gosh you guys I’m in sixth a we don’t have lockers So I won’t be needing any of these but these are like really cute. There’s this magnetic chandelier Mesh been wallpaper. You’ll even a pompom curtain and then a storage unit, but this is really nice Hope I actually have like magnetic discs of all, huh There’s even dry erase boards ones that come with like a little storage bin Look at all the stuff that you can add to your locker if you have a locker obviously since I’m going into the sixth grade, I won’t be needing any of these but These would be pretty cool to have and my locker would be like so pretty if they got one of these This doesn’t even have to be fair locker super cool, this is really cute If I have this eyelid, I put it on my shelf and always like turn it on Unicorn hawk. Oh My gosh, oh very lights you guys and If you want a teal and pink and purple theme type of like blocker This is for you. Go, haha So have like this metal shelf and I’ve seen a video on this you just like pulled the legs down and then it’s a shelf But then there’s also this mesh cup her pom-pom medal And then there’s a locker accessory kit I’ve seen this before it’s the Elmer’s glue goes on purple dries clear and I always have That goes on purple dries clear glue stick, but I didn’t know that they had bottles of it. That’s so cool But you’re getting cute and it’s only keep you organized, I’m sorry about that nice as my mom I think you’re like middle school. You’ll need them. Oh and if you’re wondering Where I live sixth grade isn’t counted as like no middle school. So I’m still in elementary. We had the happy planners by Me and my big ideas and oh my gosh I absolutely love this band because it has like a ton of cute planners and then there’s like stickers. Oh my gosh I’ve got all these pens. Oh and my favorite Mechanical pencils. I love getting these And I love the colors too. And then there’s more in black and then I remember there’s like a dark color pack But I love getting any so I’m gonna get this one Just put it in look at these Limited edition sharpies. Oh, there’s 18 of them. I love the metallic colors actually There’s anything just as copper or rose gold and then this gold and then two silvers, but then things like more colors appear This is the pom-poms super feisty, too This and then this peace-loving litter backpack Oh my gosh This is really key in a car backpack, all right, this is what we got so far We’re about to check out right now but There’s gonna be more stuff in the giveaway because I’m also going to be including the stuff that I got for you guys at Office Depot Having problems Honey We just got out of targets we’re about to go to save X, but we’re gonna get another car Alright, I am back home. And here’s all the target bags full of school supplies I just realized I forgot to do an outro. So here it is. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe also turn on post notifications So your moments any videos from me including? My back to school haul which will be uploaded soon, and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye

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