– Yeet.
– Ah, why is it never in one hit? – I could take the shopping cart.
– Do you wanna get the shopping cart?
– Forget it, fine. (screams) – (FBE) This week, we’re playing
the original Contra with teens to see if they can beat it,
but if you see this between noon and 3 PM Pacific
on Tuesday, we’re live right now gaming with our subs,
so check us out at
See you all there. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – “Baldi’s Basics
in Education and Learning.” This looks like something
I did in elementary school. – I have a feeling it’s satire.
If it is real learning, I’m gonna be quite confused. – I know it’s a horror game.
This is very, very nice. (groans) – (FBE) The website for this game
describes it as a state of the art, fully 3D interactive fun time
educational game that teaches a slew of subjects, from math
to spelling. You’ll learn a lot.
– I don’t trust this. You can just see the graphics.
I don’t trust this. Also, I just started college.
Why are you doing this to me? – (FBE) So, we’re gonna give you
30 minutes. See if you can beat the game.
– The whole game? I have 30 minutes?
Okay. – If it’s actually based
off education and learning, I think I’ll do fine,
but if it’s something weird, I don’t know. – Okay, let’s do this. – “Oh noes.
School is out, but your best friend has a problem.” – “He left all his noteboos
in school.” Okay.
Nice education. – “To help him out,
you have to go back in school to find all
of his seven notebooks for him.” – “Each time you find
a notebook, you’ll have to answer some questions.
Answer all three correctly and you will earn a prize.”
Wait, this sounds like Slender. – “Find all seven notebooks
and then exit the school.” Something happens when
you try to exit the school. Something’s gonna happen. – This is creepy.
Hi, Baldi. It’s nice to meet you. – Oh God.
I should run, huh? – (Baldi) You need to collect
two notebooks before you can… – Oh. – I guess I’ll go through him.
Excuse me, Baldi. – Okay.
Is this a notebook? – Oh, this is one of them.
– (Baldi) Now it’s time for everybody’s favorite subject,
math. – Math. – (Baldi) Answer the three
questions. – This better be right.
– (Baldi) Good one. – Oh boy. – Eight minus six is two.
And seven minus five is also two.
Guys, I’m really bad at math, but this is elementary school,
so I think I’m succeeding. – Now, we go to the other door
and find the other one. – (exhales) See this,
I’m shaking right now, man. – Something’s gonna happen.
I don’t like this. – (Baldi) You’re doing fantastic.
Good one. – What? – I don’t–
– (buzzing) – Come on. – What is that?
– (buzzing) – Now I can’t answer that.
How am I supposed to– Two. – I’m gonna go with
lucky number seven. “I get angrier for every
problem you get wrong.” – The music stopped. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. – (snapping)
– He’s– oh my God, oh my God.
– (buzzing) – I just died. – Oh no, no, no.
I’m good. No, no, no, no, no.
I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good.
I’ll get it right this time. – I’m gonna stay in here.
He’s gonna come out. There he is.
Bye, man. Ah, no, no, no.
– (buzzing) – (buzzing)
– My hands are shaking. They are clammy.
I kind of enjoyed it, though. – Oh yeah, this is how
I look behind me. – (snapping)
– No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.
– (buzzing) – What does this do?
– (Voice) Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep.
– Okay. – (Voice) Gotta sweep,
sweep, sweep. – Go away.
Please go away. Can you not?
Can you leave me alone, please?
Please don’t hit me with your…
– (buzzing) – I knew that Baldi
could not be trusted. – Can I use my items
or what is this for? Okay, oh, I can select.
Oh, it shot something. – What is happening?
– (voice) I wanna play with someone.
– What is happening? I’m so concerned and confused. – Oh, frick.
No, no. Okay, brace for impact.
Ah! – (voice) Let’s play.
– Ah, mother. – (voice) Go.
– (buzzing) – Nope.
I took my headphones off. What was that?
What is this game? – Can I just leave?
I don’t really care about my friend’s notebooks
enough to risk my life being here. – There’s no reason to get
scared. There’s no reason to get scared.
– (Baldi) I can’t believe– – Another shiny quarter.
– (voice) No running in the halls.
– Oh, sorry. – (voice) Fifteen seconds.
– Oh no! – Is that a blue door?
Oh, hi. Yeah,
– (whistling) – (voice) No running
in the halls. – Okay, sorry.
Okay, okay. – (voice) Fifteen seconds.
– No, but I was totally– I was chilling.
I was totally just walking though. – Oh, keys.
Maybe I can get out of here. – (voice) No injuring
school faculty. – Oh, there we go.
Now I got… – (voice) 30 seconds.
– 30 seconds? Oh, I’m gonna get caught.
Oh wait, I forgot he teleports, so that’s
gonna be really hard to juke. – (buzzing)
– Ah, gah. Okay, I didn’t get–
I got two notebooks. – Oh my God.
He’s right there. I’m gonna literally pee myself.
Oh, why does it do this? Ah!
No, no! – (buzzing)
– No! – Where’s the door?
Where’s the door? – (Voice) I am coming.
Ready or not. – (Voice) No running
in the hall. – (whistling)
– (voice) 30 seconds. – Ah, I got detention again.
Oh, no, no, no, no. – (buzzing)
– He was right in the room. – Oh, God.
I really don’t have time for jump rope.
Okay. – (voice) That’s great.
– Thank you. – (voice) Let’s play again.
– No, let’s not play again. – I’m screwed.
Yeah, I ran in the halls. What, he didn’t check?
You know what? Can I do this one more time?
Mess up now and get– – (FBE) Sure.
– Hey, Baldi. – (buzzing)
– It’s good. What is that thing?
Oh, it’s a cassette tape. Looks like eyes for some–
– (loud distortion) – Did we just find something? – I probably shouldn’t even
go for this because he’s right behind me. He might be still moving
right now. – (buzzing)
– Oh, God. I should have seen
that coming. – So, the ruler slapping
gets louder. (gasps)
– (buzzing) – I don’t even know why
I’m getting scared. I don’t even know why
I’m getting scared. – Why don’t I hear anything
anymore? Is that a good thing?
(gasps) Guys, look what we did.
We found a third notebook. – One minus eight is
negative seven. And just (babbling).
I know you get angrier. I don’t care.
You’re already angry. I need that clock.
I think that clock helps. I’m gonna wait for him
to get in the room. No, it doesn’t work?
You’re kidding me. – (buzzing)
– Ah, got three. – I just need one more
classroom. – (voice) Let’s play
Ready, go. – Ugh.
– (voice) One, two, three, four.
– (buzzing) – Can he not go into
staff only, ’cause it’s against school rules?
I really hope that’s how it works, ’cause I don’t wanna die!
Ah! I’m not–
I’m clicking it. I’m really trying. – Okay.
Oh, no, no, no. – (buzzing)
– He got me again. That is so not okay. – Oh great.
Okay, well, what am I supposed to do
at that point? I don’t know.
I wanna cut you with scissors.
I’m gonna cut you. I’m gonna try.
It didn’t work. I got five notebooks.
A little bit better. – Five minus three.
Two. I thought I put two.
I got two wrong. That’s not good.
He’s gonna come after me faster.
Hey, Baldi. Oh, yeah, oh my God.
I actually might get it. I’m screwed.
– (voice) Let’s play. – (buzzing)
– See how much bull crap that is? – I’ve played horror games
in the past and those are fun ’cause they’re thrillers,
but this is just frustrating, ’cause I can’t make any
progress. – Whoever beats this game
is probably a champion at any video game,
but if you have the desire to beat this game,
you’re probably a weirdo. – Thank you guys for watching
another episode of gaming on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new
scary games. – Leave a comment of what
game you wanna see us play next. – Goodbye, guys.
I gotta sweep, sweep sweep. – Hey guys, Mark here,
producer at the React Channel. Thank you so much for
watching this episode. Now, head over to because we’re gonna see
if the teens can beat Contra this week.
Yeah, it’s gonna be a good time.
See you there.

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