Being an Online Teacher at Connections Education


Being an Online Teacher at Connections Education

“Connections Education is a leading, fully accredited provider of high-quality, highly-accountable virtual education solutions for students in grades K-12. Since 2001, the company’s Connections Academy division has delivered individualized learning to students through virtual public schools and a private online academy. Connections Academy takes great effort to hire the highest quality teachers. Teachers who are knowledgeable in their academic areas and passionate about helping every student reach his or her fullest potential. Our teachers receive extensive training in the tools, software, and techniques of online teaching, so they and our students thrive in Connections Academy virtual schools. At Connections Academy, teachers and parents are truly partners, coming together to use outstanding curriculum, technology, and a supportive community to create the best education solution for each student. Teachers, parents, and students work together to create a personalized performance learning approach, an instructional plan tailored to each student’s academic abilities. Our teachers adjust the program and goals as needed to ensure each student is learning and growing at Connections Academy. They then monitor that plan and the student’s progress throughout the school year and make further adjustments as needed. Since our teachers work so closely with each student they are able to identify and thoroughly understand a student’s areas of challenge or strength.” “Some of our kids are at a higher level, which is why they come to us, because it’s hard in a classroom for every student have their needs met and in our school we’re able to individualize for every student whether they’re high or low and if they’ve got strengths in one area more than another, we can work with that as well.” “As in a traditional school, our teachers are responsible for instruction, testing, and grading. But Connections Academy teachers have a cutting edge advantage, Connexus, our education management system. With Connexus, our teachers can easily plan lessons, grade assignments, post grades to the grade-book and modify lesson plans based on up-to-the-minute student results. Easy communication tools like Webmail and message boards, help our teachers stay in touch with students and learning coaches, creating that unique one-on-one relationship.” “Connexus, our learning management system, allows teachers and students and parents to all interact with each other and keep track of students’ grades. There’s a schedule, which allows students to see what lessons are due what days, and it lets parents to see what lessons are due what days and can make sure that their students are doing their lessons in a timely manner.” “Connexus also delivers Connections Academy’s outstanding curriculum directly to teachers, students, and parents in a manner that is concise, easy-to-follow, and filled with interactive teachlets and instructional tools.” “I love our curriculum. I think we have a truly stellar curriculum. It not only rivals that of the really fantastic bricks-and-mortar schools, but again, our use of our hybrid curriculum, what we have online incorporated with the textbooks that we still use. We truly do have a fantastic curriculum and for teacher standpoint, we have all the resources available to make stellar lessons and to really help personalize that approach.” “One of the great resources our teachers use daily is called LiveLesson. These online sessions allow students and teachers to interact directly, essentially turning the computer into a virtual classroom.” “I love doing LiveLessons. I love that connection with my students. I do three LiveLessons a week for an hour. And I love developing the curriculum that I think they’ll get really excited about and even though we’re not in the brick-and-mortar setting, we still do activities, like I was doing longitude and latitude, and I had the kids virtually play battleship with me before going onto talking about longitude and latitude to help them. So I think just the interaction that you get with your students through LiveLessons is one of my favorite things.” “That one-on-one interaction, combined with caring, involved teachers who are truly invested in their student’s success are what sets Connections Academy apart, and because we understand that this type of instructional delivery is different from a traditional classroom, our teachers receive special training to improve their proficiency using this online teaching model. Connections Academy also encourages supplemental training and professional development.” “Professional development is really important to Connections Academy. We really strongly believe in quality teachers and certified teachers to help our students be successful. We have ongoing professional development that’s offered to all teachers on a very regular and consistent basis on a variety of topics to help us continue to be leaders in online education and teaching strategies.” “There are so many things I love about teaching at Connections Academy. I love the interaction with families. I really get to know the whole family, not only the student and their needs, but I get to know the learning coaches, I get to know the siblings, I really get to know what this family needs from me as a teacher.” “Are you ready to be part of the Connections Academy team? With a growing number of students in our public schools and private school, we have exciting opportunities waiting for you.”

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  1. Elizabeth Raver says:

    How long are the wait times to begin, usually? My daughter's school is making her depressed and so unhappy, and the waiting is making her anxious and sad.

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