Bellevue College – How to Register for Classes Online

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Bellevue College – How to Register for Classes Online

If you are a returning student or
a new student looking to register for classes at Bellevue College
you have a few different options if you wish to register online this
step-by-step video will guide you through the process and hopefully make the experience
a little less daunting let’s get started in order to register for classes online
you will need the following information your student ID number which is issued to each new student by
Bellevue College and your PIN number which is usually your six-digit date of
birth You will need to know the classes you
wish to register for and have the four-digit
item number for each class note that each course has a four-digit
item number associated with it this code can be found in the Bellevue
College course catalog or in the online course catalog You also need a credit or debit card, if
you are planning to pay online First you will need to go to once you’re on the college home page click “Register” in the top right corner Next on the register now screen click the red “Log In” box This will take you to the login page
where you will need to type in your student ID number and PIN number From the quarter drop-down menu select which quarter you are registering
for then click the “Log In” button next, you will need to read the
instructions and then click continue Next, type in the four-digit item number
for each class you want to register for then click the “submit add/drop”
button Caution If you enter an item number for a class
you have already registered for that class will be dropped not added So be sure to only enter each item
number once next, your schedule will be displayed Verify that the course list contains
the classes you want to take and at the times you want to take them You will also find the payment information
chart on the same page as the course list This chart shows your tuition and costs Caution Tuition must be paid within seven days
after registration or you will be dropped from your classes Once you have verified your course lists
and tuition charges click the “next” button, in the bottom
right corner On the next page in the left column click “Pay by credit card” Or, you can go to the cashier’s office
on campus, to pay in-person On the credit card authorization screen enter all the required billing
information You may answer either debit or credit
card for payment Then review that payment amount and click “Charge my credit card” Caution To avoid multiple charges click
“Charge my credit card” only once After you click “Charge my credit card” do
not use the browser’s back button or any other method to cancel the transaction
as this may result in multiple charges to your credit card That’s it! Your class registration is complete Now all you need to do, is go to class!

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