Bellevue University Online Learning

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Bellevue University Online Learning

(Dr. Mike Freel): Technology has transformed education in a lot of different ways. (Rebecca Murdock, Dean of the College of Business): So first of all, when you think about technology, is it the means or the end? We’ve gotta keep our mindset on how are we using technology as the enabler. So how does it help bring together a professor and their students in this forum we call a class, which happens to be occurring online? Technology is a driving force in education. I mean, any school that wants to be around and wants to be sustainable should have some form of an online program. Well the online offered me the opportunity to still attend to my family’s needs and get the work done, no stress over if you can’t come to this class, if you miss a lecture, because everything was always available 24/7. Getting an online degree from Bellevue has completely removed the barriers of distance and time. If you’re an adult learner, you have many professional, work, family, types of commitments. Being on a campus at a designated time simply may not fit into your schedule. I get to complete my homework and attend classes based on my schedule, and so because of that, it’s eliminated the everyday stress of traditional classes in my life. But it’s very much so, and probably meatier discussion when it’s online. In a classroom, you’re quick to just, the first thing that pops off the top of your head is what you’re gonna say, whereas when it’s online, you actually give a lot more thought to what you’re about to say, because one, you have to type it all out, and is it something worth saying? Then you also have some group projects where maybe there are four or five of you, and you put a paper together, even though you might be in different parts of the world. But you still are able to communicate with one another. I’ve been able to engage more than I would in a traditional class setting. They’re writing those out rather than just saying what comes to mind. With the online learning, there’s always back and forth. It’s a requirement. I have felt that the longer I was in these classes, the richer those back and forth conversations within the discussion would get. There’s gonna be group projects, there’s gonna be discussion boards, there’s gonna be papers and assignments that you submit and get feedback from your classmates. There is constant communication throughout your course. Teaching online certainly is different than teaching face to face. The faculty have to not only think about how to present content, but how do you create the social learning experience around that content? Online schools are not all the same. Online education has really been at the heart of what Bellevue has done for a very long time. Smaller class sizes really afford the opportunity for faculty to get really engaged with their students. That connection with their professor is really key to being a successful student. We usually don’t have class sizes over 24 students. We’re always trying to ground those learnings and that conversation and that dialogue in a place that’s meaningful for the student, which for many of our students, quite frankly, is their workplace, or their volunteer place, or their home life. We have a great mix of students in our programs. We have first-time students. We have students who, maybe this is their second graduate degree, and anything in between. First of all, we’re motivated by mission, which is different than being motivated by profit. Here at Bellevue, we’re all student-centered. I would say that everybody’s here, willing to help. I’ve never felt alone with this school journey that I’ve been on. It’s ultimately the people. It’s all about the people. Everybody is interested in helping students be successful. Everybody, from the faculty to the advisors to the enrollment counselors to the financial aid people, the administrators, everybody. We all wanna see students succeed. (gentle instrumental music) (On-screen): Bellevue University Real Learning for Real Life

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