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Berkeley College | Secrets of College Planning

welcome to the secrets of college
planning i’m your host Anthony yuva and today we’re going to get some insight on
online classes my guest today is josephs Corelli he’s the Dean of online for
berkeley college welcome to the show thank you very much Anthony I’m very
happy to be here no problem so usually I start my guess where they went to
college so where’d you go to school okay well i went to a number of places to
school but i started out at the university of scranton as a first-time
full-time student and i was there for about a year and then i decided i wanted
to return to New Jersey so I looked into different colleges new jersey and i
found fairleigh dickinson and i went to the rutherford campus i interviewed
there i liked it very much so i went to the rutherford campus i graduated there
with a Bachelor science and management after that I decided to pursue an MBA so
about six months after graduation I started at Fairleigh Dickinson
University except this time in teaneck at that time it was the teaneck
hackensack campus today I believe it’s called the Metro campus okay and I
finished my MBA and industrial management and then after that I felt
like I still wanted to go further so I was working i worked the entire time
while I was getting my master’s degree but I wanted to find a doctoral program
but one that they had in the evening that I could pursue so I could work
full-time and pursue that so i went to pace university the lubin graduate
school of business and i ended up getting a doctor in international
business and marketing Wow from there and I was working in a family business
we were in a plastics machinery business where were manufacturing machines to
make film sheet medical tubing wiring cable fiber optics and all other kinds
of products and Iran that business and I also wanted to be involved in academics
so I got a job at William Patterson which was a very close to where I was
living at the time and I got a job as an adjunct professor
and I used to teach they’re mostly in the master’s program so I worked in the
Masters the MBA program and at night yeah and on Saturdays I used to like to
go there teach Saturday mornings so I stayed there for about six years and it
was a great place to work I enjoyed it very much but then I decided to get
married and I decided that I wanted to run for Council Wow in my town and I had
run previously twice and not I didn’t win so I decided to try again and I won
that time and I’ve been serving ever since and so I really didn’t have time
for teaching because of all that was going on in my life and I was running
the business still at the same time and then around the mid 2000s you know we
made a decision that we were going to sell our business and when we when we
you know find the right the right buyer and possibly move into a joint venture
we weren’t sure so I knew that that was going to occur and I knew it would take
a few years to you know actually have a sale happen and close the sale so I got
a job at Berkeley College as a full-time faculty member and I was teaching
international business and management courses so I used to work there full
time and I used to take the summers off and I ran that business for a few years
until eventually we found a buyer then at that time I vised Berkeley that I was
available also year-round and which is important because the school operates
you around and it just so happened that at that time my boss the chair of the
management department he became the Dean of the business school so I i was
offered to chair position so I became a chair of the New Jersey management
department then they merged New Jersey with new york and i became the chair of
the management department in new york and new jersey
and I ran that for a number of years then about two years ago they came to me
and asked me if I was interested in the being the interim dean of the business
school so when the Dean of the business school left I took over as interim dean
there and I ran the business school for about let’s see about four months well
then I hired a permanent Dean and I went back to being the chair the management
department after I was running some special projects for them and one of
them was gaining a special business accreditation it’s a I a CBE it’s a
special just for business schools so I arranged I led the team and worked on
that and we ended up getting that candidacy and then they also came to me
and asked me if I was interested in becoming the interim dean of online so
it was a new position that they had created so I took that position and then
recently and that was last July and then recently I was given the permanent
position of Dean online great so so now how long is the school been in existence
Berkeley College since nineteen thirty one but they started off as a finishing
type school and I moved into teaching all types of you know practical business
careers like secretarial work and then well before I came they began moving
into giving associate’s degrees then they started giving out bachelor’s
degrees and now actually they have an MBA program well and we’re rolling out
the MBA online so we have a we have a pretty wide offering at this point all
the way from associate’s degrees through MBA program in a graduate school and
they plan to add other disciplines because we have Larry yellowing school
of business we have the School of Professional Studies
we have the School of Health Studies and we have the school liberal arts so we
have work we’re involved in a lot of different areas so how many campuses are
part of Berkeley College you said New Jersey in New York is that the only
places that they’re in well we have we have new york campuses we have new york
new jersey campuses and we have online so in New York we have Brooklyn we have
new york city midtown we have on today on 41st and forty third Street we have
it in white plains another campus there’s one in woodbridge in Middlesex
we have one in Newark we have in Woodland Park and in Paramus well and
then the online operation is is moving to Paramus so we will be will be there
in a few weeks ok so now give us a sense of online what what is the process that
a student takes that wants to do classes online well the application process is
the same for on-site or online you know one contacts the school we have a
specialized admissions department we have financial aid departments they all
help the student become admitted and for online the student is the main
difference between an on-site student and an online student is that a online
student really requires a computer and is not required to come to campus
although any on-site student that wishes to take on like online classes can and
any online student that may happen to live near a campus or wish to come to
New York for example for a term or you know we we allow them to move back and
forth and take classes in different places so you know they can go to any
campus they wish and take whatever classes are available at that campus we
don’t have all classes available at all campuses we have signature campuses that
have certain programs so you know it’s against it’s a regular
process the main differences they have to have a computer that meets certain
criteria and it’s it these are not very specialized criteria but they need like
a webcam they need a certain level of processor they need a very good internet
connection okay and those that and does the school provide all of that stuff or
they have to just go out and just buy it themselves and then show it to the
school well we don’t provide the hardware we give them the specifications
on it and anyone who would like to see that can see that on our website
berkeley college that edu and it shows it shows what you need but it’s a many
we find that you know many students already have that type of equipment or
you know can get it but it’s it’s it’s it’s something that could be bought at
any computer store so now compared to the four-year colleges that people
recognize berkeley college is something that some people might not recognize so
what’s the difference between berkeley college and a regular four-year college
is there any difference well where we are we do have you know semester
programs we’ve converted from a quarter to a semester system so students can
have a traditional experience we do have limited residence facilities but we you
know we have a lot of commuting students and then we have online students so
we’re a career-focused institution alright we don’t have for instance we
have a school of liberal arts but we don’t have any liberal arts degree
programs so all of our programs whether they’re in business whether in
professional studies like legal studies criminal justice in health studies like
medical billing and coding and others any of those programs are designed for
someone who wants a career rather than you know non-career type program so or
you know we want to our mission is to have students prepare students for
dynamic careers that’s really what our focus is great so now back to online
what are some of the classes that that people could take online well you can
take your entire degree program online Wow so you know we have different
business programs we have international business marketing management accounting
there’s criminal justice you know as legal studies there’s there’s all you
know this there’s there’s programs and Health Studies you know like medical
insurance billing and coding we also offer like I said a graduate MBA program
now is online so we have a number of offerings and you know if anybody wants
details there on our website and and is it where the students can take it the
the class as quickly as possible or does it does it go on just like a regular
semester how does an online class actually work yeah the undergraduates
courses are offered with the regular starting in July June excuse me we’re
going to be going to semester system rather than quarter system so they take
a normal semester further for the undergrad the graduate programs being
offered in seven week accelerated so the they’re shorter format and that’s you
know usually preferred for mba programs these days especially online so yes
students can take in an entire program or part of it online we also have
students that for example their on-site students but during the summer they want
to take online classes because they want the flexibility sure so so we mix and
match so how about books of all the books online as well well it’s
interesting that you should ask that question yes they are most most classes
do have what we call an e-text and we don’t we don’t call it exactly a
textbook but it’s an e-text and it’s a text just like you would find the
regular class an on-site class would use hard copy text books we have an e-text
except the e-text is much more flexible okay the e-text allows the instructor or
the professor and a student to make highlights so you can highlight certain
sections the professor also can put links in so if there’s a certain area of
the that discusses certain issues when the
student goes over it with the mouse it they can click and then links are
offered where they can go to other places to read more Wow but what’s
really fantastic and what’s really sets online apart is adaptive learning so
adaptive learning is a method now that we can use online through software and
through the learning platforms that we use where the assignments and the
readings all change depending on how much the student knows grew so you
always have this problem when you go to in a classroom and an on-site classroom
you’re going to have all kinds of people in there let’s say there’s 20 people in
a class some of them may know a lot about the subject some of them may know
little some may be quicker learners than others but when you’re online in an
adaptive learning environment you may open up the e-text and it asks you some
questions about the subject matter and if you don’t do so well it gives you a
broader idea of what’s going on if you know certain areas those areas get
eliminated from your reading requirements and you you focus on areas
we are not so knowledgeable and also it’ll give you assessments little
quizzes or whatever and these assessments will also continue to see
how you’re doing with learning and that keeps everyone in a class interested and
engaged whereas you know in a right like in a regular classroom if you’ve heard
all of this before right you too now you know but this this keeps them interested
and it’s it’s so it’s really focused on just that one student exactly what now
now with the technology that’s available now now we’re not doing that in all the
classes but that that’s something that’s available online and we are you know
we’re moving more and more towards using digital learning resources so what do
you see as the as the future of Berkeley College do you see what’s coming up in
the future for Berkeley College well you know the demand for careers is
growing and growing and growing people really want to improve their situations
and you know we have a lot of non-traditional learners I mean these
days it’s not always possible due to the financial commitment for people to go to
for students to leave high school go directly many people are working we have
a lot of people that are you know like myself the first one in their family to
earn a college degree you know but we’re focused on that because we know that a
lot of these students that don’t have you know a family background and going
to school who they don’t have a lot of people that they can rely on for
experience you know we’re we’re ready for that so we you know we help them
along and work with them when it’s their first experience we have a lot of
working people and online it’s very suited for people at work because that
you know they have children they have to take care of the children and I think
children to a game but they may have their thursday nights maybe free so they
may be able to get a lot of work done on a thursday maybe on a monday on a
weekend they can work and that’s not something that’s possible in a regular
environment so you do you find as the student population is not so much just
from high school to college but a little bit older yes we have you know we do
have traditional students but we also have many students that are older that
are working and even a lot of our younger students work so it’s you know
it’s the online programs especially are very very flexible ok i suited for that
that’s great so so as for the process that that they’re taking what is what
what do parents have to look for in schools that are doing online is there
anything that they look for to do this well I absolutely I mean for instance
we’re a work certified by the u.s. distance learning Association okay so
they come in and they review our programs right now as a matter of fact
I’m chairing a committee that’s going to file a USD la progress report where
check into all different aspects of our operation for quality to make sure that
we’re progressing you know it’s not enough to be good you have to show that
you’re continually getting better so continuous improvement is very important
to us for instance we just host we just hosted the quality matters which is a
organization that focuses on quality in programs and we just hosted that at our
campus in New York City we had a regional conference and we were also
ranked this year third year in a row US News and World Report top 100 so online
program so we’re we’re very excited about that and you have to continually
file reports with these organizations they’re always looking at you and seeing
what you’re doing and making sure that you’re serving your students so is that
something that the parents should look for that they should be certified in
that they should always be looking you know when you’re looking at a particular
school you have to make sure that the area is that you’re the student is going
to focus on you know are accredited and it’s not just the usual type of
accreditation that you would get like for instance most schools are in this
area are accredited by the middle states commission on higher education but also
specialized the accreditation like I mentioned before I a CBE you know for
business and you know for online their specialized accreditations so these are
things these are external external organizations that are really looking at
the college and offering independent opinions on whether the college is doing
well now what are some of the requirements at the school what is a
high school student need to have grade wise do they need to have any
extracurricular things when they apply is that is it basically the same thing
that they’re doing when they go to a regular named college yeah well well
Berkeley is again is focused on careers and we really real we realize that there
are a lot of people that you know really need to improve their situations many
students that we serve haven’t had the
opportunity to go for extracurricular activities in high school because they
were working they’re working to support their families you know a lot of them
just don’t have that opportunity so of course we have sports programs you know
we have basketball we have soccer you know so we of course if someone is does
have experience in extracurricular of course we love to we love that to bring
them to berkeley college but also we’re not certainly going to say that you know
this is something you weren’t able to do we understand their situations so you
know we they should they have to be a high school graduate and we do get their
information admissions works with them and they may be they may take a test to
see where they would be placed such an entrance type yes yes and they also look
at the at the grades but again you know we’re about improving people’s lives so
our focus is on taking students from you know where they are to where they want
to be sure and focused on helping them to get a career so what are some of the
careers that you see students take and what it what are some of the major
careers that you see students taking well you know business of course is a
major focus you know and there’s all different areas there’s accounting you
know some students like accounting some finance some more interested in
marketing you know management we offer international business we also offer an
interesting degree which is a mix of information technology and management so
we call it information technology management so that’s that’s where we
teach them not only about the IT areas you know like network security web
design database administration but also they take management courses so when
they go in there not just the techie there they have the management skills to
yeah so we can start our own business if they wanted to well we we many students
do we have you know we do teach courses in entrepreneurship you know and then
you know professional studies we have national security criminal justice Legal
Studies graphic design interior design there’s a and in the School Health
Studies and not all of them are offered online some of them are our only on site
but we have you know surgical technology patient care technician practical
nursing and as a matter of fact I think we’re offering soon a LPN to BSN nursing
program we’re licensed practical nurses can convert the you know bsns bachelors
of science and nursing so we have a pretty wide pretty wide offering of
career absolutely so you’re giving everybody a good array of different ways
of looking at their their future in career exactly great fantastic so what
else online are our parents looking at that they’re looking at anything else
where their sons and daughters need to know anything else online well first of
all they have to understand that it’s rigorous I mean is it some people may
think well you know what’s online how could you how could you possibly learn
online and the truth of the matter is that the online environment can is a
very very rich experience these days we’re able to we have a very advanced
learning management system called blackboard and we’re able to deliver
these types of digital assets students can do readings they can listen to
lectures the professor’s tape and not tape excuse me they record video
lectures digitally and we have professional staff that helps them with
that so they can put their lectures in and we also do it asynchronously if you
have synchronous learning that means that the professor would say seven
o’clock on Monday night you have to be you have to be at your computer and that
doesn’t work for a lot of people so we we design all of our programs so that
the student can work within the week on the undergraduate level masters level is
a little bit more restrictive right and even office hours I mean if you want to
talk to your professor you can go on skype we have we have skype we have
blackboard instant messaging we have Blackboard Collaborate the professor can
even has a whiteboard that the professor can write on while he’s helping or she’s
helping a student that’s fantastic well Joseph will come in at the end of our
show usually what I asked my guess is what advice do you want to give these
parents that their sons and daughters are want to go on to the college want to
go to Berkeley College what advice do you want to give them well my advice is
that they should go to school as soon as possible try to get through their
studies get their degree I’m a perfect example of someone who had to do a
career change in my mid-40s and there’s no way I’ve ever I ever could have done
a career change like I did from being the president of a machinery company to
working in higher education if I didn’t have my education and that’s something
that was a was important to my father who was a who wasn’t able to go to
college and had to go to world war two and fight and didn’t get his GED till he
got back I would just advise them to look for a good program in what
interests there the student and and move forward with it because you know time is
tickin okay well thank you very much for coming to the show I appreciate it
wonderful thank you so much no problem and you’ve been watching the secrets of
college planning i’m your host Anthony over until next time

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