Berklee Student Roberta Natalini THE MIDDLE w/ Vocal Coach (subtitles)


Berklee Student Roberta Natalini THE MIDDLE w/ Vocal Coach (subtitles)

Hit it! «I’m off-key!» – Yes. It’s the first note! So when you sing the I-A, don’t feel like you’re screaming. It’s really fast because it’s no time to tune it. Kill it! Last one! “We got the power!” Diaphragm workout! We’re going to take away all the tension from the throat. And we’re going to really work and use the diaphragm as much as possible. It’s important that you don’t do like this.
Don’t close the ribcage. Yep, that’s it! Feel it all the way in the bottom.
Let’s do it again! Perfect, let’s do the workout! Work it! «It hurts, Mama!» I know, one more time. Work it, baby, work it! We’re working on the diaphragm, but at the same time
keep those vowels in the same correct position. The first note is always sharp. Let’s just do the attack on the first note. Really precise! Perfect! Good job! 45! 45, baby! Good job, baby! «I’m off-key!» – Yep. The first notes. Hit it! Let’s do something tricky. Let’s take away all the consonants
and only sing the vowels. This is what my voice teacher always made me do. It’s used mostly for opera, but you can use it to find the position in pop music, too. It’s the same thing. Just for the vowels, you wanna try it? «I’ll try, but it’s hard!» Even it’s not precise, but try it.

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