Bernie Responds To Buttigieg’s Remarks On College Affordability: ‘He’s Wrong’ | All In | MSNBC


Bernie Responds To Buttigieg’s Remarks On College Affordability: ‘He’s Wrong’ | All In | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Bernie Responds To Buttigieg’s Remarks On College Affordability: ‘He’s Wrong’ | All In | MSNBC”

  1. Maxim says:

    Noone likes Sanders. He isn't even a Democrat

  2. jack b says:

    Who is sheep dog Bernie selling his voters to in 2020?

  3. jack b says:

    A Jewish Bolshevik who honey mooned in the USSR will never be elected POTUS.

  4. John Lawson says:

    Imagine how much it would cost to create a bureaucracy to keep the children of people who make $100K from getting free tuition. Nice try, Pete: next time, see if you can make actual sense.

  5. Jay Jay says:

    #OurRevolution 💪🏼

  6. M11B222INF8791 says:


  7. Maia Sosiuk says:

    Reminder, public colleges & universities were tuition free prior to desegregation. This system was put in place just 3 yrs after segregation ended, & it was the legal way to keep black ppl out of college. This & several other issues Bernie regularly discuss, amount to modern day Jim Crow. It's time we stop allowing the 1% to drain the life out of the multiracial working class ppl.

    Buttigieg is intellectually & morally bankrupt. His campaign spokeswoman, Lis Smith (a big Steve Bannon supporter & connected to other figures of Germany's new white nationalists) just accused Bernie supporters of being racist, bc some Berners joined a BLM protest against Buttigieg. Wtf is this party coming to? They're outright Bush Republicans at this point.

  8. Violet Burr says:

    Ah yes let's get those moderate republican votes with free college tuition. That'll definitely work.

  9. SmokedSalmon12 says:

    "The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math"

    -Pete Buttigieg

  10. Oscar Torres says:

    That's what he gets for messing with the front runner. And people say the mayor is smart. That argument is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in a while. Cringe.

  11. calesvideos says:

    Really hoping Bernie and Warren take out Platitude Pete in the next debate.

  12. MD D says:

    MSNBC has been doing a rapid hit fire on Pete this week. Pretty remarkable. So much misinformation about Pete's campaign this week by these opinion hosts.

  13. King Peppy says:

    SAGA 2020 Sanders America Great Again

  14. DC says:

    Bernie burns Buttigieg's butt

  15. communistjesus says:

    I voted for Bernie in 2016, & I will PROUDLY VOTE AND CAMPAIGN FOR HIM IN 2020….Should another person RECEIVE the NOM. I WILL GLADLY CAMPAIGN, & VOTE FOR HIM OR HER….The Orange treasonous clown & Circus "administration" need to go !!!NOW!!!…

  16. communistjesus says:


  17. Joshie Love says:


  18. Kieran Considine says:

    Imagine an angry Bernie debating Trump on TV. Please sane Americans, make it happen.

    Vote Bernie Sanders 2020

  19. HPMcQueen says:

    🔥 Voters in Closed Primary states must register as Democrat to vote for #Bernie2020 in the primary.

    Register today!

  20. Lord Melkor says:

    Bernie Sanders#2020 The ONLY choice to help the country and the world.

  21. Lydia says:

    Thank you for interviewing Bernie! I have been boycotting MSNBC for failing to give Bernie airtime. I found a segment of this interview via independent media. I will remain skeptical that MSNBC will keep giving Bernie airtime. It would be nice to return to watching MSNBC if I can find Bernie there.

  22. USArt Art says:

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg 🇺🇸Military Navy Veteran, Ivy League Scholar with brain, experience & humility.🇺🇸
    He speaks unity, national & international geopolitic policies for a stronger united America.
    He may not be perfect but he can unite majority of American –
    PeteForAmerica #Hispanic #Black #White #Indian #Latino #Native American #Asian (all Americans) #PeteForPresident. He will be an amazing, respectfulness #POTUS46 for all Americans.🇺🇸

  23. 89strangelove says:

    where's the full clip

  24. Trumpet Music says:

    The democratic establishment has declared mayor Pete as the chosen one for now, thus Kamala dropping out. Pete is doing horrible with black people and as a result they will drop him and go back to Biden. I just hope that Biden doesn't become the new Hillary against Bernie and they cheat him again.

  25. roberto Amador says:

    Pete is a disgrace troyan 🐎 snake. He needs to go home and clean the house and cook for his husband

  26. Nicky says:

    Go Bernie!!!!

  27. Linda Kelly says:

    I am so surprised that MSNBC allowed Bernie on Chris Hays show. Bernie Sanders is the most genuine candidate and he is fighting for us, which people have been saying they want for a very long long time, its time people stand up with this man and support him with our respect and our vote.

  28. dabell12 says:

    Democrats give 700 Billion dollar to military budget to Trump, more that Trump asking for. you Buttigieg’s get you numbers right and give the citizen of this country what it needs. because people going bankruptcy with mortgage, medical bill, credit debt and the students going under before they get in the working force. why will should vote for you ? what difference you are from Trump? …none , is no reason to vote for any of this people who will no make any differences at all for any of us.

  29. Ihrab Mustafar says:

    Not that rich people really care about public universities, but someone should tell Bernie supporters what happens when rich students compete for a spot against students who can't afford to pay for good quality schools for their formation. This is coming from someone who lived in a country with free education for all, someone who's seen the staggering inequalities that deny acess to free education to the ones who need it most.

  30. Daemon Nine says:

    Rubbish… pure rubbish. Taking advice from a failed presidential candidate. :/ Pfffft

  31. JuZ says:

    The truth has been spoken!

  32. JuZ says:

    If you ask the rich to pay a fair share so they also be able to participate in the program. What Bootyjudge says is so dishonest and makes no sense.

  33. mr streama says:

    I've looked for full interview, can't find?
    Hey Chris, you think a front runners full interview might be sort after?
    or more media blackout for bernie.
    He must of smash it out of the park, Again!

    bernie 2020!

  34. nyeudhi otto says:

    OMG MSDNC actually covered Bernie! Wow! Must have hurt them to do this. They're probably gonna fire Chris Hayes for this.

  35. Policy First says:

    America abuses its children. We defend our right to be abused to the last breath. The media must hide Bernie because Bernie will tell us an inconvenient truth. We are worth more than MSN, CNN, Fox News, Our politicians & business interests will tell us. We are worth more than we tell ourselves.

  36. Elle Moss says:

    Go Bernie Go! #Bernie2020

  37. Logan Crosby says:


  38. Doug Yankunas says:

    For anyone considering Pete booty judge for president, just remember he can’t even run his own city . The overall crime rate in South Bend is 120% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 16.58 daily crimes that occur in South Bend. South Bend is only safer than 2% of the cities in the United States.

  39. Roger didit says:

    Here the answer to Bernies climate emergency…

  40. Charley T says:


  41. umbrella0110 says:

    Platitudes Pete gets schooled by Bernie! 👏🏽🔥

  42. Dale Boxsell says:

    Bernie just like the rest of the left just do us all a favour and shut up.

  43. photonrayswaves says:

    Countries all over the world have free college education and healthcare.If they can do it surely we can. The difference is we have socialism for the rich and corporations instead of for ordinary people. If we went back to pre Reagan tax rates on the rich we could have free college, medicare for all and fix our countries crumbling infrastructure.

  44. harley Dozier says:

    Go Bernie!!!

  45. Shanna Sweger says:

    Bernie is the OP

  46. J. Arias says:

    Bernie has my vote.

  47. Kaloyan Velikov says:

    #Bernie2020 Time for America to get rid of corporate oligarchy!

  48. ZEVNAI says:

    It’s simple…

    When the God Bernard Sanders Almighty speaks…

    …I listen #BERNIE2020

  49. mindy says:

    So college can be universal, but I had to go to a shotty high school cause I didn’t live in the right district? Now my taxes have to pay for the rich kids in the district next to me to go to the college of their choice? GTFO.

  50. mindy says:

    Bernie was against rich people until he was for them. Cool story bro.

  51. S Dewes says:

    I love Senator Sanders. He has my vote.

  52. Revealing Serendipity says:

    Change Org has petition to impeach the president online now. Needs signatures act now.

  53. Salim Asencio says:

    Im rolling with the original, the one that has been consistent for decades and has a clean track record.
    #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

  54. uefamikep says:


  55. Cara Crabtree says:

    We need to stop socializing big corp and subsidizing them in the billions and stop making taxpayers bail them out when they fail, that alone is billions and billions a year

  56. RBG AOC says:

    Omg we love this man! Bernie Sanders for President!

  57. Joseph Zao says:

    Joe Zao SSN 225-72-9058

    The brick wall in History is ALL psychiatry ever was. It fit Charlottesville like a snake crawling on its belly on the Ground Serpentine Jefferson Jew Mason's as opposed to Free Masons that will carry a trow or mud mortar for Jefferson in the Free World. There is a Supreme Being and not one motion in Jefferson for it in law or letter. Sub-limits are bad arithmetic!

    see Forbes Reback, JD or Rod Coles, JD or Francis Seeberg,JD or Shaun Gregg, JD or Frank S Walker, JD or Frank Thomas, JD or Duff Green, Orange County Review or Frank Sommerville, JD or Watt Ellerson, JD or Phil Sansone, Psychiatrist UVA or Dr Hibbs, Chairman of UVA psychiatry. or Dr Saffer, Staunton Psychologist or Dr Sam Pasternack, MD or Randy Merrick, MD and the "list"….

  58. Yvonne Graham says:


  59. JesusChrist IsSatan says:

    Bernie is against billionaires who pay there employees a slave wage, against the healthcare system whose motto is to rob everyone and get rich while paying for a small fraction of there medical bills in return, against the idea that only rich people can go to college because only rich people can afford it, & against companies making billions a year without paying taxes due to loopholes. Do you really need any other reason to vote for Bernie Sanders?

  60. John Johnson says:

    Once again Bernie demonstrates the difference between substance and word salad.

  61. CCCircuit says:

    I'm not sure I like it that Burnie is not participating in #msnbcblackout but as always I like what he has to say.

  62. mch live says:

    Medicare for all is for everybody. Campaign finance reform to stop corporations from buying our representatives. Msnbc had one moment of clarity.

  63. Veganimal says:

    I like Chris Hayes snickering when Bernie says that Buttigieg is concerned that Bernie has been too easy on the millionaires and billionaires. That was a good joke.

  64. Jack Braddell says:

    Why do we have to listen to Hilary Clinton's two cents on things. Can't she just shut up and go away. With all her corruption she does not deserve an audience an the right to influence the Democratic Party. She is a blight representing what is wrong in government.

  65. Guachum says:

    According to Pete Buttigieg's logic, rich people shouldn't receive any public services. They need to have a private Fire Department, a Private Police Department, Private Roads, etc. That's total BS, corrupt Democrats and Republicans don't want to provide Medicare for All and Free College for everyone. Pete is just a hack, he repeats Republican talking points and only cares about keeping rich people happy.

  66. Raymond Sawyer says:

    Chris, Rachel and Lawrence have all been against Pete from the beginning…..

  67. norcalreppin1 says:

    Bernie I read the soviet union consitution. Your policies didnt work in soviet union either.

  68. 7620313 says:

    Buttigeg is paid by Mark Zuckerberg

  69. K P says:

    Hey Bernie, can you now please explain why Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend idea is wrong? The only valid counter idea to yours is his. Buttigieg’s proposals can easily be quashed. Only Yang’s stands. Please make a case for why Federal Government jobs plan is favorable over Freedom Dividend.

  70. MrSchweppes says:

    If you support Bernie, don't forget to donate to his campaign. It's important.

  71. villan sitoe says:


  72. Raymond Sawyer says:

    Now the Independent running for a Party nomination that he has REFUSED for decades to join….now its Mr Buttigieg in front of Brown grad Hayes who has NEVER supported Pete. They will NEVER give Bernie the Outsider the Party Nomination and the Bernie Bots will again vote third party.

  73. Nick Hamill says:

    This is crazy. Bernie Sanders and AOC and Ilhan Omar HATE the working class But NEED them to fund their free programs. Bernie Sanders visited the SOVIET UNION on his HONEYMOON. What does that tell you people? He is a COMMUNIST! Bernie wants to fund free programs and give the poor and undocumented workers housing and medical care on the backs of the middle class. He is LYING when he says he wants to tax the ultra rich and put a modest tax on the middle class. Cannot happen under his plans to be sustainable. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! You do NOT want a communist to become President of our Nation. There are other ways! Walk away from this man NOW!

  74. Johnny Zeee says:

    Mayor Pete is right. Another giant giveaway waste of money. A degree is no longer guarantee of a good – paying job ; surely needed for all the socialist tax increases.

  75. Dylan 604 says:

    When even an MSNBC comment section is favorable to Bernie he’s going to win.

  76. MidScream1 says:

    Bernie the 90 year old washed out socialist clown 🙂

  77. Blake Patterson says:

    Yeah sure, let’s flood the job market with people with AA and BA. no one will be special anymore. Good luck competing with the thousands others just like you once your done with your “free college”.

  78. murrrmur says:

    High school wasn’t always universal. Now I’m our economy, especially near cities, you can’t make a decent living without a college degree. Why would we set up a system that disadvantages the youngest workforce? Makes no sense?

  79. Antifa Cuckeesian says:

    It's clear that Mayo Pete's 🍞 goal isnt to stop billionaires kids from getting a public college education but to using old Nixon and bush talking points to stifle progress.

  80. Ian685 says:

    So your talking about Union [email protected]

  81. Ian685 says:

    So will Bernie pay more or is tax above him?

  82. Robbert Johan Smidt says:

  83. Zac Lodro says:

    I go to utsa, got the fafsa pell grant and several private scholarships. Graduating debt free at 21 because I lived with my parents. Definitely worth it though!

  84. Everett Lewis says:

    More Bernie please!

  85. Umang Malik says:


  86. DoppelCooper says:

    WTF, Bernies combing his hair?!?! That means game on time, RIP the rest of the pack

  87. System.out.println says:

    Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  88. James Martin says:

    geez, this is the 21st Century – a Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree should be the standard – just like High School Degree was for the 20th Century – time to upgrade people, GO BERNIE !!!

  89. sulema leon says:

    Bernie 2020!!! Only one with a plan…..Warren will sell out to Wall Street…..Biden is Wall Street if we want OUR country back Bernie is the only way

  90. Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton says:

    The problem with college is the tuition keeps increasing by big margins and that they put classes on you that you don't need for a degree that you will never use it in so they can make more money off you but they call to make you more well-rounded and I call it a Hustle cuz you can't say no. Do not forget the giant debt you get put into that could take most of your life time to get rid of with no guarantee you'll find a good job in that field.

  91. IgoMicro says:

    I know MSNBC has an anti-Bernie slant but I appreciate them giving him air time to respond to Buttigieg's ridiculous points.

  92. Khrashing Phantom says:

    THIS explaination is why it's Bernie Sanders 2020! What Pete should be doing is taking notes and refining his strategy, before he want to debate someone who's been working on these proposals for decades. All of these candidates would actually work very well together if they chose to.

  93. Firefly Guitar says:

    Bernie will win against Trump. 
    Biden will probably start a wrestling match and get sued.

  94. treydarling says:

    559 billion (tuition) a year vs the 70 billion(taxed) a year for universal college.

  95. EliLovesWaffles says:

    Walt, WHO uploaded this?? lmao

  96. Andrew Hassett says:

    Thanks for finally giving Bernie the airtime he deserves

  97. Brenden Varty says:

    Where is the full interview? #bernieblackout

  98. Will Wright says:

    And every generation Republican try to cut Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid. But the programs are so popular they can't wilthout total destruction of their party. Same thing will happen with #MedicareForAll & #TuitionFreeCollege. Thatis part of the reason Republican like Buttigieg (typo: Democrat) lie about them.

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