Best Back to School HACKS

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Best Back to School HACKS

– A big thanks to Office Depot, Office Max for sponsoring this video. No matter how you feel about it, you guys, it’s time for back to school. (upbeat music) I wanna show you a little bit of what I got at Office Depot. What is your advice for
going back to school? – Pretend like you’re
sick the entire year. – Time goes by faster
when you pay attention. – [Mom] Ooh! Are you nervous to go
to school a little bit? (tires screeching) Today’s video is all
about tips and tricks. My first tip is don’t worry
about red zoning parking spots. Park wherever you want. Okay, actually, that was a terrible tip. I’m gonna move, don’t listen to me. (clunking) Okay, that’s better. (upbeat music) – What’s up, guys? Another day with the
Eight Passengers here. – And we’re all ready this time with some tips that are actually helpful and not illegal. We have to go into Office Depot to grab some last minute supplies
and some school supplies. I do like shopping big box stores. However, they only have
back to school supplies on their shelves for, like, two weeks. Like, I’ve noticed that
they start stacking them up, and by the time school actually starts in mid-August here for
us, all of their stuff gets pulled off and they’re
putting Halloween costumes up, so by the time the kids go to school and you’re teacher’s
like, “Oh, and by the way, you need this, this, and this,” I’ll go back to these big box stores and I’m like we have
Halloween masks instead. Also, one other great thing
that Office Depot does is they have School List with a Click. So you can go on their website, you find where it says your school list, and then you type in
where, what state you are, what your zip code is and
then it has a list of schools and you just click on your school and if your school’s
a participating school it will show a list for your
grade, everything you need. So you just print off the list and go in and do your shopping. Or, even better like
what we’re doing today is we just loaded everything into our cart and checked it out, and now
we’re just here for pickup. I seriously think the best
invention of today’s age is the shop and pickup option. It’s the best. No matter how you feel about it, you guys, it’s time for back to school. (upbeat music) I wanna show you a little bit of what I got at Office Depot. They are a great one-stop
shop for everything. So they don’t just have school supplies. College students, especially good because they have everything
that you need for your dorm. From cleaning supplies,
to your desk, to chairs, to dresser systems, to everything you can think of for your dorm. You can also shop these
back to school basics. I have a coupon code down
in the description box for $5 off a qualifying $25 order and you can use that coupon
code either in the store or online at I have some really fun things that I picked up at Office Depot. I want to share them
with you and tell you why I got these back to school supplies. Not what you need, but there is a why. There is a rhyme and reason. I have been doing the back to school thing for 12 years now, this is my twelfth year. The number one thing, and I learned this, I’m gonna bring you closer to me. I kinda like this setup. Maybe I’ll do more videos like this. When I was in high school
my very, very favorite thing was the composition notebook. I like the composition
notebook because it’s sewn. I have never ever boughten
a spiral notebook since, because they last forever. This is Shari’s math notebook
from, like, years ago. And all of her notes that she
has in here are still intact. If this was a spiral bound notebook, it would be all over the place. Okay, second thing. Oh, Shari took ’em! Shari! These are Shari’s favorite,
she saw that I bought them and she took off with them. I still like the boring ones. I actually do like them, but my kids like, like, the egg ones. They come in such fun prints now. Do not show my husband this one. He’s been begging me for a new dog. I keep saying no. I found them! Okay, so my second tip is
to get the PaperMate pens. They come in tons of different colors and here is why you
need multi-colored pens. Because when you take notes in math class, you’re going to use a different color for different angles, different lines, different time periods in history class, different scientific methods. You’re gonna color code
so when you go back, you’re gonna go, oh yeah, the blue are, like, the obtuse angles, acute angles. I don’t remember my angles. Color coordinate your angles, and then explain underneath,
like, what those angles are. When I was a kid, it was one TI calculator and now there are like,
TI-82, TI-84, TI-85, TI-86. Like, how many TI calculators are there? I don’t know, but there’s a lot of ’em. So, and Office Depot has all of them. So whatever one you need,
you’re gonna be able to find. I liked that they have color graphing now. I don’t know if you can see it, but, like, whatever it is you’re looking
for is in a different color. For me, visually it’s like,
okay, this makes more sense. So I would spend the few extra dollars and get the one that does
it in color, for sure. Another tip: I know that
laptops are really heavy to carry around and can be bulky. I think, if I was back in school, I would want something small, and I would get something
that’s compatible with One Note. Do you guys ever use One Note? It’s all of your writing notes and you can write with a stylus. You can take a picture of something that your teacher has up on the board, send it to yourself
and put it in the notes and they’re all in one place. And then you can tab it so
that you’ve got science, math, English, your
report all in one spot. If I was taking notes in class I would make sure whatever I was using was compatible with One Note. My last tip is when you
get mechanical pencils, go a little bit more than
just the cheapest ones you can find that come in bulk. Here’s why: they’re not gonna break and you want to get the
ones with the extra eraser and the extra lead because
we’ve done it the hard way where the kid’s like,
“Mom, I’m out of lead, I’m out of lead.” I’m like, okay, I’ll go get you some lead and so I go to the store and I get lead. Which is after they need it, of course. There’s one night they’re
doing homework with, you know, like, I don’t know, pens
or markers or crayons and I bring home the lead
and the lead doesn’t fit and it’s like, oh, shoot, I got the 0.5 and now the lead’s just, like,
falling out of the pencils ’cause I didn’t get the right size. I like to get it in packs so that it takes the thinking out of it for me and so we have backup and extra and I don’t even have to double check if it’s the right size
because it came with it. Maybe you don’t wanna take advice for me because I’ve been out
of school for, you guys, it’s gonna be my 20 year
reunion in one year. I graduated in the year 2000, it’s 2019. So let’s go find someone who is actually in school right now and see
what advice they have for you. I have spotted Shari and Kevin. Kevin, you’re off your bed! (laughing) You’re on your feet is
what I was gonna say. What are you guys doing? – Teaching Shari how to grill. – Okay, so 93. – Fun fact that may not be so fun, I have never grilled in my life. I tried once and I burned
my eyebrows off like, flames came up, and it has
terrified me ever since and I won’t do it. I don’t have to do it because my husband is so amazing at taking care of me and now my daughter’s learning how to. – No, he kicked me off. – Oh. These two are, like, school gurus. Kevin’s been in school since he was four. Still is in school only 30 – That’s, well, – 36. – I like school so much
that I made it my job. – So now he’s a teacher. So, as a professor,
what advice do you have for going back to school? What do you wanna tell our
eight passengers viewers. – Here’s my best piece of
advice that I can give you. It’s to keep a positive and
what we call a growth mindset. It’s a mindset where you can say it’s okay if I’m struggling
with something in school. That’s actually a sign that it’s a really good thing that you’re learning. If everything was easy and everything just came naturally to
you then what’s the point of going to school at all? We go to school to be challenged
and to learn new things. So if you find yourself
struggling with something or find that school is hard, that’s good. Chase those hard things. You can do hard things. – I was just gonna say bring food but that doesn’t really live up to. – [Kevin] Mine’s way better. – Yeah, so. – [Mom] Any other advice
besides bring food? – Do your homework when it’s assigned. It sounds super basic
but you’d be surprised how many people say “I have time. I’ll do this later” but
then as soon as you know it, the night before it’s due
is here and then you cram. Also, I would say if you
don’t know it by midnight, you’re not gonna figure it out. So just, you know, don’t waste your sleep. Don’t study all night before a test because if midnight comes
you’re not gonna remember anything after that, so you don’t know it. You might as well just move on. – All right, so cut off time, midnight. Great advice. I wonder if Julie and Abby
have any advice for us. You guys look like you’re
making good use of your time. – Yeah!
– Mom, mom, – Can you pause it for
a second? (kid yelling) Julie, what is your advice
for going back to school? – Don’t go, pretend like
you’re sick the entire year. – [Mom] All right, good advice, all right. Abby, what advice do you have? – Um, time goes by faster
when you pay attention. – [Mom] Ooh, does it really? So pay attention and
you’ll get to leave sooner? All right, I like that. Russell, you did not pause it. Any advice you have for
going back to school for our viewers? – Helping teacher. – [Mom] Help your teacher? – Yeah. – [Mom] Why does helping your
teacher help you in school? – Um. – [Abby] Gets you free food! – (laughing) Technically. – [Mom] What advice do
you have for someone who is going to school
for the very first time? – Listen to my teacher. – [Mom] That’s great advice. Are you nervous to go
to school a little bit. Like a little? ‘Cause your face expressions tell me you’re a little nervous. It is okay to be scared to go to school. I think one of the
reasons I get so excited for back to school time is because there is a peace that
comes from preparation. The best antidote to like, stress and anxiety sometimes is
just to start preparing. To get to work and so I think as I am prepping and getting things
ready, buying school supplies, making sure all the shoes still fit and jackets are available
then I feel like I’m prepared and my mindset can kinda settle. Like, okay, we’ve done the prep work. I hope you guys have a great time getting ready for back to school. Some of you are already back in school. Some of you don’t start school until after the holiday break in September. We have about two weeks. Let me know what you guys are all thinking about this whole back to school thing and thank you Office Depot
for sponsoring this video. We’ll see you guys later, bye. (tires screeching)

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