Best Budget Laptops for Data Entry, Photo Video editing, Virtual assistant – Online jobs Philippines


Best Budget Laptops for Data Entry, Photo Video editing, Virtual assistant – Online jobs Philippines

Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads We’re at the Laptop Station with sir Dustin he’ll help us on what laptop will fit for you on the job that you will do Let’s start with the basic job Most of the basic jobs online is virtual assistant or data entry they’re using skype Skype application we chat then Google Chrome For Google chrome it’s more like 3 to 5 tabs what laptop suits those tasks For our entry levels, the laptop that suits best is i3 Budget-wise i3 is cheaper than other processor like i5 and i7 i3 is good for microsoft office word skype and then google chrome with multiple tabs at least i3 for AMD, AMD A4 and at least 4gb memory because for browsers like google chrome it consumes a lot Is it advisable to upgrade i3 to 8gb? i3’s memory can be upgraded depending on the applications because there are softwares that require at least 4gb but for you to save money we advise our customer to go with 4gb first in case that they’re having latency or slow laptop we can upgrade the memory what are the memory included on our i3 4gb or other? Normally, 4gb almost all laptops has 4gb memory for i3, yes How much is it to upgrade the memory? For memory, for example the laptop has 4gb and you want to make it 8gb, that’s additional 2,500 free installation They know the compatability there are ones that are not compatible yes don’t just buy you should also know the compatability ask from the store first like sir Dustin Currently, our i3 we have 6th gen 7th gen and 8th gen What are the differences between those? Intel processors has i3, i5, and i7 each of them has a generation 6th, 7th, 8th gen To understand it easily 6th gen is 2016 model 7th is 2017 model and 8th gen is 2018 exactly There are also other things what do you call them again? normally they are being called on their names but others are just based on numbers but they’re just the same 6th gen is what we call sky lake that’s just their names 7th is kaby lake then 8th gen is coffee lake but people mostly know it by numbers but in terms of performance are there differences among 6th, 7th, and 8th gen? is there a difference on performance? yes, by means of performance when upgrading generation the faster the laptop will be For example, 9th gen will be released the ghz will become higher it’s like improving improving, yes that’s also included laptop generation how much are the items here we have 6th, 7th, and 8th gen 6th gen is cheaper let’s start with 6th gen we have i3 6th gen worth 20,000 but this is already dual videocard it has dedicated one memory is 4gb it’s 20,000 and we are showing the mall price too for comparison we also have 7th gen which is 26,500 and then 8th gen which is 25,500 the price will confuse you why 8th gen is cheaper compared to the 7th gen it’s because this 7th gen has additional features that other laptops don’t have This is a touch screen and it can be rotateed like this it’s not detachable this is called convertible This is called tablet laptop that looks nice the display of this is better it’s a full HD resolution and ips display IPS means in any angle you look at the laptop the color is still the same it will not be blurry Photographers and video makers preferred IPS display to focus on the color Let me just add Is photoshop compatible with i3 yes as long as it’s light without so much filters yes light editing photoshop About the photoshop photoshop can be used with i3 don’t just add games like multitasking if there’s an open game then alt+tab doing photoshop solo one application for i3 this is good for photo editor there are light editing task like for graphic designer like CS6 graphic designers are just light if your programs are just lite there’s also adobe illustrator it’s a bit more consuming lite photoshop, lite editing light room i3 can manage as long as on program only This is our 8th gen which is the latest model it is a 2018 model it’s 15.6 inches there are different sizes of laptops we have 15.6 14 inches and 13.3 inches is there a differnce with the price? sometimes there is the larger the laptop the more expensive but other customers preferred smaller ones for portability portability is also important for online jobs so you can work anywhere about portability in case you go one place to another it’s better because it light and smaller if you’re using it like a desktop and you need numeric keypad we have 15.6 can we upgrade i3 from HDD to SDD SSD I mean there are some that can be upgraded you can add more if it’s HDD you can add SSd there are like those yes or you can just replace it change it remove the HDD then replace it with SSD or vice versa can most of them be changed? Mostly are being changed not all laptops can have an addition not all of them how much to change 1TB to SSd Do you have SSD here? We currently have none but it’s possible If a customer bought an SSD they can bring it to us and we’ll assemble it Free of charge? If it’s our laptop free of charge If bought from others, there’s a charge but not that expensive compared to others How much? Labor is just around 500 Almost all laptops here are licensed Windows 10 Beware of other laptops there are some that are not licensed or just using pirated In Laptop Station all our OS are licensed Windows 10 We have video editing jobs audio technician photo editor graphic designer What’s the best laptop for them For those customers I prefer i5 laptops Why i3 has chances to lack some performance but it’s cheaper i3 is cheaper nect level to i3 is i5 photo editors mostly i3 for photo editors If they’re not satisfied with the speed they upgrade to i5 i5 is not like i7 i7 is more expensive i5 is somewhere in the middle by means of price and performance If you don’t hace tasks that much a lot of loads heavy usage like a programmer has i5 is enough For entry level of photo editing video editing i5 is enough for entry level basic editing not so much What’s the built in memory for i5? 4gb there are i5 with 8gb memory If it’s for video editing job is it adcisable to upgrade from 4gb to 8gb same with i3 we’re letting them try 4gb first if they’re not satisfied with the speed they can upgrade to 8gb it’s not good to spend much then discovering that 4gb will do price difference of i3 and i5 mostly additional 5,000 i3 ranges from 20k to 25k i5 is from 25k to 30k there are some around 35k in case of 3d rendering we strongly suggest i5 to have dedicated does it become cheaper that way? yes, laptop is more expensive if with dedicated called dual video card if your video card has dedicated you can do games there like mid level games For gamers, i5 with dedicated video card is enough are all laptops have CD ROM if ever they want CD Not all laptops have DVD Drive like slim type laptops 13.3 inches they don’t have DVD drive also convertible We mostly have DVD drive for 14 to 15 inches ones but if your laptop is slim type there’s no DVD drive If your laptop has no DVD drive and you have a CD or you want to install you can buy portable ones it is connected via USB if you buy here we’re giving freebies like sleeve, mouse, and mouse pad if you buy from here We offer free shipping or free COD If store pick up you have freebies what’s the difference between i5 and i7 these are i7 laptops what’s the advantage of it from i5? like what I said earlier i5 is enough for photo shop and games but if you have budget and you want a higher performance we have i7 it’s more expensive that i5 and i3 but faster i7 mostly ahve dedicated video cards some of them has Mostly the memory is not just 4gb it’s 8gb if the memory is just 4gb it’s just easy to upgrade we have laptops that are easy to upgrade some has SSD SSD most of them What’s the price difference of i5 and i7 retailer’s store i7 ranges from 40k to 50k here, i7 is around 30k to 40k the price difference from i5 is 5,000 that’s from i5 to i7 what’s the difference of i5 from i7 in terms of performance i7’s ghz is higher the higher the Ghzm the faster the speed faster processing you can multitask like photo shop and video editing then online job google chrome skype more on multitasking heavy application then you can multitask you can do midgames if ever you wanted do you know autocad I have few knowledge about autocad some customers are asking about it too I’m checking it on the internet the minimum requirements it really surpass by i7 i7 can handle autocad well i7 8th gen are mostly already quad core laptop they have four core ssome memory is 4gb and some is 8gb there are also hard disks other than 1TB is 2Tb the latest ones i7 The storage capacity is higher We also have i7 that’s in SSD This is a 13.3 inch laptop This is already an i7 8th gen quad core the memory is 8gb Storage is Solid State Drive The difference of it from HDD is it’s much larger Boot up time of HDD laptop is 20 to 30 seconds if it’s in SSD it’s just 5 to 10 seconds even if your laptop is i3 or i5 in SSD that’s already fast What’s the difference of i7 display from i3 and i5 i7 are mostly fully HD resolution the higher the resolution the better the display being rendered i3 and i5 are mostly HD only if it’s in fully HD the more crisp the details are the less the pixels are i7 are mostly fully HD when doing editing it’s better if we can see the full details of what we’re editing that we see it on our screen do we have small and large laptop for i7 just like in i3 we have 13.3 inches i7 there’s 14 inches and 15.6 There are small laptops here This is 13.3 inches it’s lighter compared to 15.6 inches portability, it’s easier to carry if we have viewers who are on really tight budget what’s the cheapest laptop we can offer we can recommend celeron or pentium they’re already quad core price range as low as 10,000 what does intel celeron and pentium can do they are ideal for browsing and Youtube internet surfing and office works it’s not good for multitasking it’s not for multitasking and not advisable for games or photoshops just basic ones for students this is for them google chrome and research celeron and pentium are one of our best sellers not all people is for photoshop some are just for facebook youtube watching videos it’s enough really budget-wise 11,500 with a bit smaller screen do we have larger display for celeron and pentium it’s out of stock price ranging from 13k to 14k 4gb memory when it comes to browsing can it handle multitabs like multiple tabs in google chrome is it possible you can do so but if it lags and delays close some tabs for online jobs there are multiple tabs needed plus skype it will slow down but if you’re on a budget it still can performance will just suffer efficiency will slow down the memory is also upgradable right? yes some celeron and pentium laptops are upgradable you can upgrade the memory are you recommending to upgrade it since celeron is more on office works only and browsing we don’t recommend to upgrade the memory rather than upgrading the memory just go change the laptop you can use it as back up if I need a back up laptop if I travel this is also good since it’s just small hows the battery life the lower the processor the longer the battery life it’s consuming less unlike higher processors like gaming laptops the shorter the battery life don’t get me wrong there are i7 that really has long battery life the capacity is larger sometimes they have large battery inside the laptop are intel celeron, i3, i5 do they all have built in webcam yes all of them has webcam all laptops have webcam included but not all laptops have quality webcams like in our mobile phones I will show a sample on the screen if you need quality web cam for your laptop some are buying separate ones if we want to buy laptops from you where can we find you we have a facebook page Laptop Station PH We have units in Lazada Lazada is picking up the units here then delivers it For Lazada users, if you want BDO installment and COD that’s okay too if you want installment you xan do lazada via BDO installment go with that we also have one in shopee and ebay Philippines any of those sites no down payment required that’s what’s really nice customers might ask about a specific unit we can order but it’s the same as mall price or SRP Most laptops that we’re getting here are discounted price laptops we are also giving discounts to our repeat customers and for wholesale in case if you’re already purchased from us present your receipt On the second purchase and we’ll give 500 to 1000 discounts to repeat customers You can be a reseller if you want we have reseller we have clients from Visayas and Mindanao they’re reselling there if you want to have a business you can resell to sir they can be your supplier why should we buy here in laptop station? it’s because our prices are cheaper compared to malls or compared to other retailer stores like for i5 they normally range from 35k to 40k here at Laptop Station we have as cheap as 25k 5,000 to 10,000 price difference for shipping we offer cash on delivery free even if you’re in upper luzon or mindanao you don’t need to deposit our courier is LBC LBC will deliver it to our house then give the payment there no deposit no deposit This July 17 will be our 1st anniversary this coming anniversary we can have sale up to 2,000 or 3,000 discount we’ll post it on our page on how long and what exclusive discounted laptops do we have you can follow or like our page at Laptop Station PH for updates our new units and dsicounted offers look at the video description for the link we also have same warranty compared to other retailers we have 1 week replacement warranty and almost all laptops are for one year we have laptops with 2 years warranty what are those? We have the gaming laptops they’re for 2 years they have 1 year warranty is that for all laptops? yes in store? in store or manufacturer’s I tried that already My asus had some problems and I brought it to the service center it’s free as long as under warranty Manufacturer’s warranty about the warranty please keep the receipt some service warranty requires receipt proof of purchase receipt I once encounter a foreign without receipt they were not able to avail the warranty we have 3 types of procedure you can visit our store in Lemonsquare If you’re far from us and can’t go to our store you can send us a message or chat us we have customer service representatives that will reply or contact the number in the website the number is there In the video description No downpayment you’ll only pay the laptop once you receive it already about the shipping some customers are having a second thought of receiving damage unit no worry because we offer replacement warranty if you received a damage unit we’ll contact LBC to pick up your unit and we’ll replace it damage units are because of shipping yes mostly shipping is the reason for that if there’s damage they offer replacement [music]

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