Best Make Money Online Strategy | How To Make Sales & Money Online


Best Make Money Online Strategy | How To Make Sales & Money Online

– Are you asking yourself what really is the best strategy to start making money, to start making sales
on your business online? Well, I don’t blame you. That’s exactly what we were
looking for a few years ago when we first started our online business. What’s the best strategy
that will get me leads, that will get me sales, that will give me money in my business? Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and we’re all about helping you create time freedom and financial freedom through online business. And in this video I’m gonna
walk you through the strategy, through the step-by-step of
what you actually need to do to start earning money
in your online business. Whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, selling digital products, Amazon FBA, e-commerce, whatever it is, this is for you. So, we’re all looking for
the best strategy, right? Maybe you go through some
training, try it out, we see if there’s any results. And if we get results, cool, you do a little more of it. If not, move on to the next strategy. Sound familiar? Facebook groups, Facebook
ads, Facebook challenges, Twitter, Instagram,
Google pay-per-click ads, pay-per-view ads, blogging,
YouTube, solo ads, whatever. There’s a ton of strategies out there and we’re all looking
for the very best one. Which one is the best
for my business model? Which one works best for
health and wellness products or digital training products or whatever it is that
you’re working with? Well, the truth of the matter is, those are pretty much
all the wrong questions that you should be asking. Because here’s the deal, they all work, they are all great. Strategies either work or they don’t. There is no does it work
for me in the equation, or does it work for this type of business. They either work or they don’t, because they all get
exposure for your business. But when we don’t get the
results we want in our business, what’s the first thing we do? Our first instinct is
to blame the strategy. Oh, posting in Facebook
groups doesn’t work. Blogging doesn’t work. Instagram? No, doesn’t work. Twitter, it doesn’t work me. Whatever it is, it doesn’t work. Whatever it is, you feel like
it just doesn’t work for you and your type of business or whatever you’re doing in particular. And you move on to the next thing. Jump from training to training, from strategy to strategy, and the whole time you’re thinking that you just need to
find that magic strategy, that right strategy for
you and your business, something that actually works, right? But there’s the thing, when a strategy isn’t working out for you but it is working for other people, then the problem isn’t with the strategy. The problem is something that you’re doing or something that you’re not doing. Because all of these strategies are just ways to get
exposure for your business. They drive traffic and they
get eyes on your offer. And they all do that effectively. So if a strategy is
working for someone else, then the strategy works, period. If the strategy works for actually no one, then yeah, the strategy doesn’t work. But if it works for
some people but not you, you’re not getting clicks,
you’re not getting leads, you’re not getting sales, the problem isn’t the strategy, the problem is how you’re
marketing the offer. If your marketing is good, then every single one of those
strategies is gonna work. If your marketing is bad, then (laughs) no marketing
strategy in the world is gonna help you. You can’t take an offer
that’s not working, it’s converting at 0%, meaning no sales from Facebook, and then go onto Twitter and expect to see vastly
different results. It’s not gonna happen. If no one wants to buy your stuff when you market it on Instagram, then you’re not gonna
have much better luck when you try to market it on YouTube. So, what do I mean by marketing? Because it’s kind of vague when you say you need to fix your marketing. Well, what I’m talking about is, how are you communicating
your offer to your audience? There’s a lot involved in that. First, you need to identify who exactly your target audience is. Who is most likely to buy your product. A super common mistake that people make is thinking that their target audience should be everybody. Everybody needs this,
everybody should be using this, everybody should join this program. Here’s what happens when you
try to market to everybody, when you talk to everybody
in your marketing. You’re just gonna water
things down so much so that nobody is gonna think
that you’re talking to them when they see your offer. If you’re marketing to everybody, then you’re really marketing to nobody. You need to know who is most likely to buy
or purchase your program. How old they are, where do they live? What kind of jobs do they have? Are they married? Do they have children? How much money do they make? What are their interests? What do they like to
do in their spare time? What do they spend their
disposable income on? For us, our target audience is married couples with young children who want to build a business,
who wanna make money online. People who have white-collar jobs who don’t necessarily
need to make more money but are looking for more time freedom. People who also have an
interest in geeky stuff like us, you know, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, superhero stuff, movies, video
games, that kind of thing. So we cater our message to those people. We talk about our kids and we talk about potty training, naps, we talk about going to the water park. We talk about our favorite
movies and books of all time. And we walk about those things so that our target audience
will be able to relate to us. Now, does that also repel other people, people who can’t relate
to those sort of things? Well, yes, it does. But that’s okay. In order to attract people, guess what, you also have to repel people. If you water down your
marketing to the point where you’re just trying
to appeal to everybody, then nobody’s gonna feel like your offer is specifically for them. No one is gonna be able
to relate to your message. So you need to get specific
with who your target market is and who is most likely to buy your product or to join your program. Plus, you should know that people who are most likely to buy whatever your offer is, they’re probably already
spending their money on products similar to what your offer is. Similar to yours. Those people are the easiest folks to convince to make that purchase because they’re already
making the purchase, you just have to convince them
to buy it from you instead. So think about a company like Budweiser. They run a commercial. They’re always really big in the Super Bowl commercials, right? So, who do they target in
their Budweiser commercials about beer, drinking beer? They don’t target people
who don’t drink beer. They’re not trying to get wine drinkers to suddenly become beer drinkers or get people to take
their very first drink. No, they don’t do that at all, because that’d be horrible marketing. What they do is they target
people who already drink beer and then they just convince
them to drink their beer. Way easier. So, what else am I talking about when I see you need to fix your marketing? Well, what else is involved in marketing? Another big part of this is
how you communicate your offer. So, in addition to properly identifying your target audience, you also need to understand
what you’re really selling. Most people when they start
promoting a business online, different products and offers, they only talk about what it is. They think they’re selling protein shakes, fitness programs, training products, whatever they’re selling, and they say, “I’m selling
a weight-loss shake. “You should buy weight-loss
shakes from me.” They come from a perspective of, hey, I’m selling weight-loss shakes, you should buy these awesome
weight-loss shakes from me. And, sure enough, nobody buys anything. So what you want to do is
stop trying to sell what it is and start selling what it does. There is a huge difference in that and it’s very important
to effectively market and to make money. So you have to understand
what is the benefit of the product, the service,
the opportunity, the program, whatever it is that your offer is, what is the benefit of it? What is it gonna do for the
people that actually purchase? What kind of results can it offer them? That is what people are
gonna spend money on. We call it selling the cure. You don’t sell the
drug, you sell the cure. So you don’t sell what it
is, you sell what it does. Think just about Tylenol. When you see a Tylenol commercial, they don’t just say, “Come get acetaminophen
in 500-milligram tablets “at Walgreens, buy now,” and give you the chemical
compound of what it is or something like that. “Red shiny pills.” No, they don’t do that. That would be selling what it is. Now, instead, they sell what it does. It’s gonna reduce pain, it’s
gonna bring down fevers. When you see a commercial
for Tylenol, what is it? It’s a kid who can’t
sleep, they’ve got a fever. Mom comes in with the little
measuring spoon of Tylenol. Boom, the kid goes sound asleep. They’re selling the cure. Someone’s sitting at their desk just rubbing their head for their headache and they take a Tylenol and boom, they’re productive and they’re
back into the workplace. They’re selling the cure. They’re selling exactly what it does, not the drug itself. Now, think about it, nobody wants braces. Who wants bars on their teeth that kinda hurt and get in the way? You gotta take care of them
and they’re all this work. Who actually wants braces? Nobody, right? (laughs) Regular people don’t, at least. What they really want is straight teeth. They’re willing to buy the braces and to deal with the pain
and the discomfort of it all to get straight teeth. Nobody wants to buy a weight-loss shake but they do want to lose 10
pounds over the next few weeks, and they’d be willing to
buy your weight-loss shake if you could show them that
it can do that for them. So you really need to know what it is that you’re actually selling. You’re not selling the product, you’re selling the benefit of the product. And that is what you need to
communicate to your prospects. You’re not selling energy drinks, you’re selling the ability to keep up with your
grandkids all day long. You’re not selling long-lasting lipstick, you’re selling the ability to kiss your husband on date night without having him have to
wipe off his mouth afterwards. You’re not selling a
make-money opportunity, you’re selling the
opportunity to quit your job. You’re selling the ability to move into the house
you’ve always dreamed of. You’re selling the ability
to give your kids your time and the childhood that
they really deserve. That’s what you’re actually selling. Now, if you understand those two things, truly knowing and speaking to
who your target audience is and then selling what it
does and not what it is, no matter what strategies that you choose to focus
on in your business, those two things are actually
what’s gonna make you sales, make you money in your business. Is there more to it? Absolutely. But what you need to start
doing to start making sales are those two things. Then, once you get started, how do you go from just
making a few sales, starting to make money, to improving upon those
results and getting better, to making real full-time income? Well, you always have to
work on getting better and improving your skills. Now, while we have a
million-dollar business, we’ve never had a million-dollar idea. What we have is a
million-dollar work ethic, and with that work ethic, we worked hard. We’ve improved upon each of
the skills that we needed to get really good so that we have landing pages
that convert at 70 or 80%, because when we first started we had really crappy landing pages that converted very poorly. But we never gave up. We started with something, we improved our skill and
we started testing things to get better and better
and better results. Now, we have used Facebook ads to very effectively make a lot of money, and the only reason we
were able to do that is because we started with an ad that got our ads account shut
down on day one. (laughs) But we never gave up from there and we knew we had to improve our skills, learn some things, and keep testing and
working and getting better. We have funnels that produce
automated sales for us every day because we started with having
to do everything manually. How we had to figure everything out, how it all worked, calling every single lead, making thousands and
thousands of phone calls. And then we learned the process and we kept getting better from there, building upon our skills and
improving what we were doing, and we never gave up until we were able to
fully automate the process. Now, to create a
successful online business that brings you time freedom
and financial freedom for you and your family, it doesn’t just come down to
what buttons you need to push, what exact strategy you need to implement. It comes down to
understanding and embracing these core principles and committing to mastering your trade. When you do that, you will create the
business and the lifestyle that you could’ve never dreamed of. I mean, come on, I went to school as a registered nurse. That’s what I was coming out of college. Todd was a music teacher. We had no idea, this kind
of money was unheard of, our minds couldn’t even
wrap our heads around it. But it’s possible because of this. This is how we did it, guys. It’s so worth it. You are worth it, your family is worth it. Now, to learn more about
how to get started, how to make your very
first earnings online and then to go to your very
first six figures and beyond, you need to click the link
at the top of the description so you can get some training that’s gonna lay it all out for you. Now, please know that we
are here rooting for you. We’re all about helping
you create time freedom for you and your family. So, if this is your first
time here, guess what? You gotta subscribe so that
we can help you with that. And then say hi in the comments so we can welcome you in the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from Head over to this video
floating right up here, and I’ll see you soon.

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