Best Online Business To Start In 2018 For Beginners


Best Online Business To Start In 2018 For Beginners

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be giving you my top online business ideas for beginners
because I know there’s so many of you out there there’s wanna make some money
online and start your brand new online businesses but you’re not really sure
what online business model you want to go for so I’m gonna give you like my top
two and my top three online business ideas that you could start pretty much
today if you wanted to before you get into that though guys if your brain into
the channel and it’s the first time you’re checking out one of my videos and
I encourage you right now to please subscribe to the channel for brand new
videos just like this one every single day and with that being said uh guys I’m
not gonna waste any more time I’m just gonna start this video off alright guys
so like I said starting this video off at number one my first online business
idea for beginners is gonna be starting with eBay eBay is a great way to start
for beginners because there’s so many things that you can do on it if you guys
just need some quick cash or just looking to make just a few bucks online
a great we had actually it started on eBay just selling some of your old
things guys I know all of us have way too much stuff way too much junk way too
much crap that we don’t even use anymore a great way to get rid of that stuff and
also make some money doing it just a sell on eBay guys making a brand new
eBay account and starting to sell things on it is completely free and it does not
take that much time at all guys and it’s better and it’s way better to actually
make some money on your drunk than to just throw it away yet and the great
thing about eBay as well is you can pretty much sell anything whether it’s
your old books your old college textbooks you know it’s maybe some old
headphones you only use anymore it’s on an old laptop it can be really whatever
you guys want that’s just a great way to make some quick cash but if you guys
don’t have any of your own stuff to sell you don’t want to deal with any of your
old stuff you want to keep everything you have you can also use eBay to
actually dropship products to customers we don’t know what drop shipping is I
have an entire another video on it because it gets a huge topic
what should essentially be doing on eBay is listing item listing products and
then once somebody purchases them you be drop shipping them straight from your
supplier or you know the manufacturer paid to the customer know what you’re
gonna be doing is collecting the profit off it so guys I don’t have time to go
into drop shipping that much in this video definitely check out that one if
you’re interested but drop shipping is another great way you can make some
quick money on eBay and pretty much just scale it up into an
entire online business model there are people with out online eBay dropshipping
stories that are clearing millions of dollars a year
I definitely people killing it with all these methods but you
just one of them is just an idea guys I’m gonna explain all these ideas kind
of quickly cuz on with this video to run too long if you guys want any more
detailed information on a specific topic feel free to drop a comment i’ll answer
how to talk about it and maybe I’ll even make a whole nother video this one that
one business model if you guys want with that being slow guys I’m gonna move on
to the second online business model alright guys so the second online
business model I recommend you guys start is gonna be Shopify drop shipping
so I talked about eBay dropshipping a little bit this one’s gonna be different
though cuz it’s gonna be on Shopify where you’re gonna own your website
you’re gonna own all your on traffic and it’s gonna be on pretty much your own
business whereas on ebay you’re kind of leveraging eBay as platform for their
customers when you’re using shop try you’re gonna be having your own website
your own customers you’re entirely owned a business again guys drop shipping is
pretty much selling products Shay from a manufacturer what she’d be doing on your
shop fine job shipping stories you have your own website and you fill with a ton
of products in this specific niche let’s just say for example guys you sell like
bracelets your entire Shopify store is dedicated to bracelets but so say your
customers come over to your website and they purchase like a ten dollar leather
bracelet which you would go ahead and do is you do over to your supplier and they
need order that leather bracelet at cost and you’d have them ship it straight to
your customer you never gonna get the product and I got a ship it to you never
gonna touch it your drop shipping it straight to the customer and that’s a
very quick definition of what drop shipping is I mean I can go into a lot
more detail in another video but to keep this video short that’s pretty much
exactly what it is guys I recommend chopped fine job shipping because guys
it’s again a pretty great one for beginners it has a pretty low startup
cost I think I which actually drop shipping if you drop shipping some cheap
bracelets some phone cases some stuff like that it definitely is a very low
startup cost and the only thing you’re really paying for after that is the
Shopify 30 like monthly membership which isn’t
that bad at all guys with that being said Shopify and drop shipping is
definitely another business model I definitely recommend you guys check out
there’s a ton of free information on YouTube and Google on drop shipping in
shop trying how to make it successful and how to make a lot of money using it
I definitely go ahead and check those out if you want with that being said
guys I’m gonna run to the next one the last online business model I recommend
that you guys check out which is a course gonna be affiliate marketing if
you guys know me and what I do then you know I’m gonna flip marketer and inflate
marketing is the online business model that I use personally to make all my
money online we’re not on money online but like a good majority of it comes
from I flow your marketing business for those of you never heard our affiliate
marketing before where you’re gonna be doing inner flame
marketing you’re essentially gonna be selling other people’s products and in
exchange whenever you make a sale you’ll earn a commission or a percentage of
that sale also say for example guys you go ahead and you sell somebody else’s
3-month diet program for them they sell looks like five people and the product
the program itself costs about a hundred dollars and the person who made it they
say hey you came if you want to be inflamed marketer and you’re not
affiliate for my product I’ll give you fifty percent of all the sales that you
make pretty much saying is a 100 dollar program you go ahead and sell it to
somebody else I’ll give you 50 dollars for helping him
make that sale that’s essentially where being an affiliate marketer is a gun guy
affiliate marketing is another huge topic that’s why my entire channel is
dedicated to it I have a ton of videos covering flight marketing how to get
started for free how to get started with a pretty much no budget and then how to
grow and build an affiliate marketing business go ahead and check out some of
the other videos I have on affiliate marketing that’s the third and last
business model essentially what its gonna be doing guys again affiliate
marketing is great because you can get started but pretty much no money at all
with pretty much zero dollars in your bank account you can start affiliate
marketing so again guys the same thing as with eBay and Shopify as a very low
startup cost it can definitely be a little big inner friendly if you get
lucky like a guys with all these business models they’re not just gonna
make money for you you definitely have to put in the work the effort in the
time actually learn them and actually be able to implement them and actually
start and create a successful business looking guys not all of these are gonna
be successful you have to pick one up I’m gonna fit your needs and forget
exactly what you want to do online pick something you’re actually gonna enjoy
guys don’t just do shop fine drop shipping because you see everybody else
doing it it’s not the business model for you then it just isn’t
pick one they were definitely gonna enjoy for me guys of course you know
it’s I enjoy your marketing that’s the business model that I run with but for
you if it’s like eBay dropshipping or to say it’s like something with Amazon
you’re more than free to join stead because of course guys wishing your
online business you are the owner of it you’re the creator of everything so guys
it’s completely in your hands to do with what you want and with that being
southern guys i pretty much wraps up this video I know it was a quick one if
you guys have any more questions or money go into any more detail on any of
these topics that I covered in the video any of these online business models feel
free to drop a comment and I will more than happily do that with that being
said you guys if you enjoy the video definitely drop a like and guys if you
really enjoyed definitely make sure you subscribe to the channel for brand new
videos just like this one every single and with all that stuff out of the way
guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one and I am out peace

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