Best Online Home Based Business To Start In 2019 For Beginners


Best Online Home Based Business To Start In 2019 For Beginners

What’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you the best online home based business
to start in 2019 for beginners. To find out all the details all you have to do
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upload in your video alright so before we get started here make sure you watch
the whole video because I’m gonna drop in some cold valuable information for
you here today so make sure you stick till the end so you don’t miss out on
any important information there and if you’re interested in actually work and
make a full time passive income online with this get started with your real
sustainable online home based business I do have my number one recommendation
right here below that I do recommend that you check out right after we have
finished this video here okay so first off what you’re going to learn here when
we’re finished with a video you will know how to start your own online
business you don’t need any previous experience to get started with this I’m
going to show you where to find offers to promote how to find offers and
actually also I’m gonna share with you a few methods on how to promote these
offers there so with the method and the online business that you can get started
with which I consider and many others actually that has started with this is
affiliate marketing so why well let’s have a look at it a few benefits are
that there is low to zero startup cost with this compared to an offline
business for example you don’t need to deal with shipping you don’t have to
create the product no matter if it is a digital or hardware
actually this becomes passive because it can work for you 24 hours without you
having to sit in an office or something like that and best of all with a method
I’m going to share with you here is that you are going to build an online asset
which is an email list alright let’s have a closer look at the details here
on how we can actually go ahead and get started with it so I’m going to draw a
little bit here you can see here I already distorted we need to have
traffic I’m going to share with you everything here this is where we need to
have an opt-in page I’m going to explain to you everything here and here they
will see the affiliate offer now I actually prefer this route because this
is how you build your email list instead of sending your traffic straight to the
offer here ok so I prefer to do this and that is what I’m going to actually show
you a little bit on how it works here but first affiliate marketing you get a
commission for just having your link there and one some approaches through
that link you will make a commission really simple and straightforward so
just to give you a quick idea this is my site here I have a resource page so if
you come here for example and you purchase let’s say that you grab
clickmagick for example through my link here you go to the site you signup I
will make a Commission’s of that fair enough ok so this could be actually one
way to drive traffic via your own blog I don’t know you and your skill astir I’m
going to show you a few more methods actually later on here so let’s get back
to this one ok we need to have some kind of an
opt-in page and this is my opt-in page if you do subscribe and you get you want
to see my number one recommendation so basically you are going to give
something away for free in exchange for the email address it can be a video case
study like I have here on how I got started
and made 420 dollars in less than 24 hours or it can be a free report or
something that is related to your niche and something that people would really
like to have there and when they opt-in they do that with an via an
autoresponder that you need of course when they do that they able to see the
affiliate offer or if you have your own products or but I’m going to assume that
you are a beginner here and you are starting with the affiliate marketing so
then you will redirect them to the affiliate offer now what is cool with
this method is that they will opt-in to your list and you are going to create
something called a follow-up sequence I’m sorry for low up sequence so these
are emails which means that instead of sending them straight to the offer here
and we miss that one shot that we have we are now sending people through the
opt-in page right here okay so this means that we have many chances again to
actually promote and make a commission there so follow-up sequence could be
something like this here you can see this is my follow-up sequence it should
be a mix and combination of valuable content and of course the promotion
there also alright so let’s move on a little bit here now the next thing would
be that they say the offer of course so how do we find offers well if we go
actually to the probably most popular sites Affiliate Network site for digital
products would be a Clickbank where they have thousands of products that you can
promote it totally depends on what niche you’re involved in one of the most
popular niches is the make money online health and fitness but there is some
other cool niche you see that you can get in
all of them self-help for example so let’s say for example that we want to
actually promote affiliate offers for health and fitness you can see here what
we need to do is sort it by popularity gravity is something which is
clickbank’s own matrix is pretty similar actually to the popularity so look at
this this are for example high key diabetes remedy number one mega offer
for 2019 and you make thirty two dollars and
sixty cents every time someone purchase this flat belly fix has been very
popular for a long time you can make forty dollars here and it goes on so
just go to clickbank start to search for products here and you will find
something to promote another very popular network I did a separate video
actually on this I’m going to leave you a link right here below in the
description also you can have a closer look at the details but it is Amazon
Amazon have millions of products to promote and so all the niches don’t no
matter what you’re involved in you can definitely find something to promote
what I also like about Amazon is that they do have a 24 hour cookie so you
might promote a camera someone clicks watches the camera but purchasing razor
blades for example and you will make a commission of that too so that is really
cool and nice there by having a quick look this was something I showed in that
video where I go into detail the camera which is very popular what you can do is
you can actually make a video this is one way that you can drive traffic
actually to your offers so I had a look at it and you can see here that number
one video for doing a review is three hundred and seventy four thousand views
so I hope you get the idea here on the power of YouTube for example and how you
can make money with this I would still you can see that this is an affair
our still actually do instead of sending them straight to Amazon I would still
try to find free guide on let’s say for example 10 tips when you install your
camera or something like that 10 tips to be aware of when you purchase a camera
or something like that and then they will see that affiliates offer after
they have opted in another way could be actually to use Facebook which is a free
method here by going to I’m gonna give you example 4 make money online
opportunities and buzz just go in here you can see that there is tons of people
that are promoting products every single day now be smart don’t just go with your
affiliate link here because Facebook might not like it but write a good
compelling copy right here and at the end just say PME for more info or just
type more info below here and then send them a private message I think it’s
better and much more interesting way actually to make money with it or let’s
say instead of interesting probably more converting way because people often
really interested in actually buying that product and when you do a review
for example in YouTube I mean people are actually searching for this kind of
keywords that you see here ok so this is what I shared regarding the free traffic
now there is of course more traffic sources you can actually go for let’s
say that we go for PPC which stands for pay-per-click and you can do this with
video ads for example on YouTube Google ads on Google Bing ads is another
Facebook ads of course also but it is a paid traffic so you need actually to
learn all the ins and outs about that but this could be a definitely a great
way to get started for free with YouTube videos I share there and also of course
the Facebook group star so that is a great way to
actually start your own home-based business your own line home-based
business and as I said in the beginning I do prefer affiliate marketing you
don’t need to hassle with shipping they’re very low cost I mean here you’re
actually more or less need to have an autoresponder squeeze page and you can
get started straightaway I do recommend that you have actually go and sign up
for a weber there is a free versions of autoresponders also but I still
recommend you to get started with Aweber because this is number one in my opinion
actually I tested this I’ve been a solo ad vendor also I tested all the
autoresponders Aweber is my number one way go to autoresponder they’re all
right there you have it on how you can get started with your online home based
business to find out more about this to learn the ins and outs on how you can
make a full time passive income online with affiliate marketing all you have to
do is actually check out my number one recommendation right here below this
video if you got some value here make sure to smash that like button below I
really appreciate it and it helps a lot make sure you subscribe to both my
youtube channels that you see here at the end screen make sure you also hit
the notification bell so you can be notified every time I upload a new video
and you also find another make money online video recommendation there that’s
it for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon

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