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Best Online Schools

Hi, it’s Tom Antion for the Internet Marketing
Training Center of Virginia. I know you’re here looking for the best online
schools. Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m a person that
stands behind what I do. I know people hate it when they see the big
ivory towers and people are saying that, “Well we stand behind our product.” But who’s the ‘we’? You don’t know who the ‘we’ is. Well, I’m a person that’s identifiable as
one of the top Internet marketing experts in the country and it took me three years
to get the school that I’m going to tell you about right now licensed by the State of Virginia,
bonded and to set us apart from all the Internet marketing scams out there. I’ve been teaching this for 13 straight years
and made a full time living on the Internet since it started in 1994. So, this is one of the best online scores
you could ever take. Also our curriculum, one of the things that
makes us the best is our curriculum is updated at the most weekly and sometimes even daily. A lot of the Internet marketing training out
there is old stuff that could get your websites banned, could keep you low in the rankings
because they don’t update it regularly. We stay right on the cutting edge of what’s
working on the Internet. We don’t go on the bleeding edge because that
would cost you too much money and use a lot of untested techniques. We test things out before we teach them to
you so that you can, number one, either use them for your own legitimate home business,
you can work for a company on their websites in their Email marketing and their eCommerce,
or you can be a consultant to small businesses on Internet marketing and they woefully need
it. These kind of jobs aren’t being outsourced
either. Marketing jobs are staying right here. So, if you’d like to check us out, do yourself
a favor, go over to where you can get a career guide to see all the types
of things we do and see a lot of success stories of other people just like you who are doing
it. I’m Tom Antion, the founder, and I’ll
see you over there.

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