Best Strategies for Growing an Audience Online | VidSummit 2018 Keynote


Best Strategies for Growing an Audience Online | VidSummit 2018 Keynote

(upbeat music) – [Gary V] You’ve got your perspective (cheering) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (urban music) People or businesses subsidize our ability to be a creator, it comes in many forms. It comes with, and I
think we all know this, you know, a soda reaches
out to you and wants to give you five thousand
bucks, and you take a photo. Very easy to understand,
the part where a lot of people don’t understand
is, a lot of people make money on pre-roll ads,
that’s coming from a brand, it’s getting advertised
out, but all those nickels and dimes that add up
to real money if you’re at scale in this room, that
also comes from a brand. Vendors merchandise, right,
you said something funny, 50 people left a comment
that it was funny, you’re like wait a minute,
you make a t-shirt, and you sell 39 of
them, people this is all happening, how many people here are under the age of 34, raise your hands. Raise it high, great. Who’s over 40? Yeah, old fuckers, what up? (cheering) So kids, let me tell you
what the old fuckers. (laughter) Let me tell you where I
wanna go with this talk. Let me tell you what the old fuckers, one more time, 40 and over, raise em up. We really only, we have on very important advantage, and the many
advantages that the under 34 crowd have, and I apologize
to everybody 35 to 39, I know you feel weird right now. (laughter) But you’re out, the
advantage, the core advantage because so many under
34 have the advantages of growing up with it, it comes native, there’s many advantages you have, but there is one massive
advantage everybody in this room 40 and older
has that I wanna focus on right now, because I
want everyone in this room to get value out of this
talk, and I’m not sure if there’s anything else
I can say better than what I’m about to say, and I really
need you to understand it. The big advantage that everybody in here, like myself that’s over
40 has is we’ve lived through an economic
meltdown, we’ve lived through everything, yeah, I mean,
there was one in oh one, and in oh seven, so we
got two quick and then if you’re older enough you’ve got oh two, you know, 79 that was the worst, like Jimmy Carter fucked it up guys. And so we’ve lived through
it, thus we anticipate it in a different way
that if you’re under 32, you can’t, because if you’ve only lived life professionally in
an environment where the economy has been flourishing, you don’t realize what happens. Which is literally tomorrow
morning you can wake up and we can have a
Bear Stearns, some sort of event that completely
starts the collapse of the economy, and all of a sudden, the DM’s from the Detox Tea or from Pepsi, or Coach stop, and if your
entire money is coming from your audience that
buys 20, let me tell you what stops when the economy collapses, people don’t just wanna
buy a 22 dollar t-shirt that has a funny saying on it. Big brands don’t wanna pour money because they don’t have it into the market. And so where I’m really going with this is a couple things, context is what drives a lot of success, when
you read all your comments for all your content,
you get context from your audience, and it helps
you think about the next place you can go with your story telling, instead of you just being
creative, and guessing. But you have to put in the
work to read the comments. Context and understanding what’s happening right now in the global
economy, this is all growing, but it’s growing
during a time of frothy, massive economic growth,
so if you’re sitting here and your strategy is I’m
gonna get off my job, and I’m gonna get into
this, or I’m now making 80k a year doing this,
but I’m about to go to a half a million, you
have to contextualize the moment we’re in, I tell entrepreneurs all the time, and I don’t wanna razz here, but I want everybody to
wrap their head around it. If you’re not crushing it right now as an entrepreneur, you suck. (laughter) This is the easiest
era ever to be winning, and you have to contextualize that. So couple things, you
might just start now, and you’re only three months
in, you didn’t have time to crush it, but fuck
if you’ve been trying to do it as an entrepreneur
for the last five and a half years and it’s not clicking, you need to work for somebody. You need to wrap your head around that. (applause) You do, and there’s there’s
nothing wrong with that. Take it as some of the
wealthiest friends I have, were employee number 27 at Facebook. Employee number 27 at
Facebook has more money than every fucker in this room combined. So there’s nothing wrong
with working for somebody, in fact, one of the great
things about something like this, listen, I’ll
tell you what you should be doing here, as I look around the room, see faces that I know
that are familiar to me, and things of that nature,
you know, you should be shaking every hand
in this room, do not do the cliche silly thing
that everybody does, which is there’s four to seven people, or 20 people that have
a million followers, or big this or that, and
everybody chases them, literally the person sitting to the left and right of you has a
disproportionate chance of having an impact on
your career that you’re not thinking about, and
everybody comes to these kind of conferences and
chases the seven same people, meanwhile so
much of the magic of four years from now, is
sitting right next to you. So if I can encourage
anything for the rest of this event is, and
listen not everyone’s an extrovert, a lot of
people here are like, ah how do I say hello, I get that. But A, if you’re lucky
enough to be comfortable in rolling up on people
and just saying hello, take full advantage of
that, because like-minded individuals in the same place
at the same time matter. So much of my success
was spending time with the Zucksins, and Travis,
and all that stuff, it was all happening at the same time. Travis was unemployed,
and not doing anything before he started Uber, and
he was at every conference. It’s very, very important
that you realize that… I always love when rappers
are like, you could have been anywhere tonight
and you chose to be here. I always laugh at that because obviously it’s a Jay Z entertainment
statement, but for me it’s a business statement,
the fact of the matter is you could have been anywhere right now. You’re in this hotel at
this event, for a specific reason, that means it’s
highly likely that many people here can help
each other even though it’s not obvious based
on let’s do a collab, like guys is somebody
has six million fucking subscribers of course she
and he knows all of you wanna collab with them, the answer’s no. (laughter) To me, it goes back to
the opening line here, you wanna know what most
people’s vulnerability is, I, the reason I always win every time I answer something else,
is what can I do for you? And not the person that have 11 million, the person right next
to me, because karma, and doing the right thing, and kindness, and being a fucking human,
always wins in the end, always. (applause) It does, because what you
don’t know is the person next to you might have 48 subscribers, but his aunt runs shit, and everybody here is jockeying, and
overthinking, and politicing in their head all from a selfish place. And all the magic is sitting
in the doing the right thing, saying hello, being
patient, but most of all, the thing that will speed
you up, and the thing that you want to accomplish no question, is you’ve got to become
religious about your audience. Like you have to become
religious about your audience. Guys, honestly, straight
up, if you’re sitting in the crowd right now,
it’s unacceptable for you not to reply to the comments
you get on your content. I don’t know how to, like
honestly, like fuck it. I’m just gonna go that literal with it. I don’t like to do definitive things, because that’s just not how life is, but I’m comfortable going there. It is actually fundamentally grossly negligent, and unacceptable
for you to be in a place where you do not reply with a thank you, or a heart or a meaningful you read it, and you meaningfully wrote something back, to every single comment you have right now in whatever limited that
is, because those seven people are disproportionately
the reason you’re gonna get 17, and yet
you’re so worried about getting the next ten that
don’t know you, you’re giving no fucking love
to the seven that decided to watch your horse shit. (laughter) It’s called audacity, the number one thing that I see in the creator space, the number one thing is audacity. I don’t think anything I’ve accomplished up until today, means
anything, all the good key notes I’ve gave, as
soon as I was sitting back there, I’m like I
have to fucking destroy this, because if I don’t
then this is the beginning of the end, you’re only as
good as your last at bat. And I’m very thankful,
and I’m aware, I’m not delusion that I have something to say, and it resonates and it
works, but it doesn’t mean that I ever take it for granted, and I also know how I
got here, and I got here, and the number one
thing that I love about, I realized something
nine months ago or so, I was like shit now I
know why this is working, I only give advice that I did. I only give advice that
I did, I don’t guess. You know how things happen
for me and for other people that I see, but
specifically for me, I can speak for me, I reply
to every fucking person. And that meant something,
I created context. A very different thing
happens when somebody watches some of your
shit, leaves a comment, and you roll in and say thank you. The depth of that relationship
goes much further. And you know so, listen,
I just think that people in here are audacious,
like who the fuck are you to not take 17 minutes
when you have nine fucking watchers to say thank
you, and who you are, and again I don’t know
everybody’s individual thing, but the collective
entire space forget about this conference,
the creator community of influencers and creators and vloggers on Instagram, like when
I look, and I spend, by the way just so you know what I do with my time at this point, I basically read comments still to this day, less, I read mine, but I spend an enormous amount of time if somebody hits my radar, reading the comments,
like Tanner or Shonduras, this is my favorite one,
I didn’t even listen to my first Nicki Minaj
song until I read almost 20 thousand comments about
her from her community. I like understanding the
world through other people’s in comments, and feedback on that thing. I don’t watch Breaking
Bad, I just know how you collectively feel about it, right? I don’t know, I don’t
watch anything actually, I just, bless you, I just… (laughter) I just know what the collective conscious of the end user is, and
that’s how I think about it. And so we’re living such
a, we’re just so fortunate. It’s just so crazy to me,
you know what I really wish? I wish your
great-great-grandparent could come out of the ground and
punch you in the face. (laughter) I’ll tell you why I want
your great-great-grandparent to come out of the
ground, we are complaining about the dumbest shit on earth. People, like we are so
blessed, there is so much abundance, like if you’re in this room, and listen I’m very
aware of what’s going on in society, and like I’m very happy about all the great things
going on around racism, and sexism to build up
to the consciousness, but like taking a macro 7.7 billion people in the world point of view on this, taking it from somebody who sits on boards where you know millions
of people in Africa don’t have clean water, like literally the fucking shit on your table right there people walk four miles for, will fucking, like take real perspective,
if you’re in this room, and you complain about
anything, you should probably get punched in the face. (laughter) Like seriously, good news,
let me save everybody a lot of time, everybody’s got problems, so they don’t have time for yours. Like that’s just true
life, it doesn’t feel nice when I put out content
of like nobody gives a fuck, I get a million emails and I have to respond to them, like
yes I know your mom cares, but what I mean in the macro,
is the second you realize that people don’t it allows
you to take on accountability, and I guess that’s really
where I wanna go with this. Which is the reason I want
your great-great-grandparents to get out of the ground
and punch you in the face is first, we have the
internet, I know it’s kind of like macro, but
the fact that you can even build your personal brand or whatever you’re trying to do
while you’re still paying your bills or your loans because you can do it at night, is something
that our grandparents didn’t have the option to do. Like if you had hopes and dreams in 1964, but you still had to
put bread on the table, guess what, when you got homme at 6:30 you couldn’t build something on a thing called the internet, you were just stuck. So like to not quantify that bliss already upsets me, so the reason events like this gets me fired up, is like people are complaining about
not having a thousand subscribers, or my
favorite, when they blame the audience itself,
my favorite people here are the ones who are
like, people don’t get me yet, I’m too over the top for them, I’m too futuristic,
people don’t understand me yet, they understand
you, they think you suck. (laughter) Like, I love that shit,
Gary I’m coming from a totally different angle,
no you’re not Angel, you actually just suck,
people wanna PR themselves to not address their insecurities, to me the market is right,
if you’re not winning right now, it means you’re losing. It means the market
doesn’t like what you’re putting out, now you
have a question to ask yourself, are you gonna do
something that you think the market’s gonna like
because you want that short term, but it’s
not your authentic self, or are you gonna stay
the course of what you do and see how it plays out? For me the second one’s
clearly amazing, here’s why. My big problem right now with this space, is that everybody’s
trying to make a million dollars a year, I’m trying to get people to understand that if
you’re making 53 thousand a year, or 92, or
whatever you may be doing something you hate, wouldn’t
it be awesome if you could make the same
exact number just making videos about Star Trek or
fucking supreme clothes, or like making yogurt, right? Like to me what has
really bothered me about this space is I don’t think people realize the long tail of this
space is the special thing of the whole game, to me the person here who’s making 114 thousand
a year, doesn’t like it, super passionate about
street wear, and she or he is trying to make their content online, I’m always trying to convince them like, yo you’re making 114 can
you look at what you’re spending, can you live
a little more humbly so actually you really
only need 82 because if you only need 82, you could get faster to getting happy, and
once you get on the game to making 82 in ads and brand deals, you’ll get to 114 in a
second because now you’ll get a full time energy and it’ll open up. We have a very big problem
that we’re creating infrastructure costs around ourselves. There’s a lot of people
here who are like hiring post production people, and a PR person, and fucking building out a team, and they’ve got no money coming in. To look the part, people trying to front in front of people they don’t even like. Yeah, Mmm is right,
people trying to front, you’re trying to prove
something to somebody that you don’t even respect or like. And so look, what has worked for me, and I what I wanna push you is one thing, have one religion, the
audience, the audience will put you on, because when you actually have an audience another thing happens, there’s a lot of people
here who are at the mercy of the platform because
they actually haven’t built a relationship with the audience. There’s a reason, and
I’m a historian because I’m old, of watching
people that weren’t able to go from MySpace to Twitter,
weren’t able to go from Twitter to Facebook or to
Instagram or to Snapchat or to Musicly or to the next thing. They die when the platform kills them algorithmically or they die
when the platform itself dies. Because they didn’t build an audience, they didn’t build a
brand, they built sales. They just had them, they
were good, they were early, they were at first, they were funny, they looked pretty, there
was a million reasons why they got it, but it wasn’t an actual relationship, so when we all go to VR, or AR, or when two girls in Tennessee make the next Vine or Snapchat or Instagram that we all have to pay
attention to in 24 months, the audience doesn’t come
along because there’s no relationship because it’s subscribers, and it’s laziness of not unsubscribing, you don’t have an actual audience. And this why I just don’t
understand how people… It was one thing when it
was Friendster and MySpace and Twitter in 2006
because we hadn’t lived through it yet, and a lot
of people made mistakes, and I understood it because they didn’t have a map to look at, but now we’re here. Like you saw what
happened to Tila Tequila, and Dane Cook, and not
that, by the way I have no idea what’s happening with either of them, but what I know is, meaning good or bad, I don’t know, but what
I do know is they were, like if you’re 42, 43 like
me, how many people here lived on, played on
MySpace, raise your hand. Good, they were fucking dominating. And so for me this goes
down to purity that I don’t think the industry, people
are doing fucking… People spend more time trying to be part of engagement groups on
Instagram than actually replying to the people
that post on their… Like people buy fans, and
buy up and try to spend all their time collaborating
with Casey when he’s not gonna do it with, it’s
just completely fucked up. People are confused, don’t be confused. Because a couple things are
definitely gonna happen. We’ve had 12 years of economic growth, shit’s gonna hit the
fan, and you know who’s gonna win, a very small
percentage that actually has an audience, and that
might mean you can make 47 thousand a year because
you live a 47 thousand a year life, like I would
assume that a lot of people here would do what they
do for a lot less money because it’s more fun
than working for somebody. And so don’t get over
leveraged just because for the people in here that
are feeling some success, you don’t need a house with
nine rooms that you don’t use. I think what you can see
is I’m trying to bring a lot more practicality to this space because we need it,
but it starts and stops with the audience, for
all of you that know somebody that knows me,
and the narrative like, yeah he’s actually nice,
or he’s actually like that. It’s because it’s important,
it’s the only asset. The only asset is the
attention of the end consumer. Because with that not even the
platform has leverage on you. And so now the question becomes
what do you do with that? For example, I think everybody
here for the most part’s next video or piece of
content should be asking it’s audience, whatever size
it is, of what that person can be doing for that
audience, that has always worked for me, the tweet that
gets me into a lot of trouble when I say what can I do
for you, and I have to buy like cheeseburgers and
iPhones, which I love doing because it’s funny and it’s funny content, but it’s far bigger than that, the reason I do that is I get at this
point thousands and thousands of comments that give me
insights to what am I currently not delivering that I used
to deliver or that I can’t see, or that somebody else is delivering, and people want my
version of it, this game’s about listening, take it
from somebody that talks a lot, and interrupts all the time, it is my listening that has
allowed me the privilege of standing up here,
and giving this keynote. And I would highly recommend
people start deploying a lot more humility instead of posturing, because it will work, and so this is tried and true shit, it’s a very special time, I think I wanted to create the framework of the three or four things
that make sense to me. Because I feel like in our
Q and A right now we can get very tactical, I’m gonna open this up in a minute, and this
is where you’re like, how do I post on my
Instagram to my LinkedIn, this I think is, Q and A
is made to go very selfish, and very, very practical, I’m
happy to answer any of that. But the framework of
actually giving a shit about the end audience is something
that is just missing, and is the glaring hole in so
many people’s game, thank you. (cheering) Thank you, thank you. Everybody stay in their seats,
we’re gonna come to you. How many runners do we have,
amazing, who are the runners? Okay, go ahead, great,
so let’s raise your hand, and runners are gonna come. – [Man] We’ve got some questions. – Okay, and we’ll go second
right here with you sir. – [Man] Thanks, hey Gary thank you so much for your leadership, for me you’ve given the American male something
more to live up to. Husband, father, business
man, thank you for that. – [Gary] Thank you bro. – My question for you is
I serve the service based industry, Chiropractors, lawyers, fitness professionals, business
coaches, and I wanna better communicate to
them the value of video content to drive people into their stores for appointments, what would your advice be to that audience to
better generate awareness that leads to appointments? – [Gary V] Well I think
you just have to feed them examples, and then
if you don’t have those examples you need to create them, even if you have to create them for free, I mean VaynerMedia was
built, nobody built… When I started Vayner,
no corporation wanted to buy social media, like I would go pitch Facebook, AJ and I would
go pitch to like Pepsi, and executives would be
like is that that thing my daughter’s on, like you couldn’t even have a conversation, so a
lot of our earlier clients, we basically just did it
for free, or for nothing. Like I was in a place in my life where working all those hours
for a thousand bucks a month was laughable, but
I knew that if I wanted to win something meaningful,
that I had to eat shit for a decade to get there, and so for you, A, you’re pretty lucky because guess what, there’s a ton of examples
of dentists, and car, and like, I mean I get
the emails, concrete, you know, providers,
landscapers who are making content who built their business. It’s your, like your
job’s easy if you just change your perspective,
all you have to do is showcase the people that actually lived the success and feed it
down the throat of… Like find four salon
owners who make content, and her or his salon went
up 100%, and then feed salon owners Sally’s example. – [Man] That content, yeah. – Like you should become literal, and have 900 case studies at your
disposal because then there’s no conversations, one
of the biggest things I always tell people is
is somebody that looks like you with your circumstance made it, that eliminates your excuse, right? And so for me as I’ve
gotten more into mindset, and you know truth about
humans I spend most of my time trying to get to the truth of when people tell me that they were born in a drug infested home, I wanna make sure that they’re not tricking
me, and I’m like trying to get real examples, abusive parents, people that have been
raped, people that have lost their children, you know
probably the greatest fear to anybody who has children here, I’m looking for all
these difficult emotional examples because I know
if I can point to it, it at least eliminates the excuses that it’s impossible,
and I think we all know at this point through all
the stories that we’ve heard, every adversity
that we’ve ever heard of in life, there are people with examples that have done it, which
is super duper important. Yours is a more lightweight
subject that you’re passionate about, show
them the 39 lawyers, like find the 39 fucking
lawyers that are slaying it on Instagram and YouTube,
create case studies, and then fucking pound it
down the throats of the other four million lawyers, you got it. (applause) – Hi Gary, I run programs
to help people get over their fears and conquer
them to do live videos so that they can share their
message out with the world. People being the ROI
that’s what I live by, I’m obsessed with people
feeling seen and heard. My thing is I’m not sure how to now, I got the one on one, I
go to the one to many, and maybe partner with
marketing or branding agencies, like hey, let
me work with your people. Let me really create a
beautiful influencer based on true frickin influence
what it truly is about, and the responsibility, and
so I’m not sure if I should look to partner with
companies and agencies to get it out to the one to many. – Well what, let’s work
backwards, what are you trying to accomplish, so you
have one on one clients, and of course anybody that
has one on one clients is always thinking about scale, right? So if you were to partner with a company or agency, make it literal, your dream scenario is that you email
AT&T and you say what, they say what, and then
what happens for you financially in your business ambitions? – Who are you using to get
your message out there? Are they doing a good job,
are they dropping the ball? Hi, bring me in let me work
with your people one on one. – Your people who, the employees of AT&T? – Whoever’s shooting their
message out to the world. – Got it, so you’re saying
hey Pepsi, hey AT&T, I wanna take a look at
whoever, whether that’s a celebrity in a commercial,
whether your internal executive’s on LinkedIn, or
if you’re hiring influencers to put out your message. – Yes – I want to consult you Pepsi
to make those individuals do a better, more authentic job. – Yes. – And so what you’re hoping
is rather than a person paying you 500 bucks a
month or whatever your business is, that you can get a… – Or both. – Makes sense, you’re
hoping to get a macro one million dollar consulting
gig from a big company? – Yes. – You should do that. (laughter) – No really. – [Woman] How should I
go about that though? – You should email
– I can’t be like, hey Pepsi, work with me
– Yeah you can, that’s actually your only option. (laughter) – Well how do I go about that to start? – You go to your computer and you type in [email protected], let me tell you where I’m going with this and
it’s gonna bring value to a lot of people, you need at bats. Let me paint a picture
for her that I think is gonna help a lot of
people here to get influencer deal, to get collaboration
deals, a bunch of people are gonna grab me in an
event like this and like Gary I need one big collab and I’m like no, they’re like fuck. (laughter) They’re like you seem
nicer than the others, I’m dead now, I’m like you’re not dead. You just need to understand
that you actually have to lay in bed for
39 hours over a one week period or better yet, if
you’re in a position… I always tell people
if you’re in a somewhat solid financial position there’s no better thing than to go to a warm weather place for four days, take
your phone and literally then just ask in perpetuity,
like literally what you should do, in my opinion,
is email nine thousand companies over the next
week, and ask them to work with you in the same way you just told me. Add one slide or words of what you’ve done with other people, why
you think this is right. Here’s what’s amazing about the game. You get one fucking company
at the right moment, that becomes then the
beacon for everything. The reason I tell everybody
to do things for free, and I get shit on by
creators all the time, because they think I’m
fucking up the thing, is because it’s the
most powerful way to get the example that you can
then leverage to get paid. I spoke for free for fucking two years. (applause) So back to audacity people,
like this clip will air, literally this video
will air, literally I’m gonna get emails saying, fuck you Gary V. Like my time’s worth money,
why should I do it for free. And my reply is, because
nobody’s hiring you, dick. (laughter) Your time is only worth
money if somebody’s willing to pay, guys the
market, I will always say it, the market decides
not your self esteem coach, you know what I mean? The market, if you’re so
good, and you’re worth 500 dollars an hour as
a designer or editor, that means people are actively paying you. And if you’re not,
living in an ivory tower in your own fucking head that you’re worth 500 bucks, is why 99% of people lose. So the reason we went through this, I just wanted to hear
it, I think you should make a slide or five slides to why, and I think you should sit your butt down and spend fucking two weeks and cold email nine thousand people
because the second you get one you’ve established the truth. Once you get one you’ve
established that truth. – Yep, thank you. – You’re welcome. (applause) Who’s next, you can just start talking, there’s a third one,
my guy, appreciate it. – Always being sincere, the shoes, amazing clouds and dirt, appreciate that too. – Thank you. – You had an interview
that you did recently with Dope Magazine in
September from the announcement in May that your 50/50
acquisition on Green Street, how are things going over there
with Josh Shelton, and Mayo? – Rama and those guys,
so, what our friend here is talking about is about
six months ago I bought half into a company that
is in the cannabis space in both marketing cannabis products, creating cannabis
products, I couldn’t do it under the Vayner X
world, where all my stuff sits, 1:37 PM and PureWow and VaynerMedia because Steve Ross is my business partner there and because he owns an NFL team I think everybody’s super
aware in how the NFL and marijuana play out
so I didn’t wanna create that vulnerability for him, but for me, cannabis is clearly an incredible frontier for, first of all, personally, I believe it’s gonna do a lot of
good for a lot of people, number two, I just think
it’s gonna be a big business, it’s been super great. You know obviously I bring a credibility, and a capability into the
space that a lot of people have been looking for,
literally this morning I was on an hour call with
them mapping our next steps. Because we have so much
good going on, I sent over three of my good people
from Vayner that now work in the company, literally
one of my best guys Joe that was with my for
nine years at VaynerMedia moved from New York to L.A. and is running account over there, so
it’s going extremely well, I’m gonna say
something very real about me, I know I can make, I’ve always
been able to make money. I’m a good businessman, I love it. I do think it’s gonna be
highly lucrative financially, but I will tell you
knowing deep in my heart, and I failed every science class I took so this comes completely
from a non-knowledgeable base place, this is 100,000% intuitive knowing that when those
products are in the market at scale, that cannabis
infused products are gonna help a lot of people
mentally and physically, that there’s no
alternative for now because of big pharma business,
makes me feel good. – Awesome, thank you. – Yeah. Yep, keep going, keep saying
hello until they activate you. – Yeah yeah, hey Gary, about
a year ago, I asked you a question at another
conference that I had no reason to be at, but it
was the first time I got to see you, and right now
I’m in an unbelievable point in my life because
of a couple things that we talked about, I told you I was miserable. – Do you know how good that feels? (laughter) – I was miserable where I was at my job, and I talked to you
about it, I talked to you about my family, and I
was like, I can’t quit. And then I kinda went after what I wanted, and I quit three months
ago, I’m living with my in-laws right now, in a
fucking basement which sucks. – [Gary V] Yes, no it’s good, no it’s good man I’m telling you it’s
good, like real quick because I just wanna
bring value to everybody. Guys it’s called a P and
L, it’s like how you run your business, some people are really good at running their business,
but then in their life because they care about
the Jones’s they buy shit they don’t need which
then makes them stuck in their business, it’s
a fucking evil game. Like having, you see
me talking a lot about move back home, do this
stuff, I’m doing it because moving into your
parents, in-laws basement, as a man, takes a level
of humility and confidence that most people don’t
roll with, but it’s gonna be the single reason, how old are you? – 38. – It’s gonna be the single
reason, the core foundational reason that you’re gonna
be happy for the next 70 years, people are
literally not willing to take one step backwards to
be happy in perpetuity because they’re worried
their buddies from high school on Facebook are gonna make a snarky comment of them living in
their in-laws basement. I fucking, fuck go ahead. – No and I mean that’s
where I’m at, I have an MBA. I’m a retired marine,
I’m like what are people gonna think, and at some point
I was just like, forget it. – It just doesn’t matter bro. – Yeah. – Like they’re not living your life. – So you’re right, so you
always say people offer you lunch or coffee, there’s
no value in that for me. – Yeah I mean I don’t
like when people do it, they’re, I hate that people at this point still think they can trick me. (laughter) I’m disrespected by their
audacity that they’re fooling me with their
big upfront like, Gary I’m gonna do you a huge
favor I’m gonna pick you up from the airport and
get you cozily to your fucking hotel, I’m like
dick I’m tired, I don’t need to fucking give you
advice for 40 minutes after I land after a seven hour flight to go into my hotel room,
so I don’t, it’s not that it’s not worth it,
it’s I hate when people posture and pose it as
they’re giving me something. It’s far more likely when
they just ask authentically. – I guess I won’t offer
you a ride to the airport, so I wanted to tell you
about a way I wanted to bring you value. – Real quick I apologize, the other thing I think this is just important, context, the biggest reason I don’t take any rides to the airport is because
and this is just so people understand actual work
ethic, it’s because every minute in my rides to the
airport I’m on the phone running my business, and if
I’m not I need to at least call my mom, do you know
what I mean, go ahead. – So I wanted to bring
you value in a unique way, and upfront right, so I
have a screenshot right now of Pencils to Promise that
told me a donation I made is gonna educate 10
students this year, alright. So hopefully the next
time I’m in New York, I’ve been working with
Claude, I can sit down with you, I talked to
Tyler yesterday, and just 10 minutes of your time
to just talk to you about kind of where I am in life. – Let’s do it. – Alright and then, my question is this, sorry everyone it took forever
to get to the question. – It was my fault I was
interrupting all the time. – Since I’ve gone out I’ve
wanted to pursue vlogging, and photography, I thought
that was my passion, it is a passion, but my
real passion I discovered recently, and I was with
Claude at a conference, was leadership development,
I think there is like an unbelievable gap
coming from my background to where I was, people
don’t fucking get it. And what I mean is this, everyone’s saying no to me I was like, do
I go back to the job, they’re like you’re not traditional HR, I’m like HR, sorry if you’re HR in here, but you don’t develop leaders,
like I know what that’s like I’ve been doing it
since I was 19 fucking years old, so I get it, and I
understand how to elevate people’s potential, I have humility. So I’m not sure how to tell a company, or ask a company, how jacked up are you because I can help,
you know like you never wanna just go in pointing out flaws. – I’ll save you time, make
unlimited free content about what you learned in the military, why it came natural to
you, what your story is of why you’re good at
it, get people that you did it for to say yes it’s
true, and then one piece of content on one LinkedIn
post, or in a cold email, one time will lead to the
first company saying yes, and then you’ve got that
logo, and on and on and on. Everybody, look, both of
you have done the same thing, and it’s what gets me so excited, this is why I always say watch what I do, not what I say, all I do
is put out all my advice for free, at scale, there
are fuckers out there that actually watch all
my shit, repackage it, and sell it for 900 bucks. (laughter) All I do is put it out for free, put so much pressure of the
information on the system that somebody falls like
a domino, gives me my first at bat, I deliver
for that, and then I use that to scale, so you
just have to take 900 no’s until you get your yes. – Got it, thanks so much. – You got it. (applause) Hey crew, Shonduras, when am I on until? Just so I have context? – [Crew Member] I don’t know – [Man In Crowd] Three o’clock (laughter) – Go ahead. – So this summer I was
going through all this angst in July in particular,
what was the direction of my life, I had lost
140 pounds, my life had completely changed, so
you never ever plan to be the fatty who lost all
the weight, and I was realizing people were seeing
my story, and starting to follow me, but I was
really focused on what I had been doing and
getting out with the kids, and all that, it was
July, I see this video, about how life isn’t over after 50 right, does that sound familiar somehow? – Sure does. – Anyway I started this group in Facebook, and it’s exploded I
mean we’ve probably lost a couple of tons of fat already. And so, and we’re
headquartered in California’s obesity capital, so. – Which is what by the way? – Which is what? – Which is where? – Oh Tulare County, so
you know we’re in the… – I just wanna give a huge
shoutout to the obesity capital. (laughter) Go ahead. – And the diabetes capital,
but it comes to my question, so by the way so we can
kind of grow this in social media and by the way,
I’ve managed to, my friend Holly has trolled everyone
here with an Android, 90 minutes ago we thought
it was a smart idea, thinking maybe Gary V has
an Android phone because y’all got a message from me with my video, but then I thought gosh
I bet Gary doesn’t have the Android, but anyways,
I’m sorry for the troll. – And not only would I,
I don’t have an Android, but if I did, and I got
a message in my text that I didn’t want,
that would be a negative impression, not a positive one. – Okay, well, so the vegan
technology should anyone be interested, that’s Holly,
with a message from me, so clearly we can get a
lot of traffic, I mean I guess with beacons and
Androids, but to this message, but also I’m facing a
dilemma because this is a new thing, this is three
months old, and we have this social media sort
of bigger thing going, but also we are, we have the
potential to really focus in geographically on that
California, central valley. So for like a new emerging
movement, what is the best? – Both, you’re doing it now,
you’re zeroing in on both now. – I’m trying, I feel like
I can’t do both well. – So I think you have to
decide who decides if you’re doing both well, so a lot
of people are really bad at over judging themselves
because they have perfectionism in them out of insecurity. So I always tell people
let the market decide if you’re doing well,
like the Facebook group is exploding thus people are
telling you that it’s good. Right, like this beacon,
this spam thing that you’re talking about, I don’t know. – We didn’t grow it that way
it’s like word of mouth growth. – But the beacon thing
where you text everybody. – That was today, yeah. – Yeah you and Holly
spamming everyone, you know, so that to me is… – They’re not admitting, so. – To answer your question,
there is no which one. The answer is always
do as much as you can, and let the market decide if it’s working. To me, I’d rather have
people do eight businesses, let the market respond, and then decide if the side hustle of
selling hot dogs is something they’re interested in tripling
down on once there was an indicator from the
audience that there was interest in those hot
dogs, like too many people play out shit in their head
that isn’t real, the end. Cool, awesome, whose got
the mic, I’ll get to you, I love I just don’t have, whose got the… Is this the last one,
well whose got the mic? Go ahead, just talk. – Hey Gary, I never get
nervous, but I’m getting nervous, and in case I
forget, I need a selfie with you after this. – You got it. – Okay so anyways, whenever
you talk about that kid who grew up with an alcoholic mom or dad, that’s me and six years ago
because of my addiction, I had a 10% chance of
living, so I’ve been clean and sober for six years,
my mom’s sober now too. (cheering) Thank you, thank you, now
my passion is just like what you say, I wanna show
people that I’m nothing special, you can do this
too, but you’ve gotta do what I do, and I’m here representing Roberto Blake and the
awesome Creator Academy. And things have been going massively well. I actually lost my job
at the drug and alcohol treatment center I was
working at a few weeks ago, and like you said
I just tripled down, I tripled down on the YouTube channel, and the new Shane Dawson
series, anybody watching that? And I’ve been making a
lot of videos about it, Shane actually noticed me,
and put one of my clips in his video. – That’s awesome. – So I’m growing and my
question for you because you talk a lot about
mindset and mental health, how do I make people care
more, I wanna help people with their depression,
their anxiety, their addictions, how do I? – By putting out content. – Putting out content. – Dude it’s, it’s what you’re doing that, it’s so funny to me, people do something, it gets some traction,
and then they ask me how to do it, when they just did it. The problem is, people aren’t patient. You did it, what you’re really asking is, how do I have a million subscribers? – So to be honest the
reason why I want a million subscribers because
Roberto beats in my head, you beat in my head,
like I don’t care about all the glitz and glam, the more people I can reach and help… – Well then you’ve already won. – Oh okay. – Like I never know how many followers or subscribers I have
because I’m in my process. You’ve already won,
you’ve accomplished it. You figured out how to communicate through video format to do it, the end. – The end? – The end, just do it in perpetuity, and now what you have to
worry about is can you afford to live your life,
that’s a different conversation. – Well that’s the other
thing because of people like you and Roberto,
the second I got laid off and posted it on Facebook,
I had two treatment centers hit me up and
say, hey can you manage our social media? – 100%. – So now I’m… – The answers are right in
front of you, what you need to be disciplined about
is to not get caught up in the vanity of it all
even though the words out of your mouth are
speaking a good game. Where everybody gets caught
is they want things faster. And wanting things
faster leads to mistakes. – Absolutely. – Cool. – Can I get a selfie? – Yeah and let’s get this
little kid right here his question, I know it
was supposed to be last one, but I’m gonna sneak this in. I’m gonna sneak this
little guy in, what’s up? – [Woman Off Screen] Get this little girl. – Great, amazing, all little children. (laughter) Whose got mics, you’ve got mic let’s go. You can do it first, ladies
first bro, learn it now. – Hi Gary, first I’d like
to thank you for the book, I snuck into your office with Yuha. – I saw you. – And got a book, but I’d like to ask you, my business child hunger
sucks, I’m trying to raise one million yields, how do
you think I could do that? What’s your best business advice to me? – You know it’s funny,
it’s fun to see this young lady next to you, I think
you should reach out. I think the quickest way to
actually get that is through businesses, there’s an
amazing thing going on today in our society that makes me very happy. Businesses are paying
attention to how socially conscious the world is
getting, and they’re gonna do a lot of good
things for minorities, and causes to look the
part, we all know they’re full of shit, but here’s the good news, it doesn’t matter because
we’re still doing good. So I think, and I know
how you and your dad roll, you should make individual
videos for thousands of companies, and email
them just like I told her. And I have a funny feeling,
this is what people don’t understand about moments in
time, I get asked for money, five thousand times a day,
I don’t answer most of them, just by living my life,
and when I do, oftentimes it’s no, but occasionally
because of who know why because of how the human
brain works, out of nowhere I just give somebody
randomly seven thousand bucks because fuck it, but this
is important to understand. Why that’s important to
understand is why the advice I gave you and the advice
I’m giving you is right. When you email Kraft or
Ford or IBM or Tesla, 99% of them aren’t even gonna open it. But when you’re looking to do this, and you’re asking the biggest
companies in the world to help you, on that one special day, Karen at HR, or Rick the
CFO, or Susan the CEO, reads it, something’s
going on in her brain at that moment, and she decides to buy all one million fucking
meals, do you understand? – Yes. – Good, do that. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. (applause) – Hi Gary I’m Steven from Steven Shur Way, and my question for you
is you were talking about back stories earlier, do
you think it’s important to say your back story in a YouTube video? – I’m a big fan of it,
if you look at my early keynotes I always spent
the first 20 minutes establishing the I was born in Russia, I did the lemonade stand,
a lot of people here are already shaking their
heads, most of my fans have to skip the first
20 30 minutes of a video because they’re like okay
I get it, fucking lemonade, Edison, I know it. – They wanna get to the
main point of the video. – Yeah I think it’s very
important, listen, I always say watch what I do, not
what I say, I made videos for five or seven years where
I would give my back story and I didn’t care that
it was annoying to some, because the back story,
the first, you know comic book number one is always
the most important. So I do think establishing the back story is important, but it’s
something you can play with. Or you can be very clever
with making your intro, right a 13 second version of that
back story, so there’s a lot of ways to play, but
yes I believe back story really matters, I’ll
tell you this, and you’re obviously an extremely young dude, but for a lot of people
here, the biggest problem I have with back stories
is people tweaking them to paint a picture
that helps them in what they’re trying to accomplish
in the short term, so not only do I believe in back stories, but I enormously really
highly recommend to everybody that it’s the truth. (laughter) – Okay. – I mean, I’m watching
people I went to school with, high school, talk about
them being an entrepreneur when they were a full
student, like all I have to do is have one weird day
where I wanna go into the comments and be like
Rick’s full of shit, he was a student, and
it’s all over, don’t ever let somebody have that leverage over you. – So the back story should be short, or should you go in detail? – I think if you’re doing a live event, and you have everybody’s
attention you can tell the full detail, but as you can imagine, if you’re putting out a video every day, or often if you tell the same back story in the beginning it does
create a vulnerability. You see what I mean, so
maybe for your video, you do it once a week, for a month full. Then in month two you
create a nice 10 second version of it, and then that can play out for like a year, right? – Yeah so like where you’re
from, like how old are you? – I think those, bless
you, context matters. You have an advantage,
you’re awfully young, that makes it interesting,
and I think that’s something that you should
play, like everybody should play up their advantages,
like some are young, some are funny, some are pretty. I watch people see that
they have advantages, and treat them as insecurities
or shy away from them, when they should be leaning into them. Right so I see a lot of
young people trying to act like they’re more
experienced when they should be leaning into actually
being young and having that context, that’s why
I said something that will bring you a lot of value,
for a lot of you I told you, document, don’t create,
the reason documenting is so great, AKA, just
vlogging whatever the truth is the truth, you don’t
have to think, you just have to live, it’s why
I’m a good public speaker. I only just sit up here
and talk about my truth, there is no slides, I don’t overthink it, I’m just telling you the
current state of what’s going through my mind, and
often times it’s similar to other shit you heard,
but what’s great about any piece of content is all you
need to do is say one thing, one way, one time, and that’s a completely different paradigm shift, even
though it’s systematically at the highest levels
it’s the same shit you’ve always been saying. Do you know what the
biggest compliment I get is? When people email me or
leave a comment on Instagram, and say a lot of my friends
say Gary is repetitive that’s why they’ve stopped watching him. Or people email me and
say yo bro I don’t watch you anymore, you’re
repetitive, that’s the biggest compliment I can get, it
means I’m consistently speaking my truth. – Thanks Gary. – You’re welcome, that’s it. VidSummit, see ya, thank you. – Give it up, Gary Vaynerchuk, great job, thank you brother, amazing. – Thank you. – Now you guys may not know this, but there are still tickets left for the Gary Vaynerchuk prime lunch. There are three zero, 30 tickets left, if you would like to join me, Daryl, Gary, and others upstairs right
now go to registration and buy your tickets.

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    Need to get out to meet more people,,great advice,,speaking at an event next month.
    Luv ya work brother!
    Marty Ware (Australia)

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    SO many ads for "influencers" online nowadays saying they can teach me how to be a millionaire and grow my audience to 3 million followers and get paid on my blog etc and I really question how accurate those claims are…

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    I never realized that almost every person you can solve the problem generally in one of two ways.

    Content, content, content.


    Hustle, hustle, hustle.

    Like is it this simple and I just have been analyzing it to death?
    My struggle is I need clients to work for. Obviously I should make up a little portfolio and a great email and just get at bat with every potential client possible.

    I want to build an audience….better make obscene amounts of good content.

    Oh and obviously, who cares what anyone else thinks of how you're hustling as long you're authentic and going for it.

    Kinda mad at myself for uh…not clicking faster

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    32:20. You have an MBA and you live in your parents basement – "the market is right!"
    You have a passion for "leadership development?" – is this what your ego coach told you?
    "They dont fucking well get it" – yes they do, thats why you live in your in laws basement.
    "You have been doing this for 19 years" – so you havent got it right yet – FIX YOURSELF FIRST.
    The most important thing is – DO PEOPLE LIKE YOU?

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