Big Questions Ep. 15: Boston College


Big Questions Ep. 15: Boston College

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35 thoughts on “Big Questions Ep. 15: Boston College”

  1. alana kaitlin says:

    im loving these consistent uploads! you're hilarious

  2. Raj Thomas says:

    Second but you should do a video of Boston university

  3. alex says:


  4. Jeff V. says:

    Do Providence College next!

  5. Flying FajitaMan says:

    Intro song?

  6. Casey Tran says:

    You should ask them about their favorite and least favorite classes

  7. Liuren Zhuang says:

    Wish to see another one for Columbia or more IVY league.

  8. Gurtegh Hora says:

    Can you please do NYU Stern?

  9. Jordan Nickel-Dubin says:

    Come to some colleges that aren't top of the list! Come to Mills College!

  10. Gold Rathian says:

    German Uni's please

  11. WTF says:

    Hey , Can you please make videos about Liberal Arts And Science Colleges? I'm an International Student, it will be very helpful for students like me . I hope to watch about it soon.

  12. Van Trinh says:

    Sam Clark, a fan here! <3 <3 <3

  13. Princess Uwawuike says:

    You should do Boston University

  14. lyrical spiritual miracle says:

    Right on time haha, I'm applying to this college

  15. Brennan Conway says:

    Love your videos! You should try to do Notre Dame too

  16. Sam Tracy says:

    Go to Fordham Rose Hill and/or Lincoln Center!

  17. James Balestrieri says:

    there's no way the guy in the adidas sweater actually goes to BC

  18. Clara Shanabrook says:

    do a video on wellesley

  19. Maame Addison says:


  20. Andrew Kertawidjaja says:

    Do University of Michigan and Notre Dame.

  21. carmen Rey says:

    hello how are you luky god youtube

  22. Saku Mollyinter says:

    where r my Asian friends­čĄö

  23. Tottenham k says:

    It's so gloomy and sad

  24. Soonmin Kwon says:

    Can you guys do Boston University and other universities in Boston? You guys did great videos on Havard and Tufts and BC! ­čÖé

  25. Hanhee Yang says:

    It sucks to BU. Classic Boston College joke.

  26. sevenrats says:

    This can be you for only $69,000 per year. How the rich stay rich.

  27. MariModoAvi├│n says:

    What is it with sweatshirts and leggings for school ? Pijamas for class.

  28. pastor chris says:

    So wonderful questions

  29. Pale Frost says:

    im a BC student and literally know half these people and its so fake lmaooo everyone is very cold here and competitive and stuck up!

  30. Olivia Vizza says:

    I recently got rejected from BC and am HEARTBROKEN

  31. Pedro G├│mez says:

    Do Notre Dame and WashU

  32. Jelly Fam says:


  33. yingjun liu says:

    Nice post. The tall guy is kinda cute btw.

  34. Tyler says:

    please do wesleyan

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