Big Questions Ep. 23: Middlebury College


Big Questions Ep. 23: Middlebury College

(reggae music) – I’m Sam Clarke with Crimson Education and we’re here in Middlebury College to ask some big questions. (reggae music playing) – What’s the best thing about Middlebury? – I’d say all the people
are really helpful, a lot of good teachers,
just really helpful people, a great community. – I’d say the best thing about Middlebury is the accessibility to the outdoors. – I think the best thing about
Middlebury is the students, I like the students,
people I hang out with, they’re a ton of funny, I guess, so I enjoy school a lot because of that. – The views. I think that
it’s a beautiful campus, probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. – The food’s really good here, but the professors are also really cool, they get to know you,
they like know your name after the first week so
it’s not like a big school, so it’s nice. – I would say the environment,
just like where it is, I really like coming to
school somewhere so beautiful. – This is definitely a cliche answer but definitely the place.
I’m from New York city, it’s something, the
landscape, the fall colors, the trees, the Vermont aura is something you don’t really get in New York and I’m really glad I go to school here because Vermont is truly one of a kind and Middlebury is situated in
this really amazing landscape that is Vermont so I’m
really grateful for that. – What’s the worst thing about Middlebury? – The hyper-wealthy sort of boarding school culture that exists here. – The racism. It’s really white. People don’t really
think about how exclusive this place is for certain
persons or marginalized groups. – It’s still very
homogenous in a lot of ways and then we also as a community sometimes don’t do a good job of addressing that. – The worst thing about
Middlebury is probably when it gets really really really cold and windy and I don’t want
to put on my big boots and I try to wear my slippers
to walk to the dining hall and I can’t get up the hill. – It’s pretty cold. (laughing) – I can’t feel my hands, so.. – In a similar vein, I’d say the weather. It can get really cold. So that’s tough. That’s be the worst thing. – I’m on crutches so it’s very hilly, a little tough to get around. – Condolences. – Thank you, thank you. – And what do you
typically do on weekends? – Sometimes partying,
sometimes going to the bars, albeit there are only two so you can only go to them so many times.
And hanging out with friends. So going on a brewery tour,
maybe something like that, going to Burlington occasionally, so that’s some of the things that I do with my friends on the weekends. – Sometimes I just stay in
my dorm and cry (laughs) no, I, um yeah, I think I
just kickback with my friends, I think that’s the social scene round here is really whack. With a capital ‘H’ or ‘W’ or whatever letter there has most emphasis in that. Yeah yeah. – Usually have some practices
or whatever with the team and go and hang out with friends at night. – When it was warmer we’ve
been on a few hikes together, camping and stuff. – This school, there’s a
lot of concerts and stuff so there’s usually a lot to do. – Last question, what did you write your college application essays about? – I wrote about cleaning
other people’s toilets. Yeah, I was a maintenance man, and talked about learning life lessons from the guy I worked with. – I believe I wrote it
about spending a month in Allegheny National
Forest in Pennsylvania, camping and building a trail that stretched like two miles. – I made a really big metaphor about life that was really abstract
about what I don’t remember, but it was dope apparently. – I wrote mine about
bringing Relay for Life to my high school and kinda
what I learned from that. – I think I wrote it about my brother. He has a host of different disabilities and just the impact of that relationship on my life, and what that has taught me. – Something along the lines of what I, something about hockey, something like not
unbelievably good, but… – But here you are. Hockey. Does the hockey team have a cheer? – Um, no. I guess there’s one. It’s like, “Cheer boy,
cheer, Middlebury cheer, “fight boy fight, fight
for all your might, “cheer boy, cheer, Middlebury cheer, “it’ll be a hot time in the
old town tonight, hey hey.” – You really misled me by saying that there’s not a cheer.
That was a full cheer. – I mean, it’s not like, it’s what they did back in
the day, it’s not like as… – I see, okay okay , not as much in it. It’s sounds good, though. Anything to add? – I got nothing amazing. – Have a great day. – Thank you. You too. (reggae music) – If you liked this video and want to learn more about top colleges, don’t forget to subscribe. (whispering) – Subscribe button. – My lips don’t work because
it’s so cold (laughs). – He has gloves. He has gloves and built-in
earmuffs and a scarf. (whispering) – I don’t. Look at my knuckles. I can’t…

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    Women and students of color: "The worst thing about Middlebury is the racism… the campus is very homogenous… etc."
    White dude: "The worst thing about Middlebury is how cold it gets in the winter"

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    Is the story of Lynne Schulze present among Middlebury students. She was a freshman that went missing from that college in 1971. Her case went cold and as of 2019 is still unsolved.

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