Bill Gates Predicts Online Education as Main Place for Learning in 5 Years

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Bill Gates Predicts Online Education as Main Place for Learning in 5 Years

You have to look at different phases. K-12 is partly about babysitting the kids so the parents can do other things. So, yes, having the kids go to a common place for K-12 I don’t predict some radical change in that. You know, home schooling is about 3-4% and it keeps getting better. In fact, they’re on the cutting-edge of using some of these tools and giving feedback for those but actually some of the best charter schools are the boarding schools where you completely immerse the kid in the learning ethic, you know and KIPP – all the high performing charter schools have come at it in different ways they’re all long school days. KIPP which is kind of an exemplar very long school day you come in on every other Saturday, you come in three weeks in summer you create a full immersion environment. So if you want to take inner-city fifth grade kids and get them to think learning is what I’m about, it’s fun, I do it with other kids you need to have at least 80% of their waking hours, you know, devoted to your thing or else you lose and these charter schools do that. So that’s very different, can say OK for college courses if all of you want to learn about, you know, global warming go to teach twelve the six hour course – that’s just they have. They really go through the basic science and hard works and what kid’s known in a very effective way. The self-motivated learner will be on the Web and there will be far less place-based things. In fact, you can get feedback, you can have discussions, you can have videos you have all sorts of things that college, except for the parties, needs to be less place-based. After all, what are we trying to do? We’re trying to take education that today the tuition is, say $50,000 a year so over four year – a $200,000 education that increasingly hard to get because there’s less money for it because it’s not there, and we’re trying to provide it to every kid who wants it. And only technology can bring that down, not just to $20,000, but to $2,000. So yes, place-based activity in that college thing will be five times less important than it is today. When you take K-9 I don’t see a change. In fact, the way we do the hybrid of bringing technology into that learning environment so that half the class is doing core academy and half the class doing discussion group. We’re funding a lot of hybrid learning models, we’re funding a lot of people to try that. Now the room for innovation – thank god for the Charters, there’s no room for innovation in the standard system and, so you know, we’re getting some experimentation but there should be twenty times as much as there is.

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