Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds


Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds

place to come to, because it’s such a
research-led university, you get hands-on experience
with research academics, research PhD students. You get professional
equipment to use. It’s the perfect place to thrive
and become what you want to be. [MUSIC PLAYING] In terms of drug development,
drug research, biochemistry is probably the most practical
degree that you can do. You get hands-on experience
with some of the best techniques and equipment in the world. Instead of just learning
from books, what we’re doing, we’re actually seeing
what’s happening. All our teaching is
informed by the research that’s going on here. We’ll look at protein structure. We’ll look at metabolism a lot. How you breathe. We learn about the
tiny little chemical reactions that make
that happen, and that’s what I was interested in. We get specialised, and we get
to choose different modules and topics. I’ve rarely focused
a lot on immunology. My favourite module would
probably be virology. We’re studying about
diseases, so we learn about HIV, influenza,
and we learn about them in great detail. It all comes together, and you
realise you’re at the cutting edge of what’s happening. [MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of the students here want
to go into creating research. And one option for that
is the MBiol programme. It’s a four-year
course that gives you a whole experience of research. That will give you the skills
that you need go on and tackle a much larger research project. [MUSIC PLAYING] Everything has key
influences on employability. I was lucky enough to
be selected as a mentee by this person who’s working
at a pharmaceutical lab company called Covance. Being a mentee, I gain a
lot by just talking to her. I wanted to gain as much
as I can whilst I’m here, so I decided to do
a year in industry, and I applied to a lot
of different places. And the faculty helped you out. It just gave me more of a
broader skills base I think. It’s definitely worth it. I’m really glad that
university offers placements. The other option, if you want
a little bit more adventure, is to study abroad. And that means you’ll go to
one of our partner universities overseas, you’ll be living and
working within that country, within that culture. You get to experience a very
different educational culture. Leeds is one of the best
universities for research. Came to an open day, and I
was just really astounded at how impressive all the
labs and everything were. The people in Leeds
are so friendly. You get some of the best
academics in the world. It’s great to have so
much support around you. A traditional
northern friendliness, it’s just such a
welcoming place to be for wherever you come from. So many different opportunities
to explore different things. I always say to people, it’s
the best experience that you can get in terms of
expanding your knowledge, expanding your mind, but
also developing yourself as a person. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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