Birds | Educational Video for Kids


Birds | Educational Video for Kids

Hello everybody! In this video we’re going to learn about our friends, the birds. They are so diverse, and there are so many colors and shapes, it’s fun to learn about them. For example, this tiny little hummingbird doesn’t look anything like this huge ostrich. And these penguins don’t look much like this peacock with its large fan-shaped tail. Well, they may not look alike, but they’re all birds, and have many things in common. Birds are oviparous… which as you know, means that they reproduce by laying eggs. The females lay the eggs in nests, in the rocks… or on the ground… And with the heat of their bodies, they incubate the eggs until the little chicks hatch. Birds don’t have teeth, they have beaks or bills… And these can be very different, depending on what that species of bird feeds on. They breathe with their lungs, that are connected to… bags full of air… called air sacs… and these help birds to fly. Also, nature, which is very clever, has made their bones hollow, so they weigh very little, and because of this it’s much easier for them to fly. The skin of birds is covered with feathers: these protect them from the cold and heat. Birds have four limbs, the back ones are legs… and the front ones are wings. Together, the wings and feathers are essential for them to be able to fly… and in some cases… so they can swim. Birds are terrestrial and most of them can fly. Can you think of any birds that can’t fly? That’s right!!! Penguins and ostriches are two species of birds that cannot fly. Birds have four types of feathers: those that cover the whole body; flight feathers in the wings that help them to fly; down feathers, which cover the chest and belly and maintain the body at a constant temperature; and tail feathers that help guide the birds’ body like a rudder on a boat. Birds can be classified into several groups, according to what they eat: herbivores feed on plants and grasses their beaks are short and strong, and can crush seeds and grains. When they only eat grains, they are called granivores. Carnivorous birds hunt and eat other animals, using their strong, curved beaks. Within the group of carnivores there are insectivores, that only eat insects, and piscivores that only feed on fish. These birds have pointed beaks that are long and sharp to help them catch the fish. Remember – birds that eat fish are called piscivorous. The last group – omnivorous birds – includes pigeons and hens, and they eat almost anything. So remember: birds are oviparous, which means they reproduce by laying eggs; their mouths are beaks or bills and they breathe with their lungs; their skin is covered with feathers; and depending on the food they eat, they can be herbivorous… carnivorous… or omnivorous.  So, now you know a lot more about birds. Goodbye, everybody, and don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning!!!

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