Blackboard Orientation

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Blackboard Orientation

Welcome to Blackboard. This is the homepage and what you’ll see when you first enter Blackboard. In the center, you’ll
see a preview of announcements that have been posted in your classes.
Announcements are important to read because they alert you to updates and
changes from your instructor that have happened in the course. On the right side,
you’ll see a list of your courses. Simply click on a course to enter the class. When you first enter a class there will
be a welcome message telling you important information and your next
steps. There’s usually a date listed that you’ll need to complete your enrollment
verification and first assignments. Next you’ll want to look at your course
syllabus. This outlines everything you need to know about your class and should be read completely. To view the document, click on the syllabus document link.
Again it’s important to read this document thoroughly. You’ll find out
essential information such as how assignments are totaled, attendance
policies, and required materials. Back on the Blackboard page, you’ll see important
sections of the syllabus that you’ll need to look at often displayed so you
can use this as a quick reference. These quick reference sections will vary from
class to class. In the course schedule section, you’ll find a list of
assignments and due dates. Your instructor may display all the dates
directly in this section or in a separate document like it is here. Next in the instructor contact section,
you’ll find the ways to contact your instructor, their campus office location,
and any other relevant information. So now let’s look at enrollment
verification, also called EV, is a way to verify attendance and something
you’ll do in every hybrid and online class. By completing the EV, you’re
saying, hey, I’m present in the class and want to stay in the class. This should be
one of the first things you do. If you don’t complete it by the specified date
from your instructor, you will be dropped from the course. You will easily find
the enrollment verification on the top left side of your course. Click on the
link. Then click on enrollment verification quiz and then click Begin.
You’ll answer the questions and click Submit. That’s it, you’ve completed your
EV. The coursework you need to do for your
class can be found in the Coursework link. Here, the work you need to do for
the course will be broken into sections and different folders. Click on the
appropriate folder and follow the instructions. Your different classes will
vary in how they are organized but will generally have all your work categorized
in folders. In each of these folders, the instructor will outline all the work you
need to do to complete that section. The last section contains resources to help
you. In the grades section, you’ll find all your current grades both graded and
not yet completed. In the email section, you can use the
links to email your instructor or other students in the class. The Student Help
Resources link gives you access to helpful college resources such as links
to Counseling Services, Career Development, and the Learning Lab.
For help with Blackboard, visit see

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