Blinn-Bryan Campus Tour

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Blinn-Bryan Campus Tour

[Campus Tour Guide speaking] Hey guys! My name is Cynthia and I am a
student ambassador here at the Bryan Campus of Blinn College. I’m going to be
giving y’all a tour for the folks back home, so y’all know what we got
going on here on campus. So, let’s go! This is our workout facility. In here is a
classroom, so it’s used for class purposes but we got a bunch of really
cool kinesiology credits that go on in here such as wellness, weight training,
yoga, pilates and aerobic walking. All that good stuff is held in this building. So this service is the Copy Stop. It’s a
business that we put on campus for students to be able to print, ship and
pick up their course packets. Course packets are never more than around $30
and they’re definitely useful for the classes, so the copy stop is definitely a
very popular place on campus for the first week of school. So now we’re
entering the Student Center. This area is the hangout lounge that we have for our
students which includes a ping-pong table, pool table and chairs
where you can hang out and talk to your friends or your study group, maybe watch
some Netflix, do some studying on your own. Really anything you want, you can do over here. Now this is everybody’s favorite place on campus: the food center. This is where we have a Starbucks, a convenience store set up and a cafeteria line. It is a pay-as-you-go system and it’s pretty good prices for us students. Also in the Student Center, we have the banquet hall which is used for guest speakers or just kind of social events. I know some clubs like to
have activities in there. So really this is as it’s called the Student Center.
It’s for students to do what they wish with it. Now this is the Baylor Scott & White clinic. This is where students go to you know get services
when they’re feeling sick or anything like that. This is a free of charge service
for our students, so if you’ve got a cold or anything like that just come visit
the nurses over here. And just down the hall from the health clinic is the Office of Counseling and Disability Services. This is where students with any
sort of disabilities would go to get aid with their classes so that they can
ensure that they’ll succeed. So this is the Learning Center. This is a
tutoring center for math and science classes. It is free of charge for all Blinn students to use. Let’s go take a peek. So in the Learning Center, we have a
computer lab and with the computer labs each student gets 15 dollars for
printing each semester. So pretty cool. You don’t have to use any of your own
paper, ink, anything like that. You can do it all on campus. Then over here, we have the testing center. This is for any Blinn or A&M student or really anybody
to use for any sort of proctored setting for exams. All righty guys, so right now we’re about
to enter the library building. In the library, we have a really large computer lab for students to utilize and then we also have, you know, the regular
checking out books all that good stuff, but something really cool that the
library does for their students is you can check out your textbooks. You can
rent them out for two hours a day and use them as long as you stay inside the
building and that way if you needed to read it between classes you definitely
could. Welcome to the Writing Center. This is a tutoring center for anything that has to do with writing essays. And it doesn’t have to just be an
English essay or a history essay. It can be even a transfer essay. Let’s say you
want to transfer to A&M or Sam Houston or any place like that. This is where you would
go. It is a no charge service for any Blinn student and you can come by
appointment or by walk-in. They love to have visitors Need your student ID or parking pass? Head on over to our Central Administrative Building which is located
at the Tejas Center in Bryan, Texas. That’s where you can find Financial Aid,
Academic Advising, Enrollment Services, Veteran Affairs and our Testing Center.
And now here’s Adela with more information on the Tejas Center. Hey guys, my name is Adela and I am a Blinn student ambassador here at Blinn College
in Bryan, Texas. Today I’m going to take you through the Central Administrative
Services Building and we can go ahead and get started with our tour. So right now, we are inside of the Tejas
Center. To the left is going to be Enrollment Services. Here you can pay for
your courses as well as get your student ID and a campus parking pass. To the
right is going to be our financial aid office. They are going to be able to
assist with FAFSA, as well as any information that you are going to be
needing regarding federal aid. Behind me is the advising office. They
are going to be able to assist you with selecting your courses for the semester.
They are going to be able to get those courses specific for your major as well. For more information, visit our website or to schedule a campus tour call 979-209-7541. Hope to see y’all soon!

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