Board of Education Work Session for October 10, 2019

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Board of Education Work Session for October 10, 2019

welcome everybody to the work session
and we have a short agenda but a very important agenda tonight and first of
all we’ll ask dr. Nolte he’s got a request I think there’s some information
for so just a little information board members you will remember at a work
session a month or two ago we brought you a list of all the things that we are
required to report to the board and some of those are very significant and we
have done them for years in closed session personnel matters and
things like that one of the things that is on the list that we’ve done for years
myself dr. Garrett I’m sure mr. Upton and others before her is we have from
time to time approved research and so the first such item that I have approved
is in a folder before you I’ll tell you I’ll tell you a little bit about it it’s
a pretty simple one but I also just want to take just a second and give you the
criteria that we have used for a long time in approving those this particular
request is from a teacher eight-year experience teacher not one of ours but
an eighth year experienced teacher who has gone back to graduate school at
Western and is working on a master’s degree in speech pathology and one of
her graduate projects is to learn more about elementary students who were
returning to learn after a concussion you probably have heard us talk a little
bit about return that yes I do have personal experience around that do you
not that’s right I’d forgotten about that Mr Francis but we’ve had for some
time return to play if it’s an athlete and then for two or three years we
actually have a policy on return to learn and essentially students with a
concussion may have more difficulty reading fine print they may have
difficulty with light for a while headache
and so forth and so on so and we’re pretty adept and comfortable now with
checking with the doctor and talking about you know how often they can come
to school and things like that we’re certainly getting better at it
this young lady research is not very invasive at all it is simply a 15
question survey that will be shared with our elementary teachers and they can
choose to opt in and take the survey or not so it’s a it’s research that is not
not very intrusive that all our people can opt in and can opt out so I approve
that research the two criteria that we have used for quite some time is twofold
number one side of that sheet of paper you see is a letter from the young lady
describing the research if that passes the eye test with us you know they’re
not meeting with students one-on-one they’re not asking odd questions then
that’s half of the approval the second half of the approval is the flip side of
that sheet in which the research has been approved by the university’s
institutional review board every reputable college and university has an
IRB an institutional review board and they our students should be having
better research for the university approved by their own college or
University’s Board so we look at both of those things if they both look good
we’ll approve it and tell you about it if we look at both of those and one of
them is not right then we will not approve the research so that one’s
pretty simple just a new requirement to report that to you are there any
questions about that particular study or just approval of those things in general
any questions I will tell you we have very few most of them are graduate level
master’s or doctoral research things and we look at those two areas
the ready to move on yeah while Trevor keeps I’ll start
I’ll keep talking alright he’s had a long day next item I
can assure you so because the background work on the
education support center is very timely we wanted to just publicly in a work
session and and we are being recorded you know just a reminder there and just
publicly in a work session talk about all the places we have looked at talk to
you about the pros and the cons of those places have any discussion with you all
about about that information and then we were able in a recent meeting where we
invited Mr Francis chairman Francis and the chairman of the Commission to come
to we think go from a very broad search to a more narrow search so we wanted we
don’t have an answer or of any kind of final decision that will take your vote
as well as commissioners but we just wanted to bring you up to speed as much
as possible on everything that that we have done while Trevor’s chewing his last
few bites and getting some handouts for you I will tell you that the demeanor of
the commissioners from my view has still been very positive and we’ve had lots of
difficult questions but I felt like they were appropriate questions I’ve not left
any meeting with the county manager in and the other folks we’ve been meeting
with in which I felt like oh this is not going to happen
left every meeting feeling like well it may not be as easy as we want it to be
but it still looks like it’s very possible and then I’ll let Trevor and mr. francis when we get to
what happened in our last meeting comment on that also but I do think that
things are moving forward and there may be a little light there at the end of
the tunnel so a lot of works been done I don’t have any more filler time doctor
Putnam so you yeah so you’ll you’ll have to start talking about
everything that we’ve looked at and and get us to the most recent meeting on was
it yesterday or Tuesday yesterday on Wednesday yesterday I will say this that
I agree with what dr. nolte said about the demeanor and the willingness to work
with us on this project and I want you to also know that your administration is
looking out for our interests in a very positive way making sure that they
understand we don’t want a short-term fix it’s not what we didn’t want and
then not go for the long-term fix they’ve made that very clear and I
appreciate that fact every time that I’ve been in a meeting it made clear
that we know we’re gonna have some type of temporary fix but we don’t have to
become a permanent fix I think this boards made that very clear
and our administration has made that clear also thank you all right mr.
chairman members of the board looking at your packet the very first item you see
on top of the very first piece of paper you see on top is it has labeled central
office what that is it shows essentially everything we have in our current
building it is not all-inclusive of a consolidated plan it’s just what what
offices and what spaces do we have currently where we’re at in the old
hospital or the current central office building
I provide that because discussion was had about a temporary location any
permanent or long-term solution is going to take more time than we have available
between now next December because really about this time next year will literally
be packaging things and boxing things and preparing for a move at the end of
this month so I just wanted you to have that you can see the numbers there as
far as offices go the total is 30 there are some other
things there that are needed work rooms are needed to prepare documents much
like what you have in your hand as far as copy copies being made and assembled
and put together so and records supplies will definitely need room for our
current records any of those have been digitized and moved over but there are
still there is still an abundance of paper copies that we have to maintain
and keep on record yeah let me just interject I mentioned
to you I think last month that we would be bringing forth fairly soon a plan to
digitize EC records exceptional children records I had a meeting with
brandy Stephenson this morning so maybe in November at a work board meeting we
would talk to you about what we’re thinking there so that said the the very
next item in your packet is titled 150 Westwood circle that is a property or
perspective building that the county county manager actually brought forward
as a potential solution felt it prudent to at least take a look at that they’ve
entertained our thoughts and we certainly want to entertain there’s my
understanding that this was offered as a temporary solution for our current
offices at central office until a more permanent solution could be decided on
ok so this is at 150 Westwood circle the address there
if you flip through this it kind of gives you
you’ve got the deed in there who owns it and then about the third page it shows
you the actual layout now all of this property it is uncertain how much of
this property is available members of the county management were
kind of showing us through and they are uncertain themselves so we we couldn’t
get any definitive answers if you look at where the blue 150 is on the the
rooftop view can you everybody see the blue 150 that is the actual space that
they that we walk through today take a look at and that is the proposed space
that they wanted us to look at as far as our office space for the current central
office folks numbers tell me that it’s going to be a very tight
squeeze if it will work at all essentially the way that building is
laid out the outer edges all the way around are office spaces some of them
are classified as mechanical closets or HVAC returns but predominantly the outer
edge of that building is office spaces varying size some small some large the
the center of that loop or circle are three what would appear to be conference
room area or spaces we would have to maintain at least one of those but more
likely 2 cause a lot of times we will simultaneously have meetings going on
where information being shared in one does not need to be heard by another so
we would need a to two spaces at a minimum for conference there is a third
one that could be divided up if you count what is currently there right now
you don’t change anything you add no walls no partitions anything like that
there are 25 spaces taking in one of those conference area
spaces you could potentially add two so we’re at 27 and we’re needing 30 so
you can see it’s going to be very very tight I just wanted you to have kind of
a perspective of what was offered what we looked at what what our current
office spaces are and what this particular parcel offers so there any
questions I’m sure that’s not all-inclusive we just looked at it today
dr. Nolte and I office is in the condition that could be fairly quick
moving in yes it it’s pretty it’s pretty ready to use we’ll say that does
everybody know where this piece of property is by looking at it
so I’ll give you some kind of direction it’s the old welco plant
this must have been at one time a warehouse space because on the backside
of it is a space that HVO currently uses it was in use there were workers in
there and they were going at it and this space was an ah had been renovated to be
an office space on the front side of the building
and so it was carpeted suspended her dropped ceilings you had a closet there
where IT had been installed there was a little work area and a little kitchen
there a couple of bathrooms that are workable and then off to the side was a
really rough unfinished loading dock area nothing that was to the left so
yeah to Ori to orient you and as you’re looking at it like this over here on this side so lift up on the
left hand side of the page to the left of the 150 is it like a off loading dock
storage area looking space very rough very unfinished it hadn’t been attended
too much but it might be suitable for the storage that we have down below
underneath the the hospital building now which is known as the morgue we we refer
to it as the basement now so that might be a holding area for those records that
are paper copies that we were talking about a little bit it’s a tight squeeze it’s a it’s HVO Where the town of waynesville is and where pioneer feed and seed is road right behind I think hvo may own all of it they certainly
occupy a great portion of it and there was a an agency who had used the section
that we walk through today for a period of time for offices and they have not
been out long so it’s a it’s in pretty good repair not not something you’d want
to be in forever without a major overhaul but you know for a year or 2 if
that’s the best choice we could probably squeeze in there well more study to be
done but with this have more space than annex 2 I haven’t walked in 2 I
certainly want to do that what what the county manager provided some numbers
as to what they would have to do ahead of that and again we’re all kind of
Haywood County residents and being prudent with how funds are spent it
seemed to be a lot more expense that they’d have to put in an elevator shaft
to bring it up to ADA code to be occupied by us and you know a throw
rough number out there of about a hundred and fifty thousand just get us
in annex 2 in this this building’s very ada accessible you just you could roll
right in the front door and roll around flat inside all right
it’s all one level yes ma’am alright so moving to the the next packet that’s in
your that was bundled together is the 8 acre property it’s labeled 8 acre
property and I just put in there the that this is all the properties that
I’ve been to look at and I just put in their pros and cons at the top of each
one of these are all stapled together in this final packet that you have and the
first is the 8 acre property so to kind of give you a location if you are
leaving our current central office and you go down to the traffic circle and
you bypass test farm road immediately there in the corner of that roundabout
actually this land actually abuts the roundabout in that location there’s 8
acres there 7.9 one I’ve been told some points in time and 7.99
just to be accurate with one acre of it unusable because the floodplain the
creek that runs along the back of this property and actually forms the boundary
for this property I learned that there was some field dirt in there and and I’m
gonna put my disclaimer out here my disclaimer is that the realtor told me
that it had been compacted and was build ready it’s according to the realtor so
that’s Trevor’s disclaimer I do not know that to be a fact that is a level line
parcel in good location it is next to a handhold so to explain what a hand hold
is just a little bit for some that may not know
essentially dpi or Department of Public Instruction built an infrastructure a
fiber network that connects every school in the state of North Carolina and they
run a fiber line to connect all those and that fiber line runs right along
that parcel of land so there’s a hand hold there there’s also city water and
sewer accessible there so it has a lot of of the things that we would want in a
in a parcel of property needs to be near that network it needs to have city water
and sewer and it needs to be a pretty level lie so that we can build a good
facility that is both ada compliant allows for us to sprawl just a little
bit good parking and keep the cost down on excavating so it seems to be a good
property to consider there’s some other property there that it might be
available in the future not be very okay oh you got some
probably right let y’all talk about that I’m just telling you what I know about
if we put it there mr. Francis could walk across the street for the board
meetings yeah I could yeah that’s what I’m saying property or his dad’s
property I assume is it joining that property I’m thinking a donation let’s do the first project first yeah
the price tag on that piece of property is 1.35 million and it is owned by
Haywood EMC all right so the next property is you flips of the back side
of that was just more of a description to ad or sale of that 8 acre property
so the second page in your packet were it’s highlighted in yellow at the top is
BCA property or Bethel Christian Academy went and walked that the current
purchase price for that is 2.5 million the pros of it is that it has and this
again just to I guess I’ll to back up and clarify this is Bethel Christian
Academy in Canton it’s the old YMCA so that everybody’s familiar with what that
is the pros of it are is the terrazzo floors which very low maintenance and
they’ll be there forever well maintained it has been well maintained and has a
full functioning gym the old pool area is a concrete slab for development
essentially it’s a blank canvas they’ve concreted it in and but there’s no
flooring on it there’s no floor ceiling adjustments it just as it was when it
was a poll except it’s been filled in that that’s a pro you’ll also hear me
listed here in a con as well that’s cost that’s got to be added in the front portico is deteriorating that’s the concrete awning
a lot of finished work needed in the basement again that’s that pool area
which is both the pro and a con multiple leaks and lower level classrooms the
entrances and fire escapes are in poor repair the fire escapes appeared to have
a lot of rust I don’t know if the integrity of those structures have been
compromised because of the rust but they looked pretty rough so they definitely
have have to have some work done to those the training space and the reason
that’s listed is a con they do have the gym area and they have the pool area
that was concreted in that could be partitioned to create additional office
spaces create the consolidated plan we need 46 to 48 offices if you’ll remember
we have 14 EC or exceptional children staff that are housed at the old
Hazelwood daycare so that is 40 46 to 48 approximately is what we need right well
dr. Nolte’s whispering to me ITC food services but if you look at areas large
enough for training rooms that you would want to use well then you would want to
preserve a gym you would want to preserve the pool area and you really
can’t do that you’re either dividing it up or office spaces or you’re leaving it
intact for training spaces and neither way you don’t have enough room for all the
other things coming in so that’s that’s why I list that is a con as far as how
the building sits at in its current state the upper has 12 office spaces and
the lower has 11 office spaces and or aka classrooms and
we need 46 for the CO and EC not to mention space for school food services
offices freezers and storage we didn’t really feel like that’s a viable option
gonna be hard if you ever did build I say freezers storage spaces you’re in a
floodplain so you either gonna be able to build there yeah what first of all
you just couldn’t do your overall plan so if we didn’t have the meeting rooms
we could not move the Learning Center from the old Hazelwood school up stairs
next door excuse me click to mic they’re on the way through so that would
be tough if you weren’t in a floodplain then a big maybe because you could put a
metal building beside of it and but something in there but construction in
the floodplain would make it pretty tough ok questions on that property before
I move to the next one all right my yellow highlighting fell off on the
Kmart property I’m not sure why the Kmart property has a lot of pros the
amount sorry I can’t help it and the
amount of available space would support all of support services and when I say
all I mean transportation maintenance I know that’s not a part of our original
consolidated plan but it was added as you know if that was an interest of the
county we certainly would be open to that idea of moving off the land field
and and consolidating those services as well if they so chose it’s a big
building depending on the amount of land afforded with the building it gives you
potential for growth location is near to the statewide interconnectivity that’s
again there’s another handhold there that runs along the 1923 bypass and I
think it’s within allowable limits where they would connect with Kmart you know
they might actually fund that if you get too far out the state actually makes you
pay for it and for every mile you travel outside of that network it’s $65,000 a
mile so it can it can get up there really really quick it obviously does
have city water and sewer it’s a big open building primarily the only
partition walls if any of you’ve ever been in Kmart and I’m sure you have I
have or along the outside walls where you where the change rooms are and
storage in the back so it’s it’s pretty much just a big open blank canvas that
you could pretty readily go in there and drop ceilings
internet cable electrical lights flooring partition walls pretty readily
so to me it’s an attractive option and it it’s in a great location the only con
to it is and I put my email correspondence with the realtor on the
back of this page is that it’s lease only I had called the realtor I said she
told me it was a lease and I was quick to tell her I do not speak for the board
although it’s my job to find out all the information I can could you find out if
it’s for sale cuz I’m not sure our board would be in favor of a lease so that I
can have both options and you can see she emailed me back and said he would
not be interested in selling from the meeting the other day I’ll just say that
there was a bit of latitude given to negotiate and continue conversations
about this property and so I intend to do that place to call into heard to the
realtor today I have not heard back from her so I don’t have any additional
information but I’ll I’ll stay on that until I do make contact with her to see
if there might be any reconsideration on selling the property but I listed
leasing as a con and I I feel comfortable I’ll stand by this whomever
might review what I’ve said and shared I shared with the commissioners
present and the county manager leasing sometimes is a good option in a variety
of situations however leases it’s almost like deferring the payment down the road
eventually the payment comes due so if we would be in a much better situation
to own property to build on if you think about the amount of renovation that we would do in the Kmart building only to lease and someone else
maintained ownership that you know it’s kind of a scary proposition for me I’m
not speaking for any of you I’m just sharing my thoughts on it so that’s the
Kmart property and then last but certainly not least was the Haywood EMC
property the pros the property can be used if we go to the rear and build with
a two to three story elevation I again I’ve done it twice let me back up
so this Haywood EMC property if you leave out of our current central office
and you travel down toward the roundabout just before the roundabout
this is the light tan brick building that sits on a very rectangular piece of
property it’s very slender but it goes back there a long way as you travel back
on the property to the rear of it it begins to elevate there is the potential
the build on that two stories and in your ada access be somewhat more
readily available because of the elevation however the the property as as
it lies has a building on it that building the day I visited and walked
through upon opened the door I was met with a very pungent mold and mildew
smell it had been abated it had been abated by tearing out all existing
carpet and tearing out all existing tiles and the smell was still very
strong where they had torn out the carpet throughout the building uncovered
was asbestos tile with glue left on it in my opinion or my judgment back to you
that that would be a complete demolition now let me in case this is video that
someone watches later appeared from our observations to be asbestos tile we’ve
certainly not tested or anything else that was our observation just wanted to
make that little clarification that’s probably what it is but we don’t we’re
not the experts on that so for the video record right thank you yep so and the
property is listed at nine hundred and fifty thousand that’s a price drop of
three hundred thousand I spoke with the realtor about that just a little bit it
is at nine hundred and fifty thousand the property is comparable to nearby
properties I’ll say that however these are my best guesstimate
you have probably three quarters of a million to a million in liability in
those buildings me yeah let me add one other property that we we didn’t really
walk or investigate that we did ask about during our very first meeting and
that was the property on J Creek owned by the commissioners we did not follow
up on that for a couple reasons in our initial discussion they didn’t give us a
lot of information and they’re not they’re not required to but it seemed as
if that they had specific plans for that the other great big con for that
property other than it may be being a little far west it’s still on the
corridor of 1923 or 40 is the sixty five thousand dollars per mile to run the
high-speed Internet would be outlandish for that property so with those two
things we sort of self removed ourselves from further discussion of that they
didn’t seem real interested in it we would spend a lot of money on
Internet access before we did anything else yeah I thought they already had planned on putting a park or something there that is what they told everybody and that maybe miss Barrett we did not inquire we asked him about you know we
were just that was early in our discussions I think we’re much closer
now two things to look at and mr. Francis and and dr. Putnam and I can
talk about our last meeting which was a lot more specific we’ll do that as best
we can but they didn’t share with us what the plan was but they they
indicated that that was something they plan to use and then when dr. Putnam
looked at the internet cost it was just it seemed like a big cost for that when
other locations were minimal if anything at all brings up one question on my
as far as your Internet access like the area in the Jones Cove area that
area is the Internet there I mean the college is close by so I figure it’s
probably at that area my best estimate yes what we’ve been told is it runs
along 1923 ok so then on the East End the County Near i-40 on the canton in that
area yeah not I- 40 not sure over there if it’s over there not so yeah
it’s a good point to bring up yeah I didn’t realize it cost that much to run
the internet that’s yeah not on i-40 in Canton who our understanding is along
the 1923 business corridor the way I had explained by IT directors and others is
that would not be how you connect West to the other schools there are no other
schools out 40 they’re out 1923 toward Haysville Murphy Robbinsville so it’s
traveling 1923 they typically find a thoroughfare that will carry them there
too and connect thank you um you want me to start on the
last part or you guys want to start we’ll add just one other thing because
you may get questions hey have you looked at the belk building we did
inquire about the belk building and the belk building to the best of our
understanding is getting ready to go under lease by two separate businesses
so who those businesses are and when that’ll come into play I do not know but
the best we can tell it’s not available just about the right size let me just
start on the last part and then I’ll let dr. Putnam and mr. Francis either one
fill in we left the meeting with and I’m trying not to disclose too much because
part of this is we don’t want to talk about negotiation points those can only
be covered like in a closed session of a particular body and we’re not at that
point yet but we left with a pretty good consensus in the room that we should
feel free to negotiate with the Kmart property folks and with the property
owners near the roundabout and that pending our initial review of the
property at the old welco that we might want to do the same there and so we will
certainly do that you know we we did not really find out
if the whole welco place were available but that’s something we’ll
look we’ll we’ll be looking at those three pieces of property and they may or
may not come to fruition and then of course at your direction you know we’ll
do more than that or less than that but is it is that safely covering the bases
mr. Francis and makes oh yeah I felt like that they empowered our board
through our administration to proceed of course they get
final up or down vote but I felt like we were in the word I would use his
empowered to do our search yep I felt like we got more done in that
hour and a half then we had gotten done in the previous weeks
no no discredit at all to the people we were meeting with before but I just felt
like we had looked at it for quite some time and had several meetings and we
were able to go and narrow it down you guys go look at these things and
certainly if something else pops up and you all can direct us to look at that
and we’ll take that back to the folks with the county that we’ve been looking
at I’d say that’s hearsay let’s wait on that okay any other questions or
comments I have a question on the property that’s near the roundabout
that’s across the well the one that is 8 acres is it
do they have compaction test on where that’s been filled not to our knowledge
our knowledge we certainly want to ask for those and that was mentioned in our
meeting that that’s one of the things we’d have to ask for how many I haven’t
been clear for a while though had yeah we’re probably okay you know I used
their grade not there’s so many years where its compacted or the rain and
snow so it’s been on the market approximately two years defiantly check on it 10 to 12 the question is can we just go ahead and
look at buying this property i know we looked at it one time before and there was
some questions about actual building sites on that piece of property out if I
remember correctly and whether you know how you know where we could actually
build an in and on that piece of property and I don’t know if long-term
if we’re looking to consolidate everything if it’s really going to be
adequate to do the long-range plan that we’ve been yeah we’d hope to do or been
talking about to answer mr. Clark’s question first we were empowered to
negotiate any way we feel appropriate and take that information back to our
joint conversations with the commissioners so yeah that would be on
the table to ask them that and certainly will we won’t leave any stone unturned
because we and I think chairman Frances captured it adequately they I don’t want
to be too loose with the tongue here or speak for them but they essentially said
go go get them and negotiate and then bring back what you what you find and
that was very encouraging they didn’t promise us you know a hundred million
dollars or anything like that they did not but they were very encouraging and
then you know regarding the property that’s that is there I think you just
have had to have complete due diligence and make sure you didn’t purchase
something unless it worked you get this soil compaction test when have the
engineers come out and look at it you have to do core drillings anyway yeah
all that stuff ones yeah since Bobby’s not here we just say we’ve got ten acres
to negotiate some trading with well they they ask us about that they ask us about
the property again somebody somebody may watch this video later that’s why
we make them they ask us about the property adjacent to Tuscola and I
pretty directly told them that that was a piece of property that we bought to
protect that campus and that it does have water running through the middle of
it not much but a little bit and that would take a lot of money to abate and
that would take a lot of time to abate it because you have to do some swapping
a property when you do those things and that there there were folks who had
great sincere ambitions about that being a multi-purpose great big complex some
day but that we did not I speaking for myself not for the board but
administratively we did not see that kind of thing being practical for this
facility or even other stuff meaning in the near future so they did ask about
that just they asked about that about like the same way we asked about the
J. Creek property and I think they accepted my answer of well just like we
accepted their answer on the J. Creek property probably doesn’t make the best
sense to to use either of those yes well I don’t wanna make one more comment when
I talked to Kevin and they were both the point we were talking about is careful
system on TV but you know we built this great big courthouse I don’t think
that’s would be the symbol of our county that was my point I think a school system
maybe and one of the things that was talked about was that everybody
comes in ask about the schools everybody that inquires about a business or an
industry or commercial or anything the first question they asked is how school cuz
I need to see how they get people in yeah Trevor asked me about something
earlier related to the courthouse I think and I’ll be careful but you know
what the purpose of this meeting is to bring as many of our board members up to
speed as we can so I’ll try to say this the right way there are I think some
people opposed just being honest with you about spending any kind of money on
an administrative office do you want to say what the chairman Ensley said about
the court facility and I think it helps him I think he because of that building
understands the value of consolidating services under one roof I thought there
was very intuitive of him and and wise because of his experiences yeah there
was a good dialogue and an understanding of you know building infrastructure is
not glitz and glam it’s not what people can get behind all the time and I’ll
speak for myself and then I’ll just you know I’ll say that chairman Ensley
seemed to grasp that and know that what I shared with him was you know I wasn’t
super excited when they upgraded the sewer lines and water lines through my
neighborhood you know woohoo you know use new plumbing new drains new
whatever however it’s a much needed thing and and it has to be done likening
that to an administrative building for a school system there there’s nothing
about that that you know excites people but it’s a it’s a necessary evil if you
will that will promote greater efficiency down the road and preserve a
viable Elementary School option in the future and save everyone a whole lot of
money and so chairman Ensley seemed to
understand that he has witnessed the infrastructure that has been built
throughout Haywood County in lots of ways the Department of Health and Human
Services building the courthouse and and again no one was super excited to have
those things but they are needed and so I thought it was wise or prudent on his
part to recognize that yeah and again Kevin if you’re watching this I
apologize to you it mr. chairman Ensley he said he remembered the days when
court was held in three or four locations around the county before the
Justice Center was built which was not a popular build but he said you know the
clerk of court and that the other people in that job would gather up evidence and
everything else and take it to Canton and take it to the Waynesville courtroom
and take it to the old deco building for court and in invariably that took time
in energy and gas and money that you were paying people and that people
people are human beings so they made mistakes and forgot a piece of paper and
that impacted what was going on see he he equated that to what we’re trying to
do and that is just more efficient and effective so I you know I was sitting
there thinking that’s a guy that has lived some experiences and gained some
wisdom from that so I think maybe all the commissioners understand that but
certainly he expressed that verbally and that was that was really encouraging well good work excellent work well dr.
Nolte you know when you’re when you the man the boss a lot of times don’t
get very much credit you’re busy patting others on the shoulder like he’s doing
me right now but he that’s enough yeah his timing is
impeccable I’ll leave it don’t tell that story all right thank you all right
you any other comments we will continue to keep you up to speed as we
gather more information and get your input because we will have to have it
when there’s a point to move forward well you will have to have your vote and
authority to move forward on certain things all right we are done

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