Break the Cycle: Change Your Life with an Online Degree :15


Break the Cycle: Change Your Life with an Online Degree :15

Love you too, dad. Dad, dad! Your tie!

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20 thoughts on “Break the Cycle: Change Your Life with an Online Degree :15”

  1. Hang Le says:

    I clicked on the ad just to like the video because it was too cute

  2. Nadia Lane says:

    love this song !!!

  3. Susan Thomas says:

    Anyone know what this song is?

  4. kiidlev hmu says:

    What's the song

  5. Black & Blue says:

    song ?

  6. Mary Moore says:

    What song is this?

  7. Tessa Neill says:

    What is the song played in this commercial?

  8. Ya Homeslice Mac says:

    What's the title of this song?

  9. Hello Emily says:

    What is the background song?

  10. Yancy Nancy Fancy says:

    One of a few commercials in life where it made me just … sorta smile 20%… at the end of this commercial, he works at an architecture firm. I am studying architecture at Texas Tech… to be honest, studying this field made me sad and annoyed, though I just have to keep on going until the finish line. Great job.

  11. Karina B says:

    What song is this!?

  12. Saleemah Green says:

    This has to be one of the most touching commercials I've seen in a long time. As a corporate training and workforce development manager, I am trained to recognize individuals' potential. This commercial articulates the experience of those act on that potential. Kudos, snhu!

  13. josie Smith says:

    Dont know why but it sure chokes me up

  14. Cindy Fletcher says:

    The song is "For You" by Twin Bandit…you can download it…just Google Twin Bandit "For You" video… <3

  15. Manny G Jr. says:

    Twin Bandits – For You .

  16. Amazing Grace says:

    I know it's Amy Stroup, but what song? Dang

  17. Al-al Cariño says:

    the only ad i clicked to view

  18. Laura Chavez Nunez says:

    cutest thing ever

  19. Ali Cat says:

    Does anyone know the name of this song and who sings it thanks

  20. David Butler says:

    Attending the school now, and I have a small son. I am doing this not just for me, but for him.

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