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– Guys, I’ve been trying to organize this video for awhile now. You see the title, you know what it is. There’s so much to it that
I’m just gonna go for it. If it’s a little unorganized,
I apologize, but, let me start off by introducing myself for those of you that don’t know, cause we got into a lot
of new subs recently. My name is Tanner Fox, or Tanner J. Fox, since someone else already has my name. But, I am a 21 year old entrepreneur. I do multiple things online. I started my journey about two years ago, and that’s what I’m gonna
be telling you about today. Kinda my steps through it, how I progressed, what I was doing, what the numbers looked like, and just give you an overview of it, since a lot of you have asked for that. So, again, I apologize if
it’s all over the place, but I’m gonna do my best. On the screen now, I just have proof, just because everyone’s
gonna ask a hundred times; where’s your proof, I don’t
see it, you can’t do that. So, right in the middle,
Amazon sales for one day. On the left is my course. So, one day, right here you can see where I’ve made $11,000 so far today. And then, affiliate marketing. This is for like three
months up here, this number. But, let me get rid of those. I also have the second course right here. But, let me get rid of those. That’s just for those that don’t believe, and they still won’t anyway,
but, let’s jump in to this. So, we’re gonna start, I have
pictures for some of these. So, let me get one of them up for you. So, when I was about, how old was I? I was 20 when I started, no, I was 19 and a half when I started learning different things online. I was looking up ways
to make money online. I was bored, I had just
graduated from community college. So, let me grab this, right here. I was twenty, I was bored, I
didn’t have that many friends. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was going to a four year, so I was going to Cal State Fullerton. And I wanted something to do over summer, I wanted to learn to make money. I didn’t like the nine to fives,
I worked a couple of them. Not nine to fives,
sorry, just regular jobs; working at the front desk of a gym, personal trainer,
different things like that, I delivered pizzas. They were okay, I didn’t like them. I knew I wanted to do
something entrepreneurial, so I started researching
stuff online a lot, and I found something called
Fulfillment by Amazon, you sell things on Amazon, that
was really what I got into. I started learning it in November of 2015, so almost two years ago. And, I really started
learning and learning, and probably spent two months learning it, and then I just jumped right in. I was like; you know what, I
can wait to start a product, try and learn more, but
gonna learn more by doing it. So, at this time I wasn’t working, I was just going to school. I had probably $2,000 in my bank account, and my first order was $1400, so it was a big jump, and for
those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about when
I say; selling on Amazon, you pretty much find
products that sell well, you source them in China,
you create a listing, you send them in to
Amazon, you make a listing, do a little marketing
for it, get it ranked. And then, when you get to sales, Amazon ships it out for you,
and it’s pretty passive. So, it’s just finding
the product to start. So, I started doing
that, I jumped right in. So, I watched a bunch of youtube videos, I took a course on it, it was like $300. And, I started selling. And, my first product, of
course, was a complete failure. Not complete, I didn’t lose
money, it sold very slowly. So, my goal was to sell
10 a day at $10 profit, so $100 a day, and I was
selling two or three, so I slowly sold out. I probably made $1,000
in two or three months. And then, I went to the next product. I was like; okay, that one didn’t work. I got a little discouraged, I was like; know what, I’ll just start another one, still didn’t really know
what I was looking for. So, that first one was too competitive. I was camping hammocks, so
it was way too competitive. So, I jumped into one that
was the complete opposite, it was no competition,
but barely any sales. And that was these little
LED light up slap bracelets. And, they were both cheap products cause that’s all I could afford. And those sold even
worse than the hammocks. It took me two months to
sell out of 150 of them, and the only reason I sold
out that fast was because I had one person order
like 60 of them in one day. I was freaking out that day, because that’s the most I’ve ever seen. But again, we didn’t lose money there, made probably $100 profit. But again, another failure. So, I’ve been doing this for
five months now, at this point, I’ve had two products that failed, I’ve wasted five months learning, doing all this work, and risking money. And I was like; oh, this is stupid. I found a new tool I started using, I was starting to make
a little more sense. I was like; okay, this
makes a little bit of sense, let me start another product. Started another one,
called a faucet extender, and it started selling well,
was selling seven a day, five dollars profit, so I was making almost
$1,000 a month, here. So, as you can see on
this board, my revenue. Now, the reason December was so high, is because it’s December. So you can see on this board, right here, this is me hanging my white board, as you guys know, I’m
famous for the white boards. But, you can see on this mini one, I used to write on there $2,600 revenue, so about $1,000 profit off that. So, that’s right were I was in January when I started that product. And then, it turns out it’s patented, because I didn’t know that
you had to look for patents on Amazon, I thought Amazon
wouldn’t let you sell them. But, that was just me not knowing. So, I again, product
number three, selling well, boom, it’s gone now, complete failure. Not complete failure, I keep saying that, another failed product. So, three failed products
in a six month timeframe, almost, we’ll say five months. You’d think most people
would have given up then. I was like; alright, I
don’t have anything to lose, I’ll do one more, this is
the last one I’m gonna do, if it doesn’t sell well, I’ll
find something else to do. Because, what I really noticed
was other people are doing it and it works, so if I’m doing
it and it’s not working, it’s my own fault, I’m
doing something wrong. So, I figured out what I was doing wrong, and I started looking in to
spending a lot more time on product research, figuring
out what sells well. And, low and behold, in
April, no in May, of 2016, I started a new product, and it took off. First day I sold like
10, second day I sold 40, and so on, and it jumped all the way up. That month, I made $8,000. Now, that was insane, I’ve never made more than
like $1,500 in a month, up until then, and that was crazy. You know what I did right away, which probably wasn’t the smartest, but my goal this entire time
was to get a Corvette Stingray. And I thought it would be a long time, my original goal, I had them written down, was to make $4,000 profit a
month, by the end of the year, so December 2016. So, what did I do? I was like; oh, making $8,000 a month now, I’m gonna go look at cars. So, I looked online, and I didn’t realize how hard it is to get a car
loan when you’re self employed and don’t have two years
self employment history. So, I waited another month
or two, kept looking, kept looking, and keep
in mind, my main goal, since I was like 17, was
I wanted a Lamborghini. I never thought, I thought, okay; I can get a used Lamborghini Gallardo in maybe two or three
years if I work decent, and make $10,000 a month. I had it all planned out, how much I could scrape by
without a lambo, and what not. And, even when I was 17 I’d say; oh, I’m gonna have a
Lamborghini before I’m 25. People would be like, how? I’d be like; I don’t know, but I will. And they’re like, okay. But, I’ve been saying that
forever, so I just went with it. I didn’t believe in myself half the time, but, deep down, if you keep saying it you kind of believe it. Let’s fast forward to July of 2016. I was doing, so my product
went from $8,000 a month to $12,000 to $15,000 all the way, started a second product and
got up to $20,000 a month, and on July 1st of 2016, I
bought a corvette stingray. It was about $50,000, I believe. I put $15,000 down, financed the rest. And I was stoked, because
that was like, my dream car. And, things were going great. I’d been selling well for three months. And then, fast forward another
two months, we’re gonna fast forward through these
cause it’s about the same, it’s just sitting on a product. I started another new one,
so I had three at this point. And I upgraded, you guys probably can’t even tell the difference, but I went from a Corvette
Stingray to a Corvette Z06, pretty big difference, they look almost the same, but $50,000 car to almost a $100,000 car. I got this one for $70,000 used though, still pretty good, and let’s just say, what are we here, let’s just say we’re in, when did I buy this? July, August, September, I
bought this September 1st 2016. So I only kept the other
one, this point I was making a little over $20,000 a month, here. And I was stoked, I was saving the rest. I put a little into this
car, and I was just saving. My next goal was to be buying a house. And then, in October of
2016, a big problem hit. So, the way I used to rank products was giving a ton of products
away in exchange for reviews, and that’s how we’d get reviews, so that’s how I would rank my product, and Amazon changed the rule on that, and everyone freaked out, cause
that’s what most people did. And I almost stopped
selling, I almost gave up. My other product was
still there, but I’m like; crap, Amazon’s dead now, I
need to go find some other way to make money, I’ll sit on
this product until it runs out, and so on, and for a
month or two I was like, kinda depressed, I didn’t know what to do. Started looking at other
things, and up, a couple months before this I was starting
to learn other things, because I was working less
than an hour a day here. Amazon doesn’t take a lot of time. So, I started learning
affiliate marketing. Now, I never acted on it until later. But, started learning,
probably in October of 2016, and just learned a ton, but everyone was freaking
out at this point. In November I was like;
crap, what do I do, that’s like all my money,
like, I have enough saved up to make payments on the car and what not, but how am I gonna make money? This is like, my freedom. And now, at this point, I was
trying to convince my parents to let me drop out, cause I
am, I was going to Cal State Fullerton at this time, my four year. I was doing business entrepreneurship, not learning anything, skipping classes all
the time, barely going. But, we’ll talk about that later. So, I started learning
affiliate marketing more, and looked into that. But then I thought, wait,
there’s got to be a way to do this other than the same way I was doing with Amazon before, where I had to give away the product. So, I found a new strategy, after two months of sitting
and complaining about it. I went and fixed it,
figured out a new way, launched a new product, and boom, I was making $30,000 a
month in January of 2017. So now we’re getting close. So, in 2017 I was making
close, probably $25K, $30K, profit a month from Amazon alone. I was learning affiliate marketing. And then I stared talking to
a guy named Ryan Hildreth. Let me move my face for you guys. Who has a youtube channel, and he brought me on his youtube channel. And this is where everything changes. Now, he convinced me to do youtube. I did not want to do youtube. I felt super awkward, it’s
weird talking to a camera, I never felt comfortable. I knew the potential youtube had, and I wanted to do it, I was
just too nervous to do it. And he made me do a video with him. A little background, we met
in college at a math class, which I didn’t pass
stuff, and that was fun. But, we met in college, funny enough. So, we made a video, and
then, it got a good response, and people convinced
me to start my channel, which I then did in February of 2017. Keep in mind, Amazon,
money’s still the same, still learning affiliate marketing. I was looking in to building a social media marketing agency. I started that for a little, but hated it, so I stopped after a month, and then I started my youtube channel. And right away, I jumped up to 500 subs, because Ryan gave me a shout out, and all the people wanting to learn. And then, straight from then I
was making kinda free content on youtube, how to sell
on Amazon, what not. And I got asked so many
times to make a course, so I was like; okay, I can
make one, I don’t know how, I’ve never done it, but I’ll try. And then I made a course
teaching exactly what I do, first link in the description,
but, I made a course, and I launched it, when I had 800 subscribers
on February 22nd. And my goal, I was gonna be
stoked if I sold 40 of them. I was like; dude, $20,000
in like a month, dude, that’s gonna be crazy. But I was like; people aren’t
gonna buy it, it’s too much money, like, who would buy it? And I was like; wait, I
bought a course at that price, and it changed my life,
so maybe people will. So, I launched it, and
first day, made $14,000, which was insane, and
then it slowly built up. I was making two or three thousand a day, I was like; dang, when is
this gonna go down, like, this is just the hype, right? And then I started posting
more videos on youtube, being more active, I do daily posts now. And people started
liking it more and more, and as my subscribers
grew, the course grew. And because everyone
was seeing the success my students were having in there, because I have students who
are making $30,000 a month, $10,000 a month, $2,000 a month. I have thousands of people just selling, and making money now, and it’s insane. And people started seeing that, so more and more people
wanted to take the course, and about four months ago, I have people, I started to make $10,000
a day from this course. And I was like; this is a joke, right? When is it gonna slow down? So, I was like; it’s just
gonna be, like a month. And then it did it next
month, and the next month, and the next month. And I was like, what? So, in May, not May, in March,
March 1st, March, March 1st, two months after the course came out, and I was doing $300,000 a month. I bought my dream car, which most of you will
know if you follow me. The Lamborghini, hold on,
my face was way too big. The Lamborghini Hurricane. Now, for those that want to know, I got this used with 5,000
miles, fully loaded for $205,000. I had to put $135,000
down and finance the rest, because that’s all I
could get financing for. It took me two months to get financing, just because, I have a good credit score, my credit score is was like 750, but the issue is the two
year self employment thing. But, I was able to get this, my monthly payment’s like $1600. No, I didn’t have a cosigner or anything. But, I was stoked, I got my dream car. I was making an insane
amount, which I never thought, my goal for this year
was to make $300,000, and we’ve already broke
a million this year. But, it was crazy, and
I bought my dream car when I was 21 still, here. And then, after that, I was like; you can’t daily a Hurricane,
even though I do, mainly. So, two months after
that, I bought a Raptor. Now, I don’t want to turn
this in to a car video. It’s not suppose to be that. So, we’ll stop talking about cars. But, it was just crazy
how fast things changed. Now, my Amazon was still
staying consistent at this time. I haven’t been focusing too much on it. I’ve really been focusing
on youtube, and what not. Now, let’s fast forward
to about a month ago. I started, or not a month ago, let’s just go back to February of 2017. I started really focusing on affiliate marketing, starting it. First month, I made $1,000
doing affiliate marketing. I was like; okay, not
bad for a first month, let’s grow this at ton. The next month I made $9,000 doing it. I was like, okay, this has some potential. The next month after that, 15. And then, in May, I made almost $19,000 doing affiliate marketing. And, as happened with the Amazon thing, I was sharing this on my youtube, kinda what I was doing, people
were like; make a course. I was like, you guys want
a course on anything, okay. So, I made a course with Ryan Hilldreth, the guy who started me
on his youtube channel, which many of you know. And we just started building that, because he does affiliate
marketing as well. He’s made, I think over $100,000 in a couple months doing it. So, we made a course on that, launched it, and I mean, affiliate
marketing has been going great, Amazon’s been going great, the course has been going great, and youtube has been going great. Those are my main sources of income, but, really, so this year already you can see the white board, don’t mind my fifth grade writing, but, we’ve already broke a million
in profit for this year, and it hasn’t even been
six full months yet. It’s insane, I would never have imagined at 21 that this was possible. It still feels really weird. I don’t know, I don’t
think it ever feels real. It just feels like numbers,
it doesn’t feel like actual, like, it’s very strange, but, I mean, I don’t know what to say. It’s crazy how fast things can change. If I have any advice for
anyone, it’s start looking. You start to see all the
new opportunities that are out there, and once you
find one, you can see like; oh, there’s like seven
new things I can do now. Cause when I was first
looking, I was like; I don’t know what to do, there’s like, I can’t find any ways
that look cool to like, make money online. And I started one, and now I see like; okay, I can make money like, a hundred different
ways, which one’s best? There’s too many now, and I don’t know exactly what to go after. But, if I had advice for you guys, take risks when you’re
young, calculated risks, don’t be stupid, but
financial risks you can bear when you’re young, so
don’t wait to do things. Find one thing, get really good at it, and just keep going with it, and slowly diversify, but make
sure you’re making enough. Don’t diversify once you make
like two or three thousand. You’re like, alright, I’m gonna do this. Grow it a ton, and then slowly branch out, but don’t let your first thing suffer. Other than that, I mean, if
you guys have any questions, leave them in the comments. It’s kinda a random video. I wanted a video from
like, zero to a million, but I started less than two years ago, with $1400, and I’ve turned
that now into over a million. And, it’s insane what
you can do from home. I probably work three or four hours a day. I’ve never really worked more than that. Sometimes, when you’re building
a course it takes time, but it’s just insane what you can do. My future plans right now, I’m working on a whole new project, which I can’t talk about yet. I’ve mentioned a couple
times, I am working on, I just bought a house, so, should be moving in
soon, it’s being built. And I’m also working with
someone else right now, which you guys will
see soon, on a project. But, there’s big things to come. I hope you guys stick around. I hope you find some value in my channel, if you’ve not already, if
you’ve stuck around this long, please subscribe, I post videos daily. Most of them about
entrepreneurship, paths of income, and different ways to do it. I also am planning on getting
into real estate here soon. And just sharing my journey
along the way with you guys. If you have any comments
please leave them down below. If you want any certain
type of videos, let me know, and I will see you guys tomorrow.

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