Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts


Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

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100 thoughts on “Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts”

  1. Strange Parts says:

    It was a blast showing you around Huaqiangbei, Linus! Thanks for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule. Turns out my editor already has a decent editing rig, so I'll be giving this PC away to a lucky fan in an upcoming video. If you're interested in winning this PC (and some cool and rare Strange Parts swag) definitely keep an eye out for that video.

  2. Nollan Akmadol says:

    so china has any thing is timed to copy it

  3. Chris Eldridge says:

    finding deals is not easy or every one would do it . this video sucks. i wasted my life watching this .

  4. ibs225 says:

    best and cheapest way to buy PC parts in China is Taobao or JD. Cuz everybody do online shopping, dug!

  5. Blue jelly says:

    is it china or japan

  6. Chris Watson says:

    It was so wholesome to see linus help the homeless man out with a new computer! good job linus!!!

  7. Kartikey Sharma says:

    Hickey on Linus's neck😂 14:55

  8. Chinese Electric Batman says:

    China has google?

  9. Belthazor22 says:

    God Linus is such a dickwad

  10. Quang Thang Le says:

    Plug in and …. boom!

  11. Keys says:

    bruh this is about to surpass the firetruck vid in views, it's a big day boys

  12. jordan wet says:

    this is my actual setup

  13. GoofAnHoop VIDEO says:

    im going to show you a cable management secret bit got me hard, i actually laughed out loud

  14. Zeek M says:

    Caught in China buying Chinese products = I can't guarantee your safety.

  15. Micey iskin says:


  16. Simon Song says:

    Welcome to "华强北“,here you can buy anything within electronics, and you can find cool stuff you never have seen before. But I usually shop on the, because it is a little bit far from where I living.

  17. de secret Doge says:

    you see that girl recording you 11:39

  18. Tiago Amador says:

    Funny thing this started autoplaying on my TV (I had seen this video back when it released). I just realized that the Battle AX mobo from Colorful you bought here, Phils Computer Lab just did a video reviewing it (few days ago).

    It seems quite a decent board, however, with a current 80 USD price tag which, for someone with access to a good local IT market (something Phil doesn't have since he lives in a remote part of Australia), it's not such a great deal.

    Anyways, at least could give viewers an idea of how decent some of these chinese products actually might be.

  19. Ling Wui Hou says:

    【m3单头六角铜柱螺丝单通隔离柱电路板支撑柱主板机箱铜柱螺母螺柱】 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或椱ァ製这段描述₤k7UwYQeU2Ir₤后到👉◇綯℡寳👈

    incase you are still looking for the standoff this is it on taobao. 😊

  20. stever mackerly says:

    @10:40 u get gouged in American stores too. You’re just not allowed to haggle

  21. Bernd Eckenfels says:

    Good thing about that video is it de-glorified those markets a bit.

  22. Konstantin Schäfer says:

    Always !!! Bargin

  23. Iury Rezende says:

    You can have the same kind of shopping experience in Brasil, I've seen nothing new there. People have very weird expectations, of course shopping online is way better anywhere in the world.

  24. Ibrahim Kamil says:

    0:30 "Mobile Phones"

  25. Daily Shark says:

    I want to build a PC but I don't have any money 😭

  26. m7md live says:

    linus have social anxiety

  27. Elgan Bruner says:

    Man wearing Razer backpack complains about hardware prices in oddware shop.

  28. Billyoxatt says:

    15:05 "Can I owe you some money"

  29. joe Mckibbin says:

    Doesn’t canids use dollars

  30. joe Mckibbin says:

    The fella bounced like a wild hyena

  31. Boom Bitch says:

    china looks like depression

  32. Ivan Louie Sillar says:

    Boss can I have that thing hhaha

  33. felipesozza says:

    Is this mall the place we go when we die? Like heaven or something like this…

  34. Magnus Arma 3 says:

    Loooooooove the socks in sandals 4:54

  35. Mensch Meier says:

    Its obvious, that Linus is outside of his comfy studio, he is just an annoying pussy.

  36. TehCacti says:

    Imagine shopping for PC parts with Linus in China. like actual imagine that 😰

  37. 何小虎 says:

    You should find a Chinese translator😂

  38. Overlord277 says:

    Drone? You can own one in China but not the U.S.? Oh, you mean QUADCOPTER.

  39. Matt Duenas says:

    "I am stressed out"
    China's atmosphere in a nutshell

  40. THE B15 says:

    you stand out too much you got scamed pretty good

  41. Ripper says:

    All this guy does is reply with a yep, yes, yea after everything Linus says

  42. mahesh wijesooriya says:

    about 2 dollar ,linus u have no idea how worth that 2 $ for some ppl in 3rd world country

  43. Aizen Sama says:

    Linus looks like he’s boutta be bit by a radioactive spider.

  44. haòn sesom says:

    Shot on Iphone

  45. Ely Frize says:

    13:41 that looks like much more than an ATX motherboard

  46. kratos sabb says:

    09:00 😂🤣

  47. Seng0th says:

    that's fcking Nocturne Eternum from LoL on 3:59?

  48. Jip Harbers says:

    Its like Aliexpress, but in real life… I need to go there!

  49. John W says:

    You shop like a woman shops!!! :o) I would have been finished my lunch time!! :o)

  50. jerusjesrael says:

    is it just me? this is so stressfull to watch

  51. Yagami Taiga says:

    fucking chinese they don't even know what they're selling go fucking learn english

  52. Joe Rogan says:

    Linus uses that "Canadian Rubles" joke so much I wouldn't be surprised if a good portion of his non Canadian viewers think Canada Currency is actually called Rubles.

  53. Bisgamer Gameplay says:

    Rip off

  54. Bisgamer Gameplay says:

    Cable management secret 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Sergio Solórzano says:

    17:41 that chinese dude is laughing so i guess he knows English

  56. Paul Vu says:

    linus is saying dath one when speaking to them

  57. Dávid Knoska says:

    Hey guys. Will you ever build a really small pc? Just for fun.

  58. Robert J. Morris says:

    10 years from now bus fare will be up to 5 bucks

  59. Mates Čada says:

    "I want the cheepest laptop in this mall"

    Me: Ye thats what cool guys do

  60. evaneckerson14 says:

    Sorry hun he said it like a real Canadian

  61. Bryan De La Rosa says:

    Lmao at 16:50 the MAC with Windows

  62. Kadmon 78 says:

    How are the benchmarks?

  63. _ says:

    7:36 “I don’t think we’re gonna find anything weird”

    standing in front of “Microsoft” store with iPhone pictures

  64. Alimul Hakim says:

    your bag looks so good

  65. j z says:

    Watching this makes me miss china

  66. TANDAV GAMING says:

    Can I repair my laptop GPU chip in China??

  67. Ross says:

    Honestly hate scammers man , such pricks

  68. Kevin Mendoza says:

    This was fun to watch

  69. Tim Minh says:

    0:42 looks like Vietnam dong currency

  70. GrumpyCatKing says:

    That blue laser is for when you want to play with your cat and set it on fire, at the same time 😂

  71. RollieTv says:

    4:49 got me with that facebook messenger call xD i was looking for my phone

  72. carti rockin ́ ice says:

    This video sounds sped up and pitched

  73. Steven H. says:

    The store is amazing to walk thru but I wouldn't buy anything in it.It's all Chinese knock off garbage.

  74. Raúl Bm says:

    Fuck Chinese

  75. FrazFlash says:

    Its like heaven lol

  76. Mickyle Rahmet says:

    Linus in China: tha wone yes yes yes tha wone

  77. Ryan Haag says:

    Wtf did anyone see the Mac running windows 7 on the Mac at 16:53

  78. Karam TheGamer says:

    Yo what up linus yeet like subcribe #outofideas

  79. AD T says:

    Linus was so frustrated at times that his period was delayed for a week.

  80. mido nohi says:


  81. TheGamingBeast99 YT says:


  82. Adir Biniashvili says:

    Damn he is annoying

  83. Thomas von Aquin says:

    11:33 i can imagine that the "no name" Motherboards are produced in same factories where the big mainboard Brands such as (Asus, MSI, Gigabyte) are produced, with the difference that you just have a different "Logo" on it, but the components are quite the same.

  84. Aaron Kelly says:

    Linus, you need to go to Mountain Mods for parts like screws and standoffs. Good and cheap. Pretty sure they fabricate their own parts. The make the creme de la creme in computer cases. Only thing I could find to fit my dual processor skulltrail board.

  85. skizzarz says:

    Nice backpack with no multitool, teh razer sharpness.

  86. Dave N says:

    typical of Linus' work ethic – consistently Half-Assed.

  87. Jaacob Erazo YT says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Chinese Stores: Run Windows on iMacs

  88. unite gamer says:

    Check out Nehru place computer market in New Delhi.

  89. Water Mallon gaming says:

    f c. /. = c. /. cxccv. X+ cox cxv z). Can/ gG

    This is what happened when I placed my Oreo's packet on my iPad.

  90. EvtheNev says:

    That dude knows far too much about computers. I have no idea what he's talking about.

  91. KBzjack Paronama says:

    It's definitely watercooled

  92. William H says:

    This dudes entire show is pointless. Always costs more than ebay.

  93. Zhiyuan Chen says:

    Maybe bring me next time LOL, I can definitely speak better Chinese

  94. Ahnaf Ar Rahman says:

    Macs running windows 16.44😂😂😂

  95. Sogra Osti says:

    Great wall PSU comes inside the Walmart computer 🙂

  96. Titan Gaming says:

    Bro your smile is so cute in this video thumbnail and otherwise also

  97. dude imcool says:

    Well its a thousand dollars to get there but..

  98. Lord Hacks says:

    4:48 😂😂 I thought that was me

  99. Ajeet singh says:

    i have made a better pc then this one in less then 500 dollars in india

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