Can I Get a Job with an Online Degree? CNN Report


Can I Get a Job with an Online Degree? CNN Report

Well, with jobs disappearing fast, people are looking to retrain or retool their careers. For many that means going back to college but not in the traditional sense. Janice Barnwell always hoped to return to school one day to earn a graduate degree. It was something that I just felt I had to do. But, as a single mom who works full time that dream was put on hold until she found a solution- getting her degree online. One of the key things about doing this MBA online was that I could go to class everywhere and anywhere. Whether I was on a business trip, at work, on a lunch break, or at home and I could do it any time. Janice is part of a growing trend, people turning to online schools to save time and money. There has been a significant increase. Online education is growing between 12 and 20 percent as of this past fall, compared to the previous fall. Vicky Phillips, CEO of, a website that rates online schools and degrees, says the spike is a direct result of the tough economy. The reason being is that people who are unemployed they tend to go back to school and start looking for how to re-tool themselves how to do it quickly, and how to do it cost effectively. Janice says she saved around 25,000 dollars by getting her degree online. But the savings didn’t stop there… I didn’t have to drive there and considering gas prices fluctuating, I saved alot there. In addition to, babysitting fees that I would have had to pay someone to watch my daughter while I attended classes. In a time when everyone is looking to save, the way people look at education is changing. For the first time, online education has created a national marketplace. When you have 12,000 different online degree and credential programs to choose from you can literally compare cost, compare prestige. You can actually, for the first time, shop online for a college degree, the same way you would shop for any other big ticket item. For Janice, in addition to paying about half of what a traditional MBA would cost, it also took her far less time to complete her degree online, and she says that’s paying off already. I felt like being online and doing this MBA program was a preliminary of setting for what I would be doing real-life It helped me to navigate and be able to transition into the functions that I currently have today in my job. Here’s another fact you may not know, the majority of regular old-fashioned bricks and mortar colleges, they offer online programs. So, you definately want to check it out and a great way to do that is to go to the website Great place to go, definately check it out. They have all kinds of tools including something they call ‘Best Buy’ which will help you see rankings of individual programs so if you know what area you really want to look in, you’re looking for a specific degree, you can actually sort on that, like a Masters in Healthcare say and you get all kinds of listings from universities all over the country. Not only do they tell you where these programs are, but also how much they cost. I mean check it out, its fantastic. Another thing this website does is tell you about the frauds out there. And let me tell you they are everywhere. Check out the Diploma Mill Police. This is a listing, a tool, you can use to find out whether the people you are working with are actually on the up and up, or not. Many of them, sadly, are not. So let’s check out an example of this. Ok, you may have heard of this school, Regis University, in Denver, Colorado. This is a legitimate school, but guess what? There’s another university with a similar name called St. Regis University. Is it legit? No it is not. Guess what? This university, a diploma mill fraud, actually handed out 10,000 diplomas that were complete fabrications. You want to make sure you don’t do that. So, to check it out go to this website,, and if you want to know more about this topic or others go to Your Bottom Line, that’s our show website, you can find everything we talked about on the show today.

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  4. Rev. Gunn says:

    Kaplan is a shit school

  5. Johnny CincoCero says:

    How's WGU's program?

  6. technical guru says:

    I am from India I'm join online graduate how to contect

  7. gary felder says:

    Wow this was before Michael Jackson passed away

  8. Eric Nieves says:

    Capella University is also one of the biggest scam University. Please do not attend that University unless you want to waste your money and time. The Doctorate Program is a big Flop and they will lie to everyone.

  9. Hygienus Nwagwu says:

    How to Ensure Online Degree Credibility

  10. Jesse Mitchell says:

    You don’t need a doctorate degree and less you’re going to become a doctor and medicine or university professor or an attorney to be a CEO of a company all you need is a bachelors degree otherwise you’re what we call overqualified …!

  11. Joey Tribani says:

    Is Walden uni ok or not

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