Cancer Diagnosis Not Enough to Stop Kristina from Breaking Through

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Cancer Diagnosis Not Enough to Stop Kristina from Breaking Through

If I were to describe myself in one word
it would be brave. You never know how strong you are until
being strong is the only choice you have. Those are the words that I live by
because it’s so true when you’re faced with a challenge you really don’t have a
choice you can fight or you could give up and I fight every time. I’m married. I
have three children. I juggle everything I possibly can with the great support of
my husband. I’ve never met a person who’s more mentally tough than my wife Kristina. Her
motherly instincts how she cares for the kids how she cares for me, Kristina just
always drove through everything always putting everybody else first, especially
the kids. Throughout all her ordeals. When I was 28 years old I just bought my
wedding dress. I was getting married. I felt a tiny lump in my breast. I went to
the doctor’s and had the lump removed and they informed me that I had breast
cancer. They told me at the time that I would never have kids so we adopted my
son as a newborn baby. She was cancer-free for almost six years
and we were fortunate enough that we were able to have two of our own
children and then she had another routine exam and I was working
and she called me. The cancer had come back. It wasn’t fair. I didn’t know where life was
gonna go. I didn’t know if I was gonna see my daughter take her first steps. I
think that my life was spared. I have a purpose to be here and I need to have a
complete life and I need to help others and that’s why that’s why I’m here. By
becoming a nurse. So I knew that I had to get my BSN. I looked into southern New
Hampshire University. I saw that I would be able to achieve my BSN with that
program and I went and I did it. One of the things I love about Southern New
Hampshire University is how flexible the schedule was, in the financial aspect of
it. I ran to my husband with my computer and I said, “look look we can do this.”
Without the Southern New Hampshire University online program there’s no way
that Kristina would have attained her BSN, but we were very very fortunate that
not only one that she found it but two that she was accepted. I knew I had something
to offer and being a nurse I have a lot of empathy because of the experiences
that I’ve had. Now that I have my degree it allows me to separate myself from the
pack. If I didn’t have my BSN I would not be able to advance my career in nursing. I proved to myself that I can do this. As
a mom as a wife, I can’t waste life on negative moments.
There’s no time in life for that. It’s kind of exhilarating you know what I
mean it was almost like you went back to when you graduated high school and to see Kristina as happy as she was and how proud she was of herself, a fighter
you know, she’s someone that you want to be. I took that terrible terrible thing that
happened to me and I turned it around and I needed a positive and now
impacting the lives in a positive way for other people it means the world. I’m
setting an example for my kids. You don’t give up you fight to the finish and you
get your degree from Southern New Hampshire University. When I face
barriers I break through.

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