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HELLO all,this is devyani from to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in BA history. History is
something all of us learn, but seem to forget
as time passes on. But, the old saying says that history repeats after itself. People
who have graduated in Bachelor of Arts with history majors might feel like there is not
much appreciation for BA degree in history, but this might not be entirely the case. There
are quite a few jobs available for history majors if you know where to start looking.
History majors often have capabilities which can be put to really good use, if one knows
how to. History majors are often attributed with skills such as researching, archiving,
and writing. These skills can be put to very good use in many fields.
The easiest and the most widely available choice is being a teacher. This might not
seem like a lucrative job to many, but the job of teaching comes with some benefits.
You will have enough free time to work on some of your other skills, and the satisfaction
of moulding the minds of future generations should be incentive in itself. Then, there
are other jobs such as archivists and librarians. Again, these jobs doesn’t sound as lucrative
as some IT jobs, but they have their own benefits too.
If you are a true history buff, and do not want to give up on your passion, the easiest
solution for you is to find yourself a job as a curator for a museum. What better way
to fill your passion other than surrounding yourself with of great historical significance.
There are quite a few museums in India alone, and you can personally find if any museum
nearby has any openings. There are many other career paths, one can choose from.
You can find job as a public relations officer, or as record manager in some top multinational
companies. But, these jobs are offered to people with a good grasp on English. You might
wonder how your history majors will help you being a public relations officer. History
teaches you patience above all things, and that is trait, which is a must for anyone
who is willing to be a public relations officer. If you are willing to change your domain,
then there are jobs you can find as a sales executive too. These days however sales have
shifted to telecom industry, so you might be finding yourself selling products from
a phone more often than not. Then there is the option of becoming a call centre executive.
This job requires a good grasp of English, and can be a decently rewarding employment
opportunity. History majors can also find jobs as a political
advisor, or even as editors to some newspaper. But, politics is something no one can help
you with but yourself, so you will not find much help on this subject matter online.
But, if you are looking for a career opportunity in any of the above mentioned career choices,
then we recommend that you spend time on will help you find the job
that you are looking for at a destination close
to you.We will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us and do not forget to hit the subscribe button below.

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