CARES Module 3 | SHS Strand: Humanities and Social Sciences

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CARES Module 3 | SHS Strand: Humanities and Social Sciences

Do you dream of becoming a journalist like Jessica Soho or Kara David? Do you want to become a public servant like VP Leni or Senator Bam? If yes, then HUMSS or Humanities and Social Sciences strand may be for you! The HUMSS strand was made for students who love reading, writing, and talking with different kinds of people. If you thought of taking courses like journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, and education, well, the HUMSS strand really is for you! As expected, there isn’t much Math and Science in the HUMSS strand. Instead, there are interesting subjects like world religions and creative nonfiction. As mentioned, the HUMSS strand is for students who love to read and write. In HUMSS, you will develop communication and interpersonal skills to prepare you for careers that require these abilities. Some college courses typically taken after completing the HUMSS strand are the following: Psychology, Literature, Journalism, Political Science, and Philosophy. After pursuing the HUMSS strand you can become: A journalist like Jessica Soho A government official like Leni Robredo A lawyer like Atty. Chel Diokno A news anchor like Mike Enriquez And many more! For more information about the HUMSS strand, visit and head to the Senior High Tracks section.

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