Center for Service & Sustainability | Champlain College

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Center for Service & Sustainability | Champlain College

(gentle music) – The key focus are on
service learning courses, and being a conduit
between community partners and faculty, and building
those relationships. And then, also serving as our main hub for campus sustainability efforts. – I think students have
a hard time realizing how important their individual impact is. So, we really want to make
sure that students know that every decision
they make has an impact on the environment and
on the greater whole. They’re really making sure
they realize how important it is to be knowledgeable
about sustainability and really work to make the
college a sustainable place. (gentle music) – If you think about sustainability, the context to Champlain, it’s one of the core
values of this school, there’s you know, the
professional side of Champlain, and part of that value system is the sustainability concept. What it essentially means is
being conscious of the impact that a college environment can make and recognizing those key points of waste, excess, lack of efficiency and improving them to be a more efficient, more environmentally friendly school. – So, it’s this mixture of
implementing and creating the systems that exist
within the buildings and then, educating folks
or encouraging them, finding their motivation, or whatever it is that’s
gonna get them to do the behaviors that we want, to do it, so, we can have smart buildings
and hopefully, smart people that will do ultimately and
in this great combination of a more sustainable system.

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