CETI: Internships for Doctoral Students

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CETI: Internships for Doctoral Students

So our program responds directly to national
calls for graduate schools to help prepare their students — especially doctoral students
— for a broad range of career opportunities. The way we’re doing that, in part, is through
an experiment in which we place graduate students in internships to enable them to explore their
options, explore different career possibilities before they make their decision on a career path. So while doctoral students are in graduate school, of course, they’re learning how to conduct research, and they often have opportunities to engage in teaching. In their internships, they explore a new world, where they see how people work together in teams; they understand better how rules and regulations affect the work in corporate sectors, nongovernment organizations
and government organizations; and they really just have an opportunity to explore the various career options that are out there in these various sectors.

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