Chabot College World Language Courses

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Chabot College World Language Courses

Welcome to Chabot’s
World Languages Department With our immersion experience, learning another language
can be fast and easy (Teacher speaking in Japanese) At Chabot College, you can complete your first-year
language course in 10 weeks We offer flexible class schedules including evening classes, online, and in-person. Our faculty teaches in their
native languages, (Teacher speaking in Spanish) and the immersion experience
in the classroom will provide you with lots of practice,
and practical experience (Teacheer speaking in Japanese) Learn Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and Italian You can use your new language skills for travel, community services, internships, or become more competitive
in the workplace! (Students speaking Japanese) You can fulfill your basic language
requirements for transfer, and at the same time immerse yourself
in a new culture, new traditions and become a global citizen! You don’t have to go to another country
to learn the language You don’t need to wait, you can start today! Visit Chabot College’s
World Language Department See you soon!

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