Changes for CHAMPS in the New Year | Ashford University

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Changes for CHAMPS in the New Year | Ashford University

Ben: Happy New Year Ashford! My name is Ben Gothia and this is Promoting
Awareness and Wellness in Students. Every January, we focus on ways students can
boost their potential to succeed at Ashford, and in life. This January, we’re talking about CHAMPS! Whether a new or continuing student, Ashford’s
peer mentoring initiative can help you take your academic game to the next level. Settle in for CHAMPS 2.0 as we learn about
this program, the changes that are scheduled for 2019, and the ways that all students can
benefit from this opportunity. Welcome to PAWs. Ben: We sat down with Evan Gray, Student Success
Program Manager at Ashford University, to check in with the CHAMPS peer mentoring program
and to learn more about some exciting achievements. Evan: For those just learning about the program,
CHAMPS pairs high-achieving student mentors with student mentees who can benefit from
having another person in their corner supporting them. Pairs meet weekly to cover a variety of topics
such as time saving techniques and online learning strategies that will support mentees
as they work towards their degree completion. The benefits are not just limited to mentees,
CHAMPS mentors get to take on leadership opportunities, share their experience, and grow their community
network, and feel proud they were able to give back to their fellow classmates. Looking at the past 12 months, 2018 was an
exciting year for the Champs Program. We had a record year, welcoming over 2000
mentors and mentees into the program and celebrating over 600 students who successfully completed
the program milestones. We believe in the power of meaningful relationships
between our students; and it was amazing to see all the awesome mentoring relationships
that were formed this year! We’re happy to be a part of such an amazing
program. Ben: Evan discusses what our students can
expect from the Champs Program in 2019. Evan: First, let me begin with what’s not
going to change. Our Student Success Coordinators have been
collaborating with students, faculty, and colleagues across Ashford to enhance CHAMPS
in 2019! These changes open the program to a broader
student population while allowing students to select a track that more closely aligns
with their goals. For example, students might explore the ‘Expand
Your Support Community Plan’ designed for new college students, or our ‘Undergraduate
Academic Preparedness Plan’ for students who have some college experience and want
to understand Ashford’s resources. For those looking to jumpstart their marketability
while finishing their degree, we offer our ‘Career and Professional Development Plan’. For our graduate students, we offer the ‘Graduate
Academic Preparedness Plan’ which is designed to help students master the rigor needed to
become successful graduate students. And finally, we are proud to offer the ‘Military
Academic Support and Career Transition Plan’ for our military-affiliated students which
includes active duty, veterans, as well as military spouses. These additional plans will allow student
mentees to stay active in CHAMPS and give them the opportunity to complete multiple
plans. For the mentors, it will allow them time to
branch out and provide new guidance and support in areas that they have excelled in! All of these tracks allow students to work
with a mentor and cover developmental milestones designed to help them grow both academically
and personally, regardless of where they are at in their educational journey. Ben: If students want to get involved, Evan
tells them how. Evan: Students can learn all about Champs
and sign up to be a mentor or mentee on our website. We offer weekly orientation for new participants
and arrange new pairing cohorts each Tuesday! If you have questions about Champs that you
can’t find on our website, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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