FGTV! help me do there’s some bullies at my desk get for me up on their heads get him get him yeah hey guys what’s up its MCTV daddy and chase and we’re in school uh.. who said that. why are you standing on my desk chase alright chase listen but we have to escape from school oh alright dude who is this guy is that our teacher haha alright chase come on let’s follow me i’m gonna lead you we’re gonna go out of this classroom we got to escape oh wait that’s outside stop trying to kiss me chase where, we can’t get out of the door huh are man so how bowt in this classroom oh, oh computer class maybe i can look up instructions online. scuse’ me sir was just about to use that . Can you get off of there exsuse me, sir I like trains I don’t care Oh youtube okay we gotta go on youtube okay, okay we need to search for how to escape school. Ok YouTube is no good. What about Google, Desktop, roblox, youtube, google. The best four places to go on the computer. let’s be specific fgtv youtube right, Ya still none of this explains how we escape. A book! A book! Where? You found a clue? It says I need to go somewhere that’s hidden. Oh you found a book. Ok. fine. Let’s go find somewhere that’s hidden let’s get out of here hey whats up guys if you didn’t know I’m like the most popular kid at school look at all these people all right guys come on listen. Quit crowding around me i’m gettin sweaty and I didn’t put on deodorant and trying to go to a dance with Julie after school so listen we have to escape school so I can make it to the store get some new outfits all right let’s go I’m mad. Why are you mad let’s try and meet but let’s also what way take it out to the Courtyard what does that mean if you’re mad you get to like press something huh I lat 40 all i could probably do this oh that’s my actual fate well that’s cool wait to see my head and I get it we’re gonna meet now but alright i’m so mad dude get out of here i’m so mad i’m gonna be late for my date I don’t get out of this thinking school huh oh right here the cracks whoa cool thank you got no shirt on what is this point we escaped from school sit to be doing go through the cracks in a locker come on chase hey are you following me yeah i’m waiting for daddy hey man its coach guys in those popular guy in school one no war ok got it wit is somebody hurt Amy cannot touch that watch up yes can’t go climb guys we gotta get it well okay I example of the guy in school I didn’t seem very coordinated I really just don’t know what I’m doing their ego takes me awhile to learn things I’m so popular I don’t really have time to pay attention who’s killing me can’t one to jump did it now chase where are you watching don’t touch the blocks yes with the big jump big trouble with the dream jump dude my school is acting all see I think that’s my take over there she said she loves me I didn’t put out the owner it’s letting you know you still want to go to the dance meet Julia jump yeah Julia no don’t run from me Julia died what where am I scared I did yeah we both escaped yeah yeah we escapes go now you gonna be with you yeah yeah come on cheese cheese do you have a day to know why do you want to escape your bed design you don’t like dealing with the girl Oh which one there’s so many of them i like the one in puppy what puppy the one in carpet yeah you have a girlfriend who stuck in carpet yeah so it’s kind of being one thing all your girlfriend’s name is carpet market yeah dude can I borrow his hot rod i totally i’m gonna need this for my D all right Julia here I come going to pick up julia she lives nearby we live in a really small town i think this is her house she has a butler her brother’s name is a is Dominator excuse me mr. Dominator Butler have you seen Julia you know she’s upstairs okay thanks man come on chase them in the house we’re going upstairs to find Julia Julia are you ready i’m here for my day Julia Julia see you upstairs don’t think something julia’s hair to ya oh hey Julie I’m here to pick you up on a date I don’t want to go what I don’t even like you you don’t like me anymore I’ve ever what you do you like TV beauty trees make me Tris mcnees julia says she wants to go on a date with you you always feel like a friend I gotta get out of this out but thats it like you’re on that I did all that work is it because i didn’t put on the owner is let me jump to see my kids to myself oh it is because i didn’t put out the order and teleport 2 winners yes i’m a winner what is this super jump hall i could super jump and I could fly now number four that’s not like super jump to me well I got fired bad grass pad just go pad advanced pad lighting bad water bad booth boy key keepers pass oh yes look at this maybe I can win back Julia with my awesome moves click it we need all yet juliana give me that I get skateboard Julia Julia down here luck i get skateboard now it’s a cool lean forward you got your cell meet you care well okay that’s it Julia you know what I’m going to be with me I like your help my fire Julius houses on fire I’m sorry duenna just the teenagers crazy and out of control well well well well well oh I landed on top go down go to have we by going on the gala Julia always still like girlfriends think maybe Superman using pre-k other fourth grade I know alright Joe and why is so evil why you look at me Julia was your day with g find some new friends I need Julia it’s probably going to be a friend in this treehouse no fangs and there anybody in here Julie I’ll leave me a lot of trying to get over you and all you do is you just follow me around except getting out of here i’m jumping into this pit of lava is it love it’s probably not lovable up writing you to rate my motorcycle Julia you work for builder brothers pizza mario luigi reset my character mystery set up I had to get away from Julia she was so evil i made a new friend his name is will be he’s gonna treat me better than Julia did now you want to know you just show my girlfriend now you want to find out how to get a bird just get away from me I’m flying around calling and it is that once they ever i fell off the earth it goes my way I just want to go up i’m stuck in the roots on there yes come back I’m going on top of here I’m gonna be like King Kong she know it’s not cheesy your other boyfriend haha that’s all i care is chase Julia look at you did this baby pygmy pay max to be my friend bags scale of 1 to 10 I’m feeling like a one right now you help your attendees in forex forex everybody hey max what is what is he doing back buddy look at me i want to be friends will you be my friend gets lasering people the school’s feeling sick people I’m so angry you’re disgusting thank you all now baby backs is the most popular guy here oh look another one thing but that you’re done you turn the whole world against me Julie could we just talk Julia listen I know there’s a lot of people around us but I just I just want to talk to you I really like your car can always leave me alone look you made Julia leave now she’ll never talk 300 you come back I came and she said which is sometimes she said she was the post of us follow me guys if they follow me i’m going to the moon going to the moon where I may find true love wait nevermind there’s only man on they’re going to a playground to lap are you out there I got you a gift here I got your gift Julia so that you may you may take me back here have it and it you wanted here hi are we friends again I wait are you I think we are she likes me again chicks IPL well guys this is the worst day ever escaped from school but my heart was broken and now there’s there’s no one left to hang out with typical teacher you don’t even teach good you told me things i learned last year third grade alright teaching calculus or something I’m going up going down deep dark hole fine purely fob

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