Choose Kingston Business School for your undergraduate degree

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Choose Kingston Business School for your undergraduate degree

So at Kingston Business School, we offer a
wide range of courses from business management, business studies and also some specialist
courses in business such an IT, human resources and marketing. Any student coming to Kingston Business School
can expect a high level of teaching. We have experience from industry, we have experience
in research and above all we are excellent teachers. Our students come first. Kingston University as a whole, especially
the Business School, is quite an international place in itself. We have got loads of nationalities.
So in a way you kind of feel like you are going to find people from where you are from. Why I have decided to come to Kingston Business
School — they just renewed the Business School when I was going to enter the University.
They just built a whole new bit to the School. It was eco-friendly as well, so that was just
a plus. So all of the infrastructure and the IT rooms and everything seemed new and great
for me to study and it just seemed like a great opportunity — a great place to go really. Kingston as a town is a fantastic place for
a student — it really is. I have always said that it’s the best of both worlds — you don’t
have the hustle and bustle of central London and its just out of the way enough to be tranquil
and quite calm. Transport into central London — many many different ways. You have the
bus, which probably takes around 45 minutes max — very cheap. You have the train links
— that’s 25, 30 minutes maximum. I have always used the lab rooms, which is
where I am now. You can see that there are lots of computers. I only come here because
I like to study on my own — to be focussed. ‘Study Space’ is where you can access all
of your modules, all the information about the lecturers, everything to do with your
assignments — your deadlines — reading lists that you have to read up on as well. All of the software is updated regularly so
you won’t have any problems with that. It’s really fast — really easy to use as well.
Its all the same if you go to the library and the other study rooms or the lab rooms
so you wont have any problems. You can also access your hard drive from home as well so
you don’t have to use a USB all of the time. I can research about the music area, which
is just down to the side where they have computers and equipment for people to use. It caters
for a lot of things and doesn’t keep you narrow minded. Its broadly minded. You meet a lot
of students here as well. Kingston has everything that you would expect
from a city really — bars, restaurants, cinema, bowling. We have the riverside here, which
is lovely in the summer — plenty of bars and restaurants alongside here. The community seems very welcoming of the
students here. They very much embrace having the students So my role within the Business School is an
employability consultant. I work with the Business School to enhance the employability
of Kingston students We have a number of events throughout the
year that focus on lots of different employers coming into campus. Some employers promote
internships, work placements, graduate schemes and we have quite a lot of creative events
as well — speed interviewing, question and answer sessions and lots of our alumni come
into campus as well and the whole idea of those events are to enhance the employment
opportunities for students. So from the first year, they are starting to think about their
graduate career prospects. The KU Talent team are here to help you recognise
your career potential. We are recruitment experts and we will do our best to ensure
that there is a smooth transition for you to the workplace. Well I will be going into my final year in
September, after having completed a summer internship, which is partly thanks to the
university. They have really helped me a lot through the placements office and the Business
School to secure this. Eventually I would love to do my MBA and I
suppose it’s very likely that I will come back to Kingston Business School for that. Why I love studying at Kingston University?
— Because its flexible, I can come in whenever I want to study. I can get access to the library
— the study rooms. You can also book separate rooms to do your presentations with your group. You also have the canteen as well so you’re
not always just in the library or lab rooms In terms of learning, I would have to say
that the highlights are the facilities, the lecturers and the availability of everything
— the convenience. The research centre is open 24 hours a day so there are no excuses
to not study. The lecturers are very open, very friendly and im very happy to have chosen
the Business School. I can hole heartedly say that its lived up to my expectations and
I would recommend it to any prospective student. Students who come to Kingston Business School
because of our teaching, our research, and not only that the quality of the experience
that they will get whilst at Kingston University, will set them up for the rest of their life.

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