Christian Counseling Degree Online

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Christian Counseling Degree Online

Hello this is Dr. Don Ibbitson with Above
& Beyond Counseling Academy and I’d like to spend a few minutes to acquaint you with
our Christian counseling degree program. By way of introduction Above & Beyond Counseling
Academy is part of the Above & Beyond Counseling Ministries which is a worldwide ministry headquartered
in Tampa Florida. The ministry provides Christian counseling and deliverance ministry services
locally and worldwide via Skype and the Academy focuses on education and training services
to equip the Saints for the work of ministry. Our Christian counseling degree program is
set up with the National Christian counselors Association we are was called a certified
academic institution with them this program provides self-paced home study courses to
allow motivated students to gain their Masters or doctoral degrees in clinical Christian
counseling and also be licensed with BNC CA is basically for programs one is a licensed
only as a combined bachelor and Master’s program Master’s program or doctoral degree
program if you have a bachelor’s degree already you can work to acquire your Masters
if you have a Master’s degree and you can earn your doctoral degree. In fact that’s
the program I went into. I had a Master’s degree in business and wanted to work towards
a doctoral degree and obtained that through this program. There is good news for students
who do not have a Master’s degree we have what’s called the fast track program for mature
students who do not have the degree to help you get a bachelor’s degree quickly and
work towards getting your Master’s degree in clinical Christian counseling brief overview
of the program these are self-paced home study courses are done via books DVD or over the
Internet no classroom courses are required take a look at the different programs in on
this on the website using their very affordable pay-as-you-go modules people ask how long
does it take I tell you it’ll take as long as little as effort and time you schedule
put into it because basically you do them on your own pace. There are also numerous
seminar seminary choices available that you get your degree, once again that’s on the
website as well and because of the Internet-based nature of the courses is available worldwide
and we do ship courses worldwide as well. I will be the clinical supervisor who was
assigned to help you and for the foreseeable future until we get overloaded that’s going
to be me I will be your clinical supervisor. All courses were written by Christian therapists.
There is a group of common core courses that pretty much everyone he has to take there
are elective and advanced courses that you get to choose from in different fields especially
if you’re in your Masters or PhD programs. The thesis requirement is met by doing some
number of counselor reports that are based upon the Arno profile system. The Arno profile
system is a clinical diagnostic tool that you learn about in the program it’s extremely
useful extremely helpful and I almost a cornerstone the law the counseling that you’re going to
be doing what is the manager the program I think you look at the courses and the pricing
compared to what we call brick-and-mortar mortar schools rather are very affordable
okay a much less expensive and then maybe some other options he might have you can graduate
when you’re reading because it’s a modular courses and pay-as-you-go. No classroom studies
so if you’re good at scheduling your time you can get through the program in relatively
quick order. and you might if you are on a program schedule dictated by my campus and
another huge advantage and believe is the NCCA licensing is concurrent with your degree
in other words when you graduate with a degree are also licensed with the National Christian
counselors Association. If you have an interest take a look on the website find the program
you think you might be interested in a review all the information you can download an application
packet from there and send in the application fee and the module a payment to get started.
Of course if you have any questions or anything please give us a call at the number that’s
shown or you can e-mail us and be happy to answer any questions you may have. Once again
I would like to thank you for your interest and God bless you

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