Cinematic Composing Online Music School – Courses Explained

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How does it work? Once you enroll you will receive the login
the details. You will have access to your course page with all the texts, videos and audios. It usually takes around twelve weeks to complete
the course, you can go a little bit faster or take as much time as you want. At the end of each week there’s an assignment,
it’s not a mandatory assignment, you can do it or not, we encourage doing the
assignment. Once you submit the assignment, you will receive
a video feedback of your teacher on camera, giving you advice. Every week there’s a Live Video Chat. This is very cool because you’ll have a chance
to see your teacher and the rest of the students and interact with them live. Depending on the course you choose, you will
have access to one Masterclass with professional composers, such as Christopher Young, Blake
Neely… actively working in the industry. Once you enroll to the course you can claim
your certificate of enrollment which will give you access to education discounts to
libraries or plugins and at the end of the course, you will get a diploma certificate
of completion.

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