College Day in My Life at NYU | New York University


College Day in My Life at NYU  | New York University

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100 thoughts on “College Day in My Life at NYU | New York University”

  1. Akma Bva says:

    Моя Айнура❤️😘♥️

  2. Alex Wright says:

    im in bed right now

  3. ECO MAN says:

    Dope 🙂

  4. Gabriela Umansky says:


  5. Choiful Discoveries says:

    Love your fashion sense! IG: @choifuldiscoveries

  6. Marine Segh says:

    It's 20:57

  7. licona jaime says:

    I love your channel! Keep up with the good work 💜💜💜 my instagram username is diana.l_

  8. Joyce Chan says:

    i toured nyu last month and it was so nice

  9. Mighty- Mighty says:

    ily.dna 😀

  10. Hibah Mirza says:

    Love this video! I also did a similar video on my channel – I’m a medical student! I would love if u could check it out xx

  11. N Y says:

    Не пропадайте 😢🙏🏻❤️

  12. Elber Oum says:

    I love watching what people study and how they carry on with their days soooo Thank youuu~ 💖

  13. Elber Oum says:

    Love your name between💖

  14. Gamal Askalani says:

    Is it for free for international students ? For medical school ?

  15. Comet Ali says:

    more day in my life vlogs please. love the content.

  16. Che Blos says:

    Do you have scholarship?

  17. Kate Heston says:

    @kateheston on insta.. im going to NYU in jan!

  18. Spencer yuan says:

    Plz do more NYU videos thxxx!!

  19. Theresa says:

    I’m from sf, California! ahaha

  20. Vivi Celine says:


  21. Lydia Gardner says:

    ig: lydia.gardner
    just started a channel, would love your support!

  22. Jiji Nts says:

    Hi dear Ainura i love your videos So much they are so interesting . My name's Nedjma by the way . i hope that u can read my comment i'm really in need for a little help if u can so if i can contact u via e-mail or any social media please let me know . with a lot of love😘😊

  23. thisdudelovesyou me says:

    Did you cheat on your english quiz

  24. Debora says:

    I love it… moreee pleasee

  25. Jasmine Diantoro says:

    Ahh you're so pretty x I applied ED1 to Stern!

  26. Yung&Dumb says:

    Hey Listen! Check out our how to win at college series based in Flint, Michigan 🙌.

    Thank you for your time ~ Amen 🙏

  27. Sonya Acuna says:

    Loved your video! Super cool editing. Such a joy to watch. Can’t wait for more content😊

  28. Cynonian says:

    life_or_joke My insta

  29. Yami says:

    What’s your Instagram?

  30. Shakhlo Giyasova says:

    The classes are pretty short…

  31. sara maria says:

    whats the song in the beginning?

  32. Travel To The World says:


  33. mns mabed says:

    Keep smiling

  34. Fernanda Ferreyra says:

    9:57 pm

  35. Malachi Figueroa says:

    @yourboymali I go to St. John's University

  36. Michael Schaefer says:

    Does the cost of living in new york effect you ar all? I want to go to NYU but I know new york is very expensive.

  37. Alinatxza says:


  38. Mike Stories says:

    Brooklyn born!

  39. Adnan A says:

    Great vlog! NY is so aesthetic.

  40. tim0thy says:

    I'm gonna go there in 5 years and I'm gonna be a pre med

  41. Eva Merida says:

    You have to be pretty heckin smart to go there!

  42. Rose Like says:

    Enjoyed watching this vlog! I just start doing uni-related videos in the UK so it's interesting to see what the uni life is like in the US 🙂

  43. Shubham Bharal says:

    Please tell me which background song (tune) u have used in starting of your video

  44. popty-ping says:

    10:03 PM in new york on 1 jan 2019

  45. Tomasz Jankowski says:

    Got my acceptance a few months ago for ED 1, can't wait to be here in a few months!

  46. Rishabh says:

    See me on Instagram

  47. D P says:

    See Chrysler Building from your room. That's a bless.

  48. Chimela Ogele says:

    just submitted my app wish me luck

  49. Black Apple says:

    u Korean?

  50. xoxo sr says:

    does she live on campus or does she rent an apartment somewhere? her view is gorgeous !

  51. Marieme Barry says:

    6:13 pm 🙂

  52. Sophie Snyder says:

    could you do a video on your high school stats? thanks

  53. Reginald Dancy says:

    4:36 ik this is old butt I read that there

  54. Madiyar Tyurin says:

    Алматы – 16:26 🙂

  55. Mahitha Meenakshi says:

    I wanna go there for business. I love NY

  56. дарина магомадова says:

    I'm from Kazakhstan. Do you speak Russian?

  57. Andre Egbuna says:


  58. Alisa 00 says:

    – Подумала по обложке, что видео будет на русском: началось на английском
    – Решила что ошиблась с этничностью, смирилась с этой мыслью
    – В итоге, книга в конце все расставила по местам 😄
    Здоровское произношение, так держать! 🙂

  59. hewwo! says:

    Aren’t you the girl from Storybooth? I’m also planning on going to NYU when I grow up!

  60. Mr. Sardor says:

    Hi Ainura it’s first time on your channel i love it and I’d like to ask with what scores did u enter nyu. Now I’m preparing for SAT

  61. Royalty. lij says:

    Applying for buy this year. Hopefully I get in. Fingers crossed!

  62. Mari’s Music says:

    Unsure if I’ve seen you on campus or if I’ve seen your videos before 🤔🤔 but I enjoyed this anyways 🙂

  63. Kai Owens says:

    Hi I’m new to ur channel and I love it already. I have a question. What were your grades and extracurriculars like in high school to get you into NYU ?

  64. Ingrid Sophia Lyons says:

    Ok I believe ur in Steinhardt School and I got accepted into Music Technology at Steinhardt, do u think that’s worth it? Also I got into the Steinhardt Honors Program, does that truly mean something or do many people get in?

  65. Georgia Clark says:

    What major are u

  66. erica M says:

    How do u do ur eyebrow so well

  67. dilsy annu says:


  68. Hudson's Toy Garage says:

    9:20 am in Atlanta, Georgia

  69. bernie udo says:

    So happy to see you're doing all right. Just do your best. Don't give up. NYC best place to be @ 22. NYU best school w/great resources. Future looks bright. Stick with it! Class of '85. I❤️NY

  70. Seidian-Belle Causey says:


  71. xuecong wang says:

    Hi Ainura. I just got into NYU aa 2023erhhhh. I am wondering which hall u are living in cuz the view is amazing!

  72. Scarlett Eloise says:

    are there a lot of international students? and what do they think of nyu? xx

  73. Javokhirbek Khaydaraliev says:

    Thank you so much !!! I really enjoyed it !!! I do hope I can transfer to NYU !!!!

  74. asrw says:

    🦋🇰🇿moi beautiful kazakh YouTuber🐳🦄

  75. TheRealColin says:

    4:35 bottom right

  76. rr Gu says:

    Thank your for sharing!!!

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  78. Orchadia says:

    It is 7:26 AM where I am right now 🙂

  79. Diana Lorch says:

    what song is at the beginning?

  80. Réka Soltész says:


  81. Fatash umar O says:

    I’m in elementary 4 th grade

  82. Luis YLobo says:


  83. hope in everything says:

    Professor: what do you expect from our campus?
    Me: lots of thots

  84. Futaim BM says:

    2:53 am geneva

  85. Ron Worthy says:

    Hey I was just wondering if you were Kazakh! Haha! You sound and look familiar!

  86. Dani Chen says:

    What is ur major? Econ in CAS?

  87. Silver Moon says:

    12:22 am

  88. Oboss19 says:

    4:56pm Here in VA

  89. bijou gacha says:

    how are the dorms? and what do you need to get into NYU like GPA and stuff

  90. Mehdi Bukhari says:

    2:46 PM in Sydney Australia :)))

  91. Haruka Takahashi says:

    It is 7:00pm here right now btw I really want to go to NYU but I am
    now only 6th grade 😀

  92. Jishu Kalotra says:

    wish i could afford nyu

  93. krissskovaL says:

    2:52 Saint Petersburg, Russia

  94. leos says:

    wow u read russian so fast, I am so impressed

  95. MASTER BLASTER says:

    I went to community college in Brooklyn by the beach – now I'm a multi-millionaire – worked out for me

  96. 탄지로 says:

    Oh! NYU university is my daddy's school!!But……l'm korean😂

  97. Muslimakhon Asrorova says:

    Please answer)) what kind of exams i should take to study at NYU? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  98. nFatrin nFatrin says:

    12.30 am indonesia

  99. Naiana Patil says:

    @naianapatil on Instagram

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    Hi friend .. I am new subscriber from India. How are you.. Please replied..

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