College Experience Reflection | Finding Tatum’s Purpose

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College Experience Reflection | Finding Tatum’s Purpose

– Its funny because three years has passed and you wouldn’t think
that that’s that much time but we’ve done so much
within those three years. There were actually a lot of times, too, that weren’t necessarilly fun, but its interesting that it’s on camera or I had talked about it and
things that I went through. All throughout high school I
thought I was gonna go to ASU and I had heard about GCU but I’d never taken a tour of the campus and
so I took a tour with my mom. I could picture myself
going to school there. I was like, “this feels right.” If I hadn’t came here I definitely
wouldn’t be who I am now. I’ve definitely grown in my relationship with Christ by being here. I was able to learn more about
the bible than I had before, I went to chapel every
Monday and going to see the gathering every Tuesday, that was just something that I hadn’t done before coming to college. So I was able to grow in
a way that I would never have been able to if I hadn’t come here. I can say that confidently
just because I know that the experience that I’ve
had here is so different than other people have
had at other schools. So, it’s changed me so much,
and I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to come here. I’m just gonna miss the people and a lot of the memories I’ve made here. So not being able to come
here every day and think, oh over there was where I did this or I hung out with people over there. It’s just kind of like, it’s weird. I have a lot of memories here so the fact that that’s coming to an
end and I won’t be able to do that anymore is
odd, it’s really strange. College is temporary and
you don’t want to focus so much on it that it becomes
the only thing you see and then once it’s done you’ve
devastated your relationship between your family or you friends because you didn’t make time for anybody. So that’s one of the things in college that I think is a part
of that balancing act. You have to be able to find time between your homework and
doing activities in school and talking to your
family and your friends because once that’s done then if you don’t maintain that relationship,
what are you gonna have? I don’t think that finding
your purpose is something that’s ever a stagnant one-time thing. Like say I was a doctor and
my purpose would’ve been to become the best doctor ever and I did, then it’s like well what
do you do after that? Like then you don’t have a purpose. And I think that’s what life its about. I think it’s finding
all the smaller things that you’re meant to do
along the way, you know? Like I had a purpose in
live to be a bigger sister or be an older sister to my siblings, and I had a purpose in life to come here and become a student, but if that’s over and I don’t have any other purpose, then I mean is my life over? I don’t think that’s the
right way to think about it, so I think that as time
goes on there’s just a lot of different things that are gonna bring me a purpose in my life. Obviously my biggest purpose is following what He wants me to
do, following His path. But I don’t think that’s
limiting to anything. I had so much fun throughout
this entire experience, and it’s over, and that’s sad. I’m sad to see that I’m gonna be done. It’s crazy to think in my mind that after I’m done all of
those videos and everything is still gonna be out
there for people to watch so the fact that they get to see what I’ve put out there, I
mean that means a lot to me. So I’m happy that I’ve
been able to share my story with other people and
hopefully make an impact in some way that can help them. Just, I guess if you’re in it right now have as much fun as you
can, go to school, enjoy it because it’s gonna go by so fast. (laughs) One last one. Crazy.

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