College Kids React To One Direction Solo Careers (Where Are They Now?)


College Kids React To One Direction Solo Careers (Where Are They Now?)

– I thought I could watch this
like a normal person, but I still can’t.
Ah! – He’s the bad boy, too.
He’s on a motorcycle. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Alberto, when’s
the last time you thought about One Direction?
– Not in a long time. What has ten feet and doesn’t
exist anymore? One Direction. – When Harry Styles released
Lights Up, I was suddenly brought back to my
One Direction days. – This morning.
Directly in front of my closet, I have my One Direction dolls
that are still in the box right above my shoes,
so when I wake up, I see my boyfriends
and then I start my day. – (FBE) We did a similar
episode with our adults, but since all the members
of One Direction have released a lot of new music
since then, we thought it would be
interesting to take a look at each of their most recent
singles to see how they’re progressing as solo artists.
– Okay, so I know the orgy clip from
Harry Styles’ new song and nothing else. – I follow a couple of
their solo careers like Harry and Zayn.
This feels very full circle, ’cause when I first started
React, I reacted to One Direction. ♪ You don’t know you’re beautiful ♪ – (FBE) So, the first song
we’ll playing is Harry Styles’ brand new single Lights Up.
Have you heard it? – It’s a great one
with a great video. – Oh, I’m so excited.
We’re cool, we’re calm. We’re not gonna get
sweaty yet. – Okay, here we go, HS2. – That’s a lot of bodies. – Why is everyone touching him? – Damn, very sensual
off the bat. – I thought I could watch this
like a normal person, but I still can’t.
Ah! He’s on the back of a motorcycle. – Ooh, okay.
A little bisexuality. – Yeah, I’ve seen this on twitter
only a million trillion times. – He makes a lot of different
looks and sounds in this one. He sounds even a little like
Zayn on his newer music, honestly. ♪ Lights up and they know
who you are ♪ ♪ Know who you are
Do you know who you are? ♪ – I love this new era
of music for him. ♪ Shine ♪
– Ah! Oh my God, I love
the sexual fluidity. – ♪ I’m not ever going back ♪
I like the chorus a lot. ♪ Ever going back ♪
– Such a good song. I wonder what that set
smelled like while they were filming this. – I wanna swim in this
sea of people with him. – I wanna get sweaty
with Harry Styles. ♪ I’m not ever ♪
– His voice is so good. His last album was a little more
rock to me. This feels a little more
mellow and artisty. He can do whatever
the hell he wants. He’s Harry Styles. – He’s becoming more
experimental as he evolves. I think One Direction was
as safe as you could go because obviously, it was
more for teens. As he’s advancing forward,
it’s like, okay, this was a little more out there.
This is Harry himself and now he’s like,
“Oh, I’m experimenting with all these different visuals
plus types of music.” – It’s so edgy and it’s also
very 2019, I guess. One thing that I really love
about Harry Styles is that he’s always
seemed to be very comfortable with himself, so that’s
something that I admire about him. ♪ I like the way you talk ♪ – Oh, he looks so grown up. – I don’t think I’ve heard this. – Oh, what a smug looking
cute boy. – This sounds like it should
be the background music to a Grey’s Anatomy episode. – I feel like I’m watching
a Disney Channel original movie. ♪ I wanna blow your mind
Just come with me, I swear ♪ – Eh. – Yo, that’s a grandma, homie. – Wow, Niall is coming
for everyone’s throats. – I wish Niall Horan would look
at me walking down the street. ♪ Every time I turn around
you disappear ♪ – I think it’s cute to see him
because I feel like he grew up the most
since he started. – He looks like he’s walking
out of an explosion or something. ♪ What’s your name?
Let me treat you ♪ – I think they could have
done better. No disrespect.
His voice, I think deserves a lot more than that. – It was cute.
It was simple. I definitely liked Harry’s
video a lot better. It was a little more creative. – I liked his vibe,
his charisma. ♪ I don’t wanna be broke
when I D-I-E ♪ ♪ Wanna be living it up
in VIP ♪ – Okay, this is not what
I thought it was gonna be at all. ♪ I’ve been working
and getting by ♪ – This is very different than
the other guys. ♪ ‘Cause I got dreams
for you and I ♪ ♪ So I got money on my mind
If you wanna stack it up ♪ ♪ Man, you gotta work for it
I-I-I-I-I-I ♪ – This is Justin Timberlake. – You know what?
He’s doing his best. ♪ But that ain’t enough
to get me by ♪ ♪ So I stack it up, man
I gotta work for it ♪ – I feel like his music
is also a little sexy, but simple. ♪ Money on my mind ♪
– Okay, I like this one too, ’cause it’s about the hustle.
It’s about him trying to get some racks and [bleep],
so I can always relate to that. – This is his vibe.
This is what he’s been about since his solo career. – This is very consistent with
his solo music in general. Everything has the same vibe
where it wants to be hip hop, but it’s staying very safe.
This is definitely different from One Direction’s sound. – Even though I know this one
isn’t as strong as the others, I’m still so with it because
I was so far up One Direction’s asses. ♪ You’re a nightmare
on the dance floor ♪ – Drone shots, okay. – I’ve always found Loius’ voice
to be really unique. ♪ While I’m waiting ♪
– It sounds very British to me. – Very Beatles. ♪ The devil in my brain
whispering my name ♪ – He’s a bad boy now. – He’s the bad boy, too.
He’s on a motorcycle. ♪ And won’t let go ♪
– I kinda like this. This is like throwback
middle school vibes. ♪ You kill my mind ♪
– I didn’t know My Chemical Romance was making a comeback. – Oh, I like this.
I would listen to this. – Okay, Loius.
Look at you. – See, this is fun, too.
It’s upbeat, but it’s not as manufactured
as One Direction was. ♪ You kill my mind
Raise my body ♪ – Wow, I love that visual. – This is very different
from the other songs. – I feel like he never
got older. His face, I feel like he’s
just always looked like that. – He’s literally going the modern
Beatle route. I kinda like that because
it’s not overdone. – You can tell that he’s taking
influences from other rock artists and this feels more like
him now than it was before when he was doing more
electronic stuff. – Almost reminds me of
Hozier a little bit. I feel like it’s all more indie
because One Direction was literally so–
to me, it was so pop. ♪ Walks in the place,
hands on her waist ♪ ♪ Gun on her thigh,
big shooter game ♪ – Zayn has always had
such an amazing voice. – Okay baseline,
you just showed up. – He kinda can do a little
bit of a funky tone to his stuff, but also have
the R&B soul to him. – Oh, is he a super assassin? – I feel like it’s a stunt double,
but I’d like to think that’s Zayn. – ♪ Sour diesel
I can’t stop the feeling ♪ Parkour, ooh. ♪ Can’t stop the feeling ♪
– Oh, got him. – I can picture this in
a Quentin Tarantino movie. ♪ Didn’t feel it seep in
She burn, she burn, she burn ♪ ♪ Like a sour diesel ♪ – Funk.
Spy funk. – I’d definitely listen to this
in my car driving down the beach. – I like the choreography in this. – This is like an action movie. ♪ She burn, she burn, she burn
like a sour diesel ♪ – I don’t know what
sour diesel means, but I’m with it.
His first album sounded a lot more like the Weeknd
and now, I don’t even know how to explain it,
but it sounds more like him. – He has become the artist
he wanted to be, which I think is really cool
even though we were all bummed as hell when he left.
We were distraught. He had that time to really
evolve and go from this cookie cutter pop artist
to the bad boy he needed to be. They all definitely have
their own tone to them now and we can kinda recognize
them all as more adults. – I really like that song.
It kinda gives me Lenny Kravitz vibes.
I feel like this song is also a departure
from his early solo music. This is not like Pillow Talk.
They each bring a different sound to the table
and so I feel like people can appreciate them
for those reasons. – (FBE) So now that you’ve
seen all of their most recent solo music, we have to ask
of the songs you heard today, which one was your favorite?
– The one from Niall Horan, ’cause it was just upbeat
and poppy and reminded me of Maroon 5-ish. – Zayn’s.
It just gets inside your ear a little bit.
You’re just like, ooh. This [bleep] slaps. – It had to be Louis’.
I love alternative music. I’m a scene girl at heart. – Lights Up and Sour Diesel
were definitely my favorites. – To be honest, Sour Diesel
is still stuck in my head right now. – I’m biased, Harry.
The story he tells in his song is really good.
It correlates with what’s going on in the video. – It’s obviously Harry Styles,
but as much as I love Harry Styles, all of the boys,
their new singles are doing so well.
They’re so good and I love how all of them
have really just found their own in their solo careers. – (FBE) One thing that a lot
of people talk about throughout any artist’s career
is how their music evolves. For these five artists
in particular, based on what you know about them
and how they started, how would you describe
their sound as individuals versus their sound as a group?
– No, I feel like it’s the same because I feel like the
One Direction songs that I have heard,
they still kind of incorporate rock and pop and these guys
are still doing pop. – It’s so different.
It changed so much. I mean, as a group,
when you’re a collective, you don’t really have a chance
to differ off too much. Now as individuals,
everyone has their own aesthetic or sense of direction
that they’re going into, not One Direction anymore. – As a group, they were
super pop, but now, it feels like most of them
are taking a lot more rock influences. – They’re finally becoming
the artists that they originally intended to be,
but it took One Direction to give them the direction. – They’re 500% better
as individual artists. This is not always true,
but I feel like they have to come together and make this
more generic thing and I think the enemy
of creativity in music is being generic,
so I think most groups, when they break up,
they usually will find their own individual flavors. – They had so much fun music
and I loved it. I saw them eight times.
But I was 12-13 at the time and that was the music
that spoke to me, but now, they’re actually–
actual artists. They each are falling into
different genres. They’re still in that pop mix.
None of them really left that, but it’s more real music
than it was before. – (FBE) So finally, One Direction
is technically still on hiatus. Do you think they’ll ever
come back or do you think this hiatus will turn into them
permanently going in their own directions?
– Yeah, I don’t think this is a hiatus.
I think they’re done. Even if they did, I can’t
really see what kind of music they would be making together. – They’re way far from
the One Direction sound at this rate that it’s gonna be
so hard for them to get back together. – They’ll probably come back,
’cause they’ll make money coming back. – They wanna make a [bleep] ton
of money, then they should go back together on
a One Direction tour. Everyone who listened to them
growing up would be super into it. – I hope they come back,
but I know they won’t, but a girl can dream. – Everyone does a comeback.
That’s So Raven did a comeback. I just hope it’s not when
they’re really old, to be honest, but that’s probably when
they’ll do it, ’cause that’s when they’ll get all the moms. – They’re gonna be Backstreet
Boys or NSYNC. NSYNC, they had Justin Timberlake
go off and be super successful, which can very much be
Harry Styles and then they’ll never really get back
together except for maybe one performance,
or they’ll end up coming back fifteen years later
like the Backstreet Boys and maybe have a Vegas run. – Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React. Shoutout to Vincent Cordi. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you never miss an episode. – Which of these songs
were your favorite? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Hi guys, Josecarlos here,
producer at FBE. Make sure to check out to get your hands on some awesome FBE merch.
We have new designs every month, so check it out
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