College Kids React To Top 10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of All-Time


College Kids React To Top 10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of All-Time

– Ugh! “Hiya, Georgie!”
– No! This is such a good movie! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) I hope you’re
feeling spooky today… – Oh my god. Always!
This entire month! The entire, like, up until
December, I’m all spooky. (chuckles) – (FBE) …because today,
we’re gonna be looking at 10 of the highest grossing
horror/scary movies of all time in the US.
– Oh my god. I’m so excited. – No! I’m about to walk out
right now. I cannot do scary. – I hate scary movies,
but I have to watch them. It’s like a weird addiction.
– (FBE) So, we’re gonna see if you can correctly place them
in the order from highest grossing to least grossing.
– Oh, okay! – But putting them in order
is gonna be hard, ’cause I feel like sometimes
horror movies don’t do as well as people think they do money-wise.
– (FBE) The list was put together by Forbes using Box Office Mojo,
but what constitutes a horror movie does change from person to person,
so you’ll see various horror subgenres also reflected on the list.
– Mm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I feel you, ’cause sometimes
there’s horror versus scary. Horror, to me, is more
gruesome and brutal. And scary could be something
just psychologically thrilling. So, there’s a lot
of different variations. – All right. I’m excited though,
because I feel like I have a really good general idea
of horror and the history of horror, so I think I’ll be all right.
– (FBE) So, you ready to get spooked? – Yeah, let’s get spoopy!
– (Beverly) To the losers. – Ooh, IT: Chapter Two!
– You guys coming off with a banger right off the bat,
the big ones. – Overhyped movie.
It wasn’t that great. – They’re older now.
– Man. Flashbacks. – Oh, Bill Hader, though!
– (Beverly) Pennywise. – The casting, mwah.
– Yo, this is why I hate clowns. – (Bill) We can’t let it happen again.
– Why would you even go in there? That’s… – (Pennywise) Hello.
– Ugh! “Hiya, Georgie!” – I feel like I need
to get into IT. I haven’t seen any of them,
and people are not stopping talking about it,
no pun intended. – I feel like I haven’t heard
of a lot of people, at least that I know,
go see It the way everyone saw the first one.
– I feel like since it was really recent, I don’t think
it has enough time to become the number one most grossing
of all time. I’m gonna put it at number seven.
– I’ll put it at eight. – I’m gonna put it at nine.
– I’m gonna put it, like, fourth. – (voice-over) Somewhere between…
– The Exorcist. – Now we’re talking!
Original Exorcist. Damn. – Yo, I heard this is based
off a true story. That’s why it’s like…. (flame whooshes)
– (woman gasps) – (voice-over) The world of…
– I feel like this has been back in theaters probably so many times
for reruns and stuff too. – This was my very first horror film.
– To me, I think this is the most famous scary movie of ever. – Haha, it’s so old. – My mom couldn’t– said she can’t
watch scary movies because of this. – (voice-over) The only hope.
– Ahead of its time. – (voice-over) The exorcist.
– The exorcist. This has to be a big one, ’cause that’s just
one of those household scary movies, I think, but this whole list
is gonna be like that. (laughs) – I didn’t watch this for years,
because I was fully of the belief that if I watched demon [bleep]
that I’m welcoming demon [bleep] into my house.
– The Exorcist is an iconic movie. This seems way scarier
than anything I’ve seen recently. I’m gonna say number three.
– That was debatably, especially for an older generation,
the scariest movie of all time. But typically, those don’t do
insanely good at the box office. I’m gonna say seven.
– So, I’m gonna put it at three. – (voice-over) Ghosts…
– Ooh, Ghostbusters! – OG Ghostbusters?
Ooh! Bill Murray, boy! – (voice-over) Ghosts…
– (chuckles) “Ghosts.” – (Janine) Hello, Ghostbusters.
– Busters. – (voice-over) They’re mean.
– See, these are older, though. – Get ’em, boy!
Don’t cross the streams! – It’s interesting,
’cause I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a scary movie.
– See, this is having way too much fun
for a scary movie. – (voice-over) …catch
the ghosts that won’t stay dead. – I love Bill Murray!
This was one of his best movies. He’s so good.
– God, that had to have made a crap ton of money.
– That theme slaps still. ♪ (hums theme) ♪
– There has to be a reason why it’s had such a major legacy
that it has, so it has to be pretty high on this list.
I’ll put it at four for now. – I’ma put it at five.
– Honestly, I don’t know much about that. I’ma say it’s at six.
– I’m gonna say three. Ghostbusters! – (Claire) There’s a ghost
in my house. – What Lies Beneath?
I don’t know if I’ve seen this. – I’ve never seen this film. (loud bang)
– Ah, hell– no! – (Norman) I had an affair with her.
She came out here to the house. – Oh my god. Harrison Ford?
What the heck? – (Claire) Get out!
– This [bleep] is spooky, bro. – (Norman) It’s not too late.
– (Claire) You had an affair with a girl who killed herself.
– Ooh, this looks really good. – “He was the perfect husband.”
– “Until his one mistake… followed them home!”
♪ Dun, dun, dun! ♪ – I feel like this is
a Lifetime movie on steroids. – This is why you don’t cheat, people.
You never know what’s gonna happen. – “What Lies Beneath.”
It lies beneath all the other numbers. – It’s like a play on words.
Like, what lies beneath. Mm, see? Marketing.
– I feel comfortable putting this at a 10.
I’m not super familiar with this, and I really haven’t heard
of it before. – For now, I’m going to put it
at number 10. – I’ll put it at 10. – Jaws?!
– Ooh, Jaws. Okay, actually, I think this is either one or two.
– This might be the biggest one of all time, because I don’t go
into the ocean ’cause of this movie. – Oh, this has gotta be up high.
I refuse to watch this movie. – (Brody) You’re gonna
need a bigger boat. – That is a scary movie though,
because it caused one of the largest fears ever.
– (voice-over) None of man’s fantasies of evil can compare…
– Wow. This still freaks me out. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
– Oh, a lot of classic horror films up here. Jaws has to be way up there.
They have a universal ride. They’ve done so many sequels.
They just can’t kill this [bleep] shark.
– This is a movie that came out in the ’70s, and it still
sticks with people today. That’s the crazy thing to me.
People are afraid of the ocean because of this movie.
– I know this one made a lot of money. But I know newer movies
make more money. (laughs) Whatever. We’ll put it at one.
– I’m gonna put this at five. – Okay, I’ma put it at three,
’cause I know that’s a classic too. – (Cole, whispers) I see dead people.
– Ooh, The Sixth Sense. – Of course.
– Ah, this was such a big twist. – (Cole, whispers) Walking around
like regular people. – Haley Joel Osment.
– (Malcolm) Are you sure they’re there?
(thunder crashing) – (Cole) Sometimes
you feel it inside… – This was such a good film.
– (Cole) You ever feel the prickly… – Ah, I should watch this.
It’s on Netflix. (laughs) I need to watch it again.
– (Malcolm) Yes. – (Cole) That’s them.
– This one was creepy, though. – (Cole) They get mad.
It’s get cold. That’s them. – I’m about his voice.
– (Cole) They get mad. – No!
– I’m feeling some stuff on my neck right now.
– (Cole, whispers) All the time. – Oh my god. What
a frickin’ twist, dude. That was one of the biggest twists
in cinematic history. – It’s definitely one
of those quotable movies. When you hear, like,
“Oh, I see dead people,” you immediately think of the movie.
– I think this one is high up. A lot of people quote this
all the time. I might switch this
around later, but I’ll put it at number two for now.
– I think that’s gonna be one of the top two.
It’s so ubiquitous beyond like… Like, “I see dead people”…
like, everyone knows the end of “Sixth Sense” and most people
haven’t even seen it. I’m gonna put it at number one.
– (Aaron) Hello, Michael. – Halloween!
– Oh, the 2018 one? Ah, I don’t know how well this did.
– I don’t– did this do that well? – I didn’t see the 2018 one.
The last one I watched was from 2008 or something.
– Ah! Oh my god, the face! Ahhh!
– (Laurie) He’s waited for this night. – That soundtrack, though! Ooh!
– (Laurie) He’s waiting for me. – I never really understood
what was scary about stuff like this. Just walk away. – Mm. Creepy. – (Laurie) Get out!
Go home! Get inside! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Ah. I love Halloween. (laughs)
That’s one of those ones that I hear the music,
and I’m like, “Yeah!” (laughs) – They’re doing another one.
This bitch still isn’t dead. Like, (chuckles) they’re just
gonna keep doing it forever and ever and ever.
By the time I’m 90 years old, it’ll be like Halloween: 999 Haunts.
– Five? Ugh. I’m gonna have to do
some readjusting. – For now, I’m gonna put it
at number eight. – I’m gonna put this
at number six. – Eight, because people like
the Halloween franchise, but compared to some
of the classics, I’m not sure it’s
high up in the ranks. – (Shorty) I’m gonna tell you all
the rules to survive… – Scary Movie!
– The perfect mix between some horror, but mostly comedy.
My type of stuff. – I’ve seen this film
a million times. – I can’t believe this
is in the horror category! – No, this is definitely
a funny movie. I don’t see how this
is supposed to be a scary movie. – (Cindy) I can, um, see your feet.
– (laughs) – (killer) What? Ugh!
– Me when I try to scare someone. (laughs)
– Such a 2000 style. Look at their outfits.
– God, I want more of these. This is actually what I would
love a reboot of is give us more Scary Movies. – (Cindy) YA!
– Shoot. That has to be a big one,
because people who don’t really like scary movies watched it.
– I love how funny it is. I love that it combines
elements of horror and comedy. I love that I can watch it and laugh.
I feel like this franchise has done so well.
– I guess I’ll put it at number eight.
– I’m gonna put it at seven. It’s more of a comedy
than a horror movie. – (sighs) This is hard.
Okay. I’m gonna put it at seven. – Okay, see? IT 2017.
This could be number three. – Okay, yes. I was expecting
this to be on the list for sure. – I mean, it makes sense,
’cause the first one did so well. But I heard it’s a remake
of (shaky) an original. Oh my god!
– (Pennywise) We all float down here. – This movie made such a comeback,
this series. It’s crazy. – God. I probably–
I watched this four times in theaters. It was so good. – Ah, I loved it.
It’s always those movies where it’s like they have
an abandoned house and they’re like, “Oh yeah. Let’s go check it out.”
No! (laughs) Run away! I’ma put this at number one,
’cause that scared the crap out of me. – IT made a lot of money,
which makes me think that maybe it’s number one,
because this is huge and it was so well received.
– Yeah, I’m gonna put it at number one. – I think I saw it
in theaters twice for sure. – So, my extra ticket
plus everyone else’s ticket… (laughs) My highest spot open
right now is six, so I’ll do that. – No! This is such a good movie!
– Get Out! – Okay. This is what
I was waiting for. – How did I not think
this was gonna be on the list? – The social commentary
in this movie’s insane. – Oh, this ain’t number 10.
There’s no way this number 10, so I have to do
some serious rethinking. – See, and then this is
way more psychological than other horror movies. – (voice-over) The mind
is a terrible thing to waste. – Oh, god. What a great movie. – This is an iconic film
of this generation now. – Jordan Peele. They say horror
and comedy have similar beats, and Jordan Peele just…
he knows how to do it. He knows how to do comedy.
He knows how to do horror. – I was definitely expecting
this to be on there. I don’t know if it for sure
takes the number one spot, but I know that
it’s high up somewhere So, for now, I’ll just
put it there. – (sighs) Only spot left, nine.
(fake cries) – Thankfully, my last spot
is I have number two, and I think this fits in pretty well.
I don’t think this is the biggest of all time. Maybe it is.
But even if I’m wrong, I’m only one off,
which is not that bad. – (FBE) So, now that you’ve watched
all of these, we’re gonna give you a chance to make changes,
so let us know when you’re locked. – I don’t feel super confident
on any of them. – I kind of wanna put IT
in the number one slot. – IT is gonna be two.
IT 2 is gonna be three. And then some of the more
classic ones are gonna come. I think What Lies Beneath
is gonna be 10. – I think it’s good to go. – (FBE) In the number 10 spot
is What Lies Beneath. – Oh my gosh! Okay.
That was my first guess. (ding)
– (clapping) Damn. Okay. Watch that be
the only one, though. Okay, hoo!
– Okay. That makes sense. I don’t know why
I put it at six. I’ve never even heard
about the movie. – (FBE) So, number nine
is Scary Movie. (ding)
– I put Scary Movie at nine! I swapped that. (laughs)
– Ah! I put it too high up. – So, I’m already two for two.
– Oh, [bleep] yeah! Let’s go! I’m good at this game! (chuckles)
– (FBE) Number eight is Halloween. – Oh! I put Halloween
at number nine, so that gives me a point.
– Woohoo! I got that one. (buzzer)
– (clicks tongue) All right. Garbage. Whatever.
– (FBE) Number seven is Get Out. (buzzer)
– Really? I really thought that
that’d be a lot higher. I almost even snuck that
at number one. – What?! I would’ve thought
that was number one. (buzzer)
– Oh, I was way off. That’s gonna [bleep] [bleep] up.
(laughs) – (FBE) Number six is IT: Chapter Two.
– Dude, my list is completely wrong. But it’s okay.
– I guess I got one point. I put IT: Chapter Two
at number seven. (pop)
– Damn! I was so, so, off. (buzzer)
– Hm, no. I’m way off. I’m [bleep], guys.
– (FBE) Number five is The Exorcist. (buzzer) – Yo. I’m shook.
– Oh, I put that at five. Okay! – Interesting. I was one off,
so one point. – Oh, I had Exorcist at four.
(laughs) Okay. Yeah. Exorcist is such a huge cult classic
that I figured it was in top five. – (FBE) At number four
is Ghostbusters. (ding)
– Mm. Yeah, that’s– oh, I got that right! Nice.
– Woo! Hit that right on the nose! Let’s go!
– Off by one. Okay. Plus one. Plus one. We’re at six right now.
Not bad. (buzzer)
– What?! I mean, makes sense. It’s funny so that
children can watch it too. – (FBE) Number three is Jaws.
– Oh my gosh! I’m killing the game! – Yeah! Okay, I got that right.
– Jaws at number two! Okay. – Jaws, really? I felt confident
at one for that one. (laughs) – (FBE) Number two
is The Sixth Sense. (buzzer)
– Mm. My initial instinct about The Sixth Sense was correct,
which is that it would be higher up.
– Wow. I was way off. I put that at eight.
– That is crazy. I really did not think that
that movie was that far up. – (FBE) And finally,
at number one is IT. (ding)
– All right. Well, I made a good– at least that one
was good judgment on my part. (ding)
– Yeah. Yup. I knew it! Got that top spot, baby.
Had to save it for ’em. – Oh! I got one point.
– Two points for IT: Chapter One! I’m pretty sure that’s 10 points.
Dude, I frickin’ know horror movies! – (FBE) You beat Tori by one.
– Get [bleep] wrecked, Tori! Let’s go! (laughs) Tori loves horror movies too,
so the fact that I beat her… I gotta go gloat a little bit. – Boo! Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React. – Shoutout to It’s Dan.
– What’s your favorite horror film? Let us know in the comments.
– Make sure to hit that Subscribe button
or the ghosts will get ya. – Thanks for watching. Bye!
– Hey, guys. Vartuhi here, producer at FBE.
Make sure to hit that bell icon and subscribe for more great episodes
just like this one. And remember, we’re in the comments
in the first 30 minutes, so see ya there.
Bye, guys.

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