College Life EP -1 | Exam Hall | Rey 420


College Life EP -1 | Exam Hall | Rey 420

(Student reading) !!!!! (Student reading) Dude, have you completed? Dude, you have to read text book to attempt the exam But I will write down question papers as answer papers What we write is not important, it’s all about how many papers you write to our University Dude, how many chapters have you completed? At least how many questions you are done with? So, you read only important questions? I didn’t read anything, you have to help me Dude (Profanity) Came with 3 questions on top of my mind Don’t disturb, I will forget Starting of the 2nd question….!!!! He forgot !!! I spoke Dude, this question seems in the paper, read this OK dude Dude, this question seems in the paper, read this Really? Dude, this question seems in the paper, read this You 420 I’m the invigilator Sir, by any chance does the question paper has this question? Come into the exam hall, I will tell whether it is present or not !!!! Dude Those first bench students has insulted our last benchers When our mate said that he will earn 50 marks They said, it would be enough if he gets just the pass mark Dude, Dude NO Please dude, don’t get angry Just think that dog is barking No, don’t be serious Our last bench students are always treated with levity by everyone These betting and studying are not needed for us Moreover they has HOD and Principal’s support No, don’t get serious Dude, talking to you only, have you lost your hearing capability? Enough!!! This is enough!! !! Hey, what are you doing? Writing my exam sir, don’t disturb, please go Yet to give the question paper Take it No No This is also NO No NO Shit, nothing has come Where are you going? No question has come from the slips sir Hey, sit down go Go Sir, four additionals Excuse me sir yes Sir, I will sit there sir Why JC garu told to sit in the West to get pass easily Nothing will work, sit here only Sir Sir, please sir. Please sir Please sir Ok go Thank You sir Sir What do you want? Pen is not working sir, checking if anybody has an extra If you need something, ask me Anybody have extra pen Sir, pencil Anybody have extra pencil Rubber Anybody have extra rubber Sir, slips Anybody have extra slip !!!!! Who is that? Hey Get up Come here Hands up Hands down Lift your hands !!!! OK go What, don’t you want to attempt? This is bad time sir JC garu told that I will fail If I attempt now Go die Hey Sir He himself is writing cinema stories, what are you copying from him? Write Heyyy Sunny Show me the answer Dude, will show when you say hmm hmm I will show, when you say ready Ready dude I will show when you say OK OK Dude Got you, no need to show me, you write for yourself No need? OK Dude Not like that, show me I will show, when you say hmm Heyy Not yet started Sir, JC garu told to start at 11.30 to get qualify What will you write in half an hour? Not you, JC should get You don’t know his power sir, JC will help to qualify You superstitious beliefs Time has started hmm Weight is enough Even a half mark for each page easily I will get 60 marks What dude, you have completed many papers Sir, as per Newton 84th law Evaluator will check only first 10 papers Newton’s 84th law? Yeah In which book it is? I mean, it was said just before he died, so not included in any of the book Then how do you know? Then my grandfather was alive right? !! GO Take it (discussion) Dude He was the one who had bet with me Really? First bencher Let him come Stop there Get the mirror dude Not this one bro Transparent one All your good will is because of last bench student only, otherwise you are not great enough Whoever reads will get marks How did you sat in the first bench, missing this simple logic Past is past, it’s a new beginning now Last bench student has started studying Go and tell to your HOD and Principal that last student started studying

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