College of Lake County Theatre and Dance classes and performances


College of Lake County Theatre and Dance classes and performances

Alright, we’re in a theater called the
Studio Theater. It’s a 250-seat modified thrust theater. It’s a very good space
for dramatic work. We do occasional small musicals. kind of edgy musicals in here.
But it really works well for straight plays and places where you really want a
close intimacy to the audience. We do five shows a year. The first show that we
do every year is a show for young audiences. So that might be for you know
mainly for grade school or high school or junior high, and we have people from
the community who get involved with those shows, and school groups come to
see those as well as our own college students who participate in that. We do a
musical every summer. In the middle, we try to mix it up. We want our students to
be exposed to a number of different plays, comedies, tragedies, contemporary
classics, Shakespeare, different styles of presentation, well as expose the
community to those different types of work as well. So we do one production
each year, that is a student produced, directed, acted, designed production and the
students are very involved from the beginning. They choose the play, people
who have taken the directing class can direct, and they’re involved right from
the very beginning of that process and that really showcases what they’ve been
learning. And then you know there’s an ownership
to that. We try to do some things that are going to push the envelope
sometimes, too. And that are going to get the audience really thinking. We did a
couple summers ago, a production of Sweeney Todd. I think everybody involved with
that production. Tom designed the set for the production, I directed it. We had some
very talented people working as musicians and vocal coaches, and for me
that’s probably one of the proudest, more recent things that we’ve done. When we
give tours of the facilities or the first couple weeks of a new semester
where we’re showing students our spaces, every single time, there are people who
are surprised. We didn’t know that this was here. We didn’t know how nice these
facilities were, or wow this is a beautiful theater. You have state-of-the-art equipment and so people are really impressed by that. Right now, I’m in the
black box theater which we share with our theater department. We have a lot of
great dance classes at the College of Lake County. We have Yoga, Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz dance, Capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial art form. We also have
improvisation and classes to help you create your own
dances. So the types of dancers that we have, our traditional students, and we
also have older students who have always danced and then they had to give it up
and then they come back, and other members of the community. Sometimes we do Christmas or holiday shows which have a narrative story feel to it. In the Spring,
we do Fear No Art which showcases many different talents so it might be
considered a talent show but it’s much more professional, with professional
artistry, professional designers. And each performer has to go through an audition
in order to be in the show and then is coached and mentored by faculty. So if
they don’t live up to standards, then they don’t make it. They usually all do.
So our dance productions are really wonderful opportunities for students to
come together, students who might not intermix otherwise, and go through a very
long semester of dedication, rehearsal and coming together that last month to
get on the big stage under the lights and working together as a team and
seeing all of their hard work come to fruition on the stage and invite all of
their family friends. And it’s just usually a very
liberating and exciting feeling to perform and to show their friends and
family what they’ve been doing, and their inner life as well. One thing that is
unique about our dance program is that it’s open to the community, so oftentimes
I go out into the community and I say I’m a dance teacher. And adults will say
“Oh, I used to dance when I was in college.” And I say well, you still can, you
can come to CLC and we offer classes for adults that mix with traditional
students. We have beginning level and advanced level. We also have Yoga classes for the community but they’re more in-depth than what you might get anywhere
else in the community, so they’re more intelligent in the sense that you’re
going to learn more about what you’re studying. And I think all dance, and
really all of the Arts here are a wonderful way for everyone to stay in
touch with their artistic selves and really stay in touch with who they are,
and not just become a worker or a mother or a father, but to really remember who
they are as a human being and that’s why we’re in the Humanities. To really
investigate your artistic soul and you have a place here to express that, and we’re very proud of that.

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  1. Jaden Rajah says:

    Eric Smith has to be one of your best students and performers .  I know he going to do well. 

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