college project- Online Visa Processing System(java)


college project- Online Visa Processing System(java)

Login screen On the upper side of application, title and company logo is present I am loggin as admin. After login you can see admin panel It has sections for all the requests, registered users and logout button This table contains the request data. As there is no request , this table is empty User tab has details of registered users.This is also empty currently. Lets register a new user user created successfully let’s login as new user User page has user details as well as other options like apply visa , status check etc.. lets apply for visa login as admin to approve or reject request. Now you can see the new request as well as action buttons User tab has now users list as well. History shows all the requests till now raised by that user. Back to user page(in other browser) Once visa got rejected, user can apply for other visa New visa request by the same user Now admin page will show the new request(admin is logged in in separate browser) History will show current as well as past requests with different id two separate request with different visa id Lets create another user User create successfully. Lets login with the newly created user credentials Apply for visa Request tab has new request Lets delete one user Thanks for watching……

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  1. Ghada Al-Ani says:

    can I get source code for project please [email protected]

  2. Utthej Sunkari says:

    can i have source code for this project [email protected]

  3. Laxman Kalewar says:

    is code avaliable

  4. Mathi Vanan says:

    Source code kedaikuma

  5. Sudha Suba says:

    Very helpful

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