College Shoppin’ List (Dorm Decor, Food, Stationery)


College Shoppin’ List (Dorm Decor, Food, Stationery)

hello? *conan noise* Hello! and welcome to, my bed! Its very hot in LA And my apartment doesnt have an AC because it’s crappy :] So I’m filming this at 8:27 in the morning before the heat sets in. I ran this morning.. I feel very productive A lil bit sleepy Just like a lil bit I have to admit I get a lot of questions on the daily about What you should bring to college What I actually use during college And like, what kind of stuff you’ll be needing once you move out And so, me and all my college friends got together and we talked for a long time and kind of figured out what products we actually used during the past year what kind of stuff we didn’t actually use and didn’t actually need and what kind of stuff we liked or would’ve liked to have before we get into all those things though, I’m very pleased to announce that this video is sponsored by Amazon Amazon is your one-stop-shop for all of your things back to school allowing you to find products that are unique and special to you, and get you back into the school spirit 🙂 When I moved out to college, amazon prime saved lil-broke-cone’s butt soo many times I bought literally everything on amazon, you can see it in my moving vlog It was just the most logical thing to do it was the cheapest it was the quickest It was a total no-brainer for my college shopping. If you sign up for prime student with your .edu email you can get the first 6 months on amazon prime for free And then you get prime student half-off for the rest of your college career I have prime student and I did the 6-month trial last year and it’s just a total LIFE SAVER As y’all probably already know, Amazon has.. literally everything you could ever think of Binders, backpacks, cute pens, dorm stuff, movies, streaming, books, and even clothes! o: Amazon’s off-to-college store funds give you the best deals with unparalleled convenience, as well as a curated selection of must have off-to-college items I picked out from their largest variety of products available ever.. of all time.. [amazing grammar cone] During the summer, you should be spending time with your friends! And making memories! You shouldn’t be sitting in a check-out line and with Amazon you can complete all of your college shopping quickly, on your own schedule, and anywhere! *college students need all the help they can get* Thank you so much Amazon for sponsoring this video and for helpin’ us broke kids out.. If you’d like to see the list of items that I picked out, you can click the link below! *sound of hydration* There was like one drip of water in there First thing on the list is a water bottle! I picked out a Hydro Flask I was not on the Hydro Flask train for most of the year, until summer came and I decided cold water when it’s like, 90 degrees outside, and I don’t have AC, just is a logical thing Also it’s just like this *WEIRD* like college-culty thing Everyone has Hydro Flasks and if you don’t have one then *he judge* are you really a college student?? *unconvinced shrug* who knows?? Staying hydrated is really important when you’re in college, especially cause most of us don’t have cars so you’re always walking around everywhere and you’re using your brain a ton and it’s super unrealistic to expect your body to be able to like, function correctly and your brain be able to like process information if it has like no water inside of it Drink water! Don’t be dumb! Along with water you.. need food I love CLIFF bars, I also love energy bars in general because they just kind of get food into your body without you having to like sit down and take a really long time like eating and stuff like that I find that when I’m working I just kind of forget that food is like a thing my body actually needs and so always having one of these in your backpack just to eat just in case you are really REALLY hungry is always, always a smart thing to do There have been SO many times that I have been working, working, working and then I like notice that like my hands are shaking I’m like: I wOnDeR wHy My HaNdS aRe ShAkInG? And then I’m like, “Oh wait, all I’ve drinkin’ today is a cup of coffee and it’s like 4 o’clock in the afternoon” of course by body is shaking, I’m.. like.. DYING Granola bars are a must. One thing that I’ve used a lot, and all my friends used a lot this year, is my coffee machine. I have a Nespresso machine, I like it a lot. A lot of the kids on campus have coffee machines. Nespresso makes like, little tiny ones and in the long run its cheaper to have one than like, to buy like, a three dollar cup of coffee every single morning. To drink your coffee in you probably are going to need a mug mugs are actually a lot more useful than you think they are though, especially when you live in a dorm room. I don’t live in a dorm So I kinda had to ask my friends what they really used A lot of them said they only had mugs did not have any bowls someone’s using like a chainsaw outside, or something, like I don’t know there’s no trees in L.A. so I don’t know why they’re using a chainsaw…. Mugs are just very multi-purpose this one looks like a science beaker i thought it was really cute, its a little unnecessary but it’s cute!! And sometimes having cute things that make you happy IS necessary in college. speaking of cute, let’s get into: ~Stationary~ First thing I have, is this cute little pencil case. Its by the brand And they make just like, really cool like basics types of stationary, and stuff like that. I would suggest having a a small pencil bag, you don’t really need a gigantic one like you did when you were in the fifth grade. Also when you’re taking notes notes, you don’t really have the time to like pick through highlighters and stuff like that, and you’re going to be walking a lot so its just nice to have less. One you get to college the kind of maximum priority is your backpack be as light as possible inside of it, I have like these really cute pastel highlighters that are erasable. I’ve talked about these a lot of times before and I used them a lot the past year they’re nice to have for like, cute things, stuff like that, it’s definitely hard to like break these out when your in the middle of a lecture and you’re professor is just like talking super super fast (aka conan) but they’re nice to have, and they’re cute, and they cool cuz they er erasable, for pens, I picked out Muji pens. Everyone in school uses them I don’t think they’re the most miraculous thing on earth, but they’re just like really trust worthy, they do their job people like swear by them, but I th– they’re just pens, but they’re good pens and they’re cheap so, thats good. I have one mechanical pencil in here you don’t really need much more than that. I have one eraser on the amazon list, I picked out little mono erasers I used to use mono erasers (like if you know what they are) all of my college and all of my high school, but I ran out, and now I use this weird black one Having a good eraser is good, because you gon make a lotta mistakes in college *winks* thats about it in here, you don’t really need THAT much of course you’re going to need a notebook, but you kinda don’t really really use one as much as you expect I used this one for the whole year, and I didn’t even go all the way through it so I wouldn’t invest in like a super, super, nice notebook you probably won’t use it as much as you think you will and instead, invest in a laptop. This is my planner if you struggle with, like, procrastination and if you struggle with managing your time, a planner a planner is, like, basically your solution. I don’t know anyone in school who doesn’t use a planner. I take that back, I know a lot of people who don’t use planners, but I don’t think they’re doing well in their classes. Some people like to bullet journal, I’m just not very good at it I just don’t really have the time to like sit down and like make stuff all pretty But college is about the time that you should get a planner Because time gets really hard to manage, and it’s just nicer to have everything written out. This is a portable charger. Portable chargers are the best thing on earth. I go to a very large school, which means a lot of students and not that many outlets. So, portable chargers are just the way to go. This one’s really good, it lasts 4 full iphone charges which is really nice, and also like it’s good to have around like if your friend’s phone is dying, and you’re like– you just pull this out, and like be their savior You use your phone a lot for a lot of school things so, it’s just a good investment to have Now let’s talk about some dorm room things. Uh, 1st on my list is a kinds silly one, but it’s not silly It’s very logical. It’s a kettle. I learned about electric kettles via all of my exchange student friends. I didn’t even know that these existed when I first came to college ‘Cuz I’m from like Honkey Donk? Texas and we boil our water on the porch. A lot of kids have electric kettles It’s pretty large– it’s not– you don’t– you shouldn’t get an electric kettle this large. But it’s perfect for like tea, coffee College is just like a very stressful time, and being able to have like a hot cup of tea, or like a hot cocoa it really does a lot more for your morale than you realize and for all my tea drinkers out there, it’s just kinda like a must-have Speaking of must haves, another must have is 3 m hooks (command hooks). I feel like it’s such a college cliche, but like it’s just kind of a necessity. All of my things on my wall back there that aren’t just like paper, are all hung up by these. They’re very strong and the truth about college is you’re gonna be moving out of your room every single year, more than likely, so you don’t wanna be like nailing stuff into the walls and you don’t wanna have to like take stuff down over and over and over and over. It’s just like too much work So get a bunch of 3 m hooks, you can get crap tons of them on Amazon for super cheap. One time, made the mistake of buying them in store and I got like 5. For like $5. But, you can get them so much cheaper online. When I’m hanging things up on my wall that aren’t like heavy, I use sticky tac I put it on the Amazon list that I made. All those things that you see on the wall back there are all held up with sticky tac. It’s easy to take down, it’s easy to put up, you don’t need a hammer. When it comes to room decor, I would definitely suggest getting things that aren’t heavy posters and like little paper things and stuff like that it’s definitely a much better route to go than like big mirrors or picture frames and stuff like that you’re gonna be moving a lot and it’s just easier to pack up light things. Very light things and things that aren’t gonna like come crashing down on you Is definitely the smartest way to go and sticky tac gets your papers and stuff like that up pretty easily This is pretty mom of me, but I put a sewing kit on the list. If you don’t know how to sew yet, I would definitely ask somebody you know to teach you how to sew. My mother taught me how to sew when I was pretty young because it’s just something you should know when you get older when you’re in college, you don’t really have much money that’s pretty standard. We’re basically all broke. And so if like one of your nice shirts that you need for like an interview or something like that breaks You can just patch it up with your little sewing kit. Sewing is not hard at all and it can save you a ton of money and it’s just a good skill to know. It might save your butt a few times. For your closet, you’re probably going to need some hangers. I don’t know why, but like everyone I know has these velvet ones. They’re just cheap and you can get a lot of them and they like stick together really closely so they don’t take up much space Space is definitely an issue when you’re in college You don’t really get that much of it, so having hangers and organizing stuff really well Can kind of help you maintain your space and help you feel not stuck inside of a closet sided room which is what you actually are. For laundry more than likely you’re going to be using a laundry room. You’re probably not going to have a washer and dryer inside your room And if you are, I’m super jealous So Tide Pods the bane of 2017’s existence. But very useful because you don’t wanna have to carry down like a big jug of laundry detergent every single time you go down and do your laundry You can just like take one of these and you can use it and it’s just nice and easy I also put dryer sheets on the list. I like dryer sheets, they make your clothes smell good and college is very stinky I don’t know if you’ve ever been inside a dormitory before, but they usually don’t smell that good so all the good smells are appreciated Next up is this which is a hoodie. College is just this very stressful time It’s very exciting, but there are a lot of times when you just want to kinda like [draws strings] you know. Just kinda like be like this and hoodies are the best way to do that while still being slightly socially acceptable. And I have this one that’s way too big for me, but it’s perfect because I can fit my whole entire body inside of it. And you can just go like this and you can just *HUZZIITTIT* And then if you’re working away ain’t nobody goin’ see you and you can just do your little thing Definitely get a real big hoodie– it just it’s good for my days when I just feel like I don’t want anybody to see me. And I just want to live in my little.. hole It’s good to have. But not right now, it’s too hot in here. Agh. This is pretty obvious but you’re gonna need a backpack. The only thing that I will say about your backpack is definitely get one that has a laptop sleeve in it because you don’t really use that many like notebooks and stuff like that You use your laptop a lot more So you’re going to be carrying it around with you everywhere you go so definitely get one that has like a little protective sleeve. I have a Jansport. I like to put patches on my stuff Because it just makes me feel happy and doing little things like personalizing your items and stuff like that is just something that’s fun to do while you’re in school. It helps you recognize which backpack is yours Because you’ll probably have a lot of the same backpacks as everyone else I think it’s important in school to like do things just because they make you happy. Maybe they’re not necessary and yeah maybe it’s like a tiny bit of a waste of money But like getting a little patch and putting it on your backpack is something that just kind of makes me happy The last thing on my list is a polaroid. Every single person that I know in school has a polaroid. College is a time when you should be making memories It’s definitely a tough time But it’s also one of the best times of your whole life And making memories and keeping memories is just something that collectively as a whole campus we’re trying to do Polaroids are really cute. They’re not necessary at all I have the new one that like takes photos in a large square format which I think is super cute Making sure to remember to have fun when you’re not working is honestly probably one of the most important things you need to know in school. it can’t just be all work and no play like you will go crazy. And making memories with your friends is so important. The most important things And it’s been one of my only take aways after finishing my freshman year. There are a few things for your dorm that I didn’t mention that my friends mentioned you should have. Shower shoes, a shower caddy a fan, and an umbrella. I don’t live in the dorms, so when it comes to communal bathrooms, I don’t really know anything about them. But I put them on the Amazon list just in case. There are also a few things that I didn’t mention, but they’re all going to be on the Amazon list. I hope that this video helped you out at all If you have any questions about school or any questions about moving out Feel free to ask me, I’ll try to answer as many as possible. It’s a really confusing time. It’s definitely a really massive growth year for everyone. So it’s bound to be tough. Everyone I know made it out and I think you can too. Thank you so much for watching this video, I’ll see you guys in 1 week with a brand new video God bless and goodbye! [cute wave] The Other Side by Conan Gray (on iTunes and Spotify)

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