COLLEGE WEEK IN MY LIFE | Sick Days, Working from Home & An Egged Car | UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

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COLLEGE WEEK IN MY LIFE | Sick Days, Working from Home & An Egged Car | UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

good afternoon everyone it is Monday and
it’s the start of another college week in my life it’s already the afternoon I
have been sick the last couple days it didn’t really start until Saturday
when I felt like I was getting a sore throat and a lot of people around me had
been sick so that’s how I got it I just have to get through one day at a time
that’s that’s the method to the madness I have a lot going on this week I have
two articles I have to write which is why I’m stressed out more so than normal
because I wanted to write an article about the new Taylor Swift documentary
that drove on Friday and it’s gonna be really cool and I’m really passionate
about I’m lifting at heart so you know I love her music and people told me I look
like her I don’t see it but you know sure so anyway I’m actually gonna had a
real laundry room and do all my laundry go from there so let’s go and then I
really get a head start on my thoughts I rap because now that I’ve laid it out I
just had to find links for all the articles so we should be good to go all right so I’m not actually my aunt
meeting and we’re giving tours of Weimar Hall to all of our mentees which is
really cool and I got to talk about the studio and I love talking about the
studio because it’s pretty cool and so some footage right here but yeah so
that’s what’s happening right now all right so I may be back to my dorm I’m
going to shower and then try and work on some homework and get some stuff done
I’m working on my Taylor Swift article um if I can get it done tonight and then
I’m going to also link all my stuff for that’s a wrap and go from there know
everyone it’s Tuesday and it’s 7:00 p.m. and I have not been on the vlog today
mostly because I’ve been sick and I feel much better now
but I’ve I worked from home today for my internship and then I had to write two
articles for her campus one was my Taylor Swift article which I finished up
and the other was that’s a wrap which I worked on yesterday but I just had to
add the links and everything and just format it a little bit better so now I’m
headed to my JC meeting so let’s go to go do some homework all right so it’s Thursday I’ve been
dropping the vlog game this week I have not been vlogging as much as I normally
do but I’m headed to GHQ that rhymes I’m a rhymer I have a way with words
journalism major I’ve headed to GHQ and then after that I’m going to come back
here eat something and then head back out hopefully before the rain starts and
I’m gonna train a little bit for my job and then on Saturday and Sunday I’m
working so of course I’ll vlog I did make a vlog last week our last Sunday of
me working which was fun so that one will go out probably before this vlog
most likely and then I also to pick up my packages because I ordered some stuff
from Target and I’m actually gonna have to return it but I’m going home next
week so I’m gonna be home the entire week so I’m super excited
maybe I’ll get better and then come back and be completely healed and not sick
anymore so I’m excited for that I worked from home this morning just scheduling
social media posts for W UFT so we’re up you know we’re up to two weeks now
essentially from where I am now so when I come back on Tuesday that next Tuesday
only 17th is will I’ll schedule more but yeah I’m headed over to GHQ so let’s go
it’s insanely windy out is Friday I’m working on a blog this
morning it’s now 12 o 8 p.m. I’ve only been up since like 8:30 I didn’t really
start doing anything until like probably 9:30 because I’ve been sick usually when
I’m sick it’s a lot harder for me like wake up early in the morning like I
prefer to do but anyway I have been working on this blog I’m now vibing with
the music trying to figure out some music to put behind it I’ve completely
changed the way I edit with my music because I used to have music like behind
me when I was talking and then I watched a video on YouTube videos and I found
that maybe it’s not the best thing to do so I stopped doing that and now I don’t
have to find like three or four different tracks for like a 10 minute
video so that actually makes my job a little bit easier but anyway today’s
plan is to edit some articles for our campus and then also what else I do
replies for a discussion post and then later today I’m going over to one of my
friends apartments and we’re gonna go work on our social media project that’s
due on Sunday half of our group is working on one section of it the other
half is working on the second section of it so I’m excited about that
I’ve already started working on a little bit yesterday so but yeah that’s the
plan for now you don’t introduce yourself again
hello I am Eliza Sylvan and I answer is fred rubato do our homework right now so
favorites yeah I made it back to my dorm for the night I am do some homework
eat something take a shower and then just work on the rest of the night and
try to get ahead on the social media project it’s due on Sunday but and the
other the other half of the team is doing the other part so we made some
really good headway on our our part so we’re gonna work on it again tomorrow
night after I get back from work and I’m working from child to eat tomorrow so I
will talk to you guys today I am currently in the laundry room doing
laundry I have about 13 minutes left on this cycle and then I can put myself in
the dryer and I’ve got go over to my dorm and get some more coffee and some
breakfast I don’t go into work until 12:00 so
little bit of time today to kind of get a lot of stuff done maybe pack a little
before I head home tomorrow gosh it’s getting really I mean here
oh yeah so that’s what’s happening that’s where I’m at a laundry room tour
so we have tin washers so there’s five on the other side currently this one’s
out of order and have not been fixed I don’t know what its gonna be fixed but
we’re down a washer so that’s frustrating when people try to laundry
on on Sunday as well but we also have ten dryers these take 30 minutes the
washers do and then the dryers take 45 minutes and they’re a dollar 25 washing
is a dollar fifty all right so it’s about 11:45 heading over to Weimar which
is where I work okay she didn’t realize that but yeah so home today I’m so
excited so exciting it’s currently 9:27 I’m gonna finish getting ready and then
head out the door for work I work on two into two once I are not two into two
into twelve on Sunday because I transmit the Florida basketball with my quite
show to Fox Sports in Texas I’m super excited seems really techie and it
really is but it’s just pressing a few buttons and watching the show and I like
to keep up with basketball so it’s a good way to do that also but yeah it’s
my fish being ready and then head out the door but your show was perfect
pack up and get out of Gainesville for a week all right so I just got back from
work it was good went fine
but now I’m gonna pack up all my belongings with all my bags and get
ready to hit the road I also walked out of my car and there was like an eggshell
right beneath like the back of my car and I thought that’s weird and then
there was like eggs on my car and then on the car next to me there were more
eggs right so I’m finally in the car ready to take off it’s 147 now should be
there by I want to say three o’clock so let’s go as I wanted to sign off the blog I mean
at home and back in my old room I say my old room it’s my it’s my it’s my room
it’s just not the room where I am when I’m in college but I wanted to sign off
for the night or for the day actually and also wrap up
this vlog so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it
don’t forget to Like and subscribe and stay tuned for more and I will see you
all very soon

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