Complete Your Master’s Degree Online as a Military Spouse

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Complete Your Master’s Degree Online as a Military Spouse

My name is Florencia
Whiting and I am from Argentina,
South America. But I guess I’m from
all over the world now that I’m a military
spouse and I’m a mom first. And I’ve been a student
for the past two years. And I chose the Master’s
in International Relations with a focus in International
Security. Norwich University does prepare us with the
tools and the knowledge they would need that we need for
you for your specific program. I think being in the military. My main goal was to be
a part of the embassies and work in a consulate and work
more like foreign policy type thing. But being in the military
and being a military spouse that is a little bit harder
to keep up with your career because in a way you are
following your spouse. However, the moment
that I decided I wanted to do
international relations I also already
had in mind what I wanted to do for my
master’s thesis paper. I wanted to focus
on gender equality and how women impact
global security and indeed that ended
up being my thesis and I’m very proud of it. And it’s something that I do
have a lot of passion for it. And so I think being part of the
International Relations program and being a woman I think just makes
them both just makes me feel more empowered. And I feel like I’m ready
to tackle the world when I did start looking into
starting my master’s program. There was really no
hesitation about Norwich. I did do a little bit of review
about other organizations and universities. But Norwich was always
on the top of my list. And my advisor at that
time was very helpful. I actually completed everything
within about two to three weeks, and then I was starting
my classes in September. The residency. I think at first
you know you get a little bit excited about it. And you have a lot
of expectations. I think it’s a great way to
be exposed to your classmates and actually put a face into
that name of that person you’ve been talking for the
past two years with some of them you do share the same
classes for some of them. You don’t. But I think it
was just it’s just a great exposure to professors
to the staff itself. If you want to go through
a master’s program then Norwich University
has that master’s program that you’ve been looking
for to completing and being a part of this
university is just such a gift to such a proud feeling
being part of this family. Calling yourself an
alumni from now on, I couldn’t be happier and if I
could give a piece of advice to those future students
out there that are looking towards completing a masters, don’t hesitate go ahead
and you’ll be more than happy once you part of Norwich and
you’ve completed your masters.

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